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  1. I might be wrong in this but could the document come under section 11 of fifa's code of ethics which outlines bribery "officials are forbidden from bribing third parties or from urging or inciting others to do so in order to gain an advantage for themselves or third parties" The document in my view is nothing more than a bribe to all sfl clubs.
  2. DB is completely missing a trick here! With the speculation that the Glasgow cup could be reintroduced in a league format to allow sky to get at least 2 old firm games a season, that would mean we would get at least 4 games against the ugly sisters for at min of 3 seasons if rangers are put where they belong with tv money. If DB votes to get rangers in our league that would probably mean the possibilty of only having the Glasgow cup for next season meaning we could potentially lose out financially from allowing them into our league and also lose the heart of our club us the fans! DB should be pushing the Glasgow cup and getting rangers in SFL3! Not backing them to join us in sfl1/spl2 next season Think long and hard DB!!!
  3. Anyone else think this could be the work of a certain rangers chairman???
  4. Would love it if the deal was with the thistle hotel, and the front of the shirts just read thistle!
  5. 1. Nicky Walker - a class act 2. Don Mcvicar - can't believe he has not been mentioned yet a cracking player with some long throw 3. Steve Pittman - who could forget his strikes from about the half way line that found there way into the net, especially a game against hearts I seem to remember. 4. Alan Archibald - a true thistle legend 5. Gregg Watson - always felt safe with gregg at the back 6. Chico - they greatest player I have ever seen, a real crime never got to represent Scotland at international level. 7. Albert craig - the ghost, his goals for games ratio was tremendous for a midfielder. 8. Davis Rowson - on so many occasions as held the midfield together. 9. Ian Cameron - we were so lucky in the 90's to be blessed with great midfielders and Cameron had an awesome touch. 10. Mark Roberts - played with some really poor players over his time with us, without him god knows where we would be now. 11. George shaw - who put the ball in the Celtic net? Subs 12. Craig Nelson - we have been blessed with great keepers over the years and Nelson was terrific I was heartbroken when he left until I seen nicky walker. 13. Bobby law - practically spent his whole career with us and was treated so poor by the club. 14. Davie Elliot - was the fastest player I have ever seen in his first spell with the club. 15. Colin mcglashan - a terrific wee striker 16. Gerry Britton - will never forget the goal he scored against dundee best goal I have ever seen and who can forget the one against rangers. Manager John lambie - no manager since has come close to the great man. Not mentioned in that team but just missed out willie jamieson, shaggy, craigan, Callum Milne, Alan dinnie, grant teirney, stevie welsh, Alex Taylor, Garry harkins, quinton Jacobs, Peter lindau, Scott McLean, Martin hardie, roddy grant, John flood, John Buckley, jim Duffy, Gordon Rae, Davie irons, Des mckeown, Kenny Arthur, Danny Lennon, Paul Kinnaird etc etc etc.
  6. This link was posted on the official site, just after stoke made the final. It tells you at the bottom the list of thistle players to have played in the fa cup final http://www.ptfc.co.uk/news/2010-2011/april_2011/congratulations_to_andy_wilkinson
  7. A big poster of mccoist and Lennon squaring up to each other with the slogan "support partick thistle, not sectarianism" Now that's a subtle marketing campaign that might just work.
  8. I have to be honest I don't know the background of billy Allan and David Beattie ( could not be any worse than we have right now) but could we get them to challenge the other board members to take full control and would they want to? If as fans we got behind the motion it could force cowan and co to walk
  9. I love partick thistle fc!!! I remember the good times in the not so distant past. beating both the old firm in the 90's under lambie, all the promotions under lambie, the playoff win against Peterhead, Damon grays goal against rangers, the Scottish cup semi against rangers a few years back. I cryed like a big wean after the Dundee utd playoff, was heartbroken after subsequent relegations, felt utterly devastated during save the jags that my club could no longer be in existance. After a defeat like today's it is easy for people to turn there back on the club, but throughout all my years as a jags fan I have realised one thing, YOU MUST TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE BAD. Yes times are tough we have a BOD who don't know there a**e from there elbow, a manager who has lost the plot, players who don't give a s**t. We have been here before many times before? A lot of fans are talking about walking away from the club, some who have followed the jags for many years. It is there right to choose but I urge them to stick with the cause because if we don't stick together the club WILL die. Let's all stick together, let's take action against the people destroying our club and let's get the good times back to firhill I love partick thistle!!!!
  10. Just wondering what are the ages of the people on here shouting for McCall to go. They must be either young and not witnessed some of the duff managers we have had in the last 20 year or have short term memories sandy Clark, murdo macleod, tommy bryce, john mcvey, gerry Collins, Gerry britton and derek White, dick Campbell. Those people shouting on McCall to go should take a look at that list and if anyone can pick a better manager from that list than McCall they need there head checked. McCall is by far the 2nd best manager we have had in 20 years and I for one think he is still the right man for the job. Look at the jobs mccall could have gone to in the last few years. Motherwell, Falkirk, Dundee have all looked at taking him from us but he has stayed true to thistle, not many other managers would have done the same. I'm sure if mccall could have he would have brought in another 4 or 5 players but restrictions ment he couldn't, don't criticise him for that.
  11. Am I going mad or did prentice not step down as chief executive last month
  12. Our team ain't that bad think about it. As it stands this would be my starting eleven halliwell - a good keeper with something to prove Paton - will fulfill his potential this season Boyle - the weak link Robertson - solid as ever forms a good part of the spine to the team archibald - best defener in the league and has a good understanding with robbo McNamara - solid with experience will be vital in the midfield rowson - will be able to dictate more this season with McNamara beside him erskine - potentially the best player in the team if can be consistant cairney - will be the midfield goalscorer we need Buchanan - an injury free season will see him finish top of 1st div goal scoring charts grehan - will provide the knockdowns and flicks that Buchanan thrives on We will finish 3rd or 4th
  13. The worst signings by each of our managers in my opinion are ian mccall: Greg cameron dick Campbell: darren Brady Gerry Collins: stephane bonnes at least I think that was Gerry Collins john lambie: going way back here but mark mcwalter tommy bryce: willie Callaghan murdo Macleod: jim slavin john mcvey: Charlie Adams ( hated that we poser)