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  1. Personally don't see why Osman is the captain of the team, no need for that stupid challenge in the middle of the park, 4 up and on a yellow. Fecking clown and not what I would expect of a captain, what kind of example is he setting with that. Plus is he that vocal ? Don't think I have ever seen him shout and arrange players. On his day a great player and not a personal attack intended but last season & recently a liability imho. Thoughts ?
  2. Will never be able to afford him so might as well bin that idea now !
  3. Our team was well capable after Stevie & Abdul went off imho ! How good would it have been for Dools to score his 100th goal with the captain's band on ????
  4. Our crossing must improve, the number of crosses we put in excluding corners per ratio of goals is shocking. This needs to be addressed.
  5. Wow talking about Hamilton ffs worst supported team at their home and away !
  6. Biggest piss poor support of any team an the Premier league, 2nd or 3rd division is the level they should be.
  7. I never compare us to English teams we have a much smaller population at 5.5M than 60M English plus we live in a city populated by the bigot brothers. The product is expensive for what it is worth and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The product on it's day is brilliant but as a game it is changeable, some you win and sadly more we lose ! We will never attract more fans than we have due to the peer pressure on the future generations to follow the filth. Been the same in all my 40 years and don't see it changing anytime soon.
  8. Think we have turned the corner and will push on from here so honestly can't see us being in the mix. I would as usual hope Killie hit the trapdoor as it is soooo overdue but they look the better of the current bunch. I would see goodbye to Caley & Hamilton as a very probable and enjoyable 2nd best.
  9. Saving himself for next season FFS. Dungdee have ignored him apart from the odd last 3 or 4 minutes for weeks. Welcome home Squiddy !
  10. As soon as you mentioned Welsh I gave up. The man is always in the game always looking for the ball. WTF is wrong with people that totally bellend a player who has been through so much including a huge injury ?
  11. Your words not mine ! Pogba can win the ball in the air. We've all seen him do it. So there is no question he has the ability to go toe to toe with any centre half. However he didn't jump once to attempt to win a header. He didn't win one header all day. Nuff said !
  12. Agree with all you say apart from Lawless, honestly feel the wee man gives 100% at all times !
  13. That will be me then Davie that your talking about. The big fella scores his 2nd goal of the season the other week at Hamilton and in my opinion having been at the game today he couldn't be arsed jumping for the ball. Correct me if I am wrong but as a target man should he not win some and lose some ? He won next to feck all today and needs a size 9 before he puts Dools out of the team again. Im 48 and my 1st game was when I was 8 so I have seen plenty of games to understand what's going on thanks !
  14. Pogba I would chase on that performance today, his lack of ability at lifting his feet off the ground is shocking. He should have been putting himself all over the Killie defence given his size but barely won a header. Lazy end of ! Cerny good keeper , probably the best we have had in years but FFS sort your distribution of the ball out ! Talk about slowing the game down, If only he could bring a little bit of Jonny Tuffey in to his game....I will dream on.
  15. Jaggy1967

    Flat Earth

    Sorry bud , forgot to say....don't think this one is flat !