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  1. No; Hearts aren't counted as a Championship club. And neither are we. So the 1 Championship vote is ICT.
  2. I have always thought reconstruction is almost certainly doomed to fail. Too many conflicting self-interests to arrive at a compromise. Plus the Prem clubs just don't want it, and neither do the SPFL board and execs, as revealed now in one of the details in Rangers' dossier.
  3. I assume they're hoping reconstruction will keep us in 2nd tier. I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Domestic continued. Busiest airlines in Europe right now are DHL (cargo) and the Norwegian ones.
  5. Jeez, he's only young, best wishes for his recovery.
  6. Spot on; it has since been dragged out of them that ourselves and Motherwell were given advances on our fees in 16/17 (?). So they could have and should have advanced everyone their monies due as per precedent. They lied to everyone about this not being possible because they wanted to get this season killed off at any cost. The gibbering about loans is a red herring from this and all the other issues about manipulation of the vote, etc.
  7. They will maybe get the 14, but none of the rest. Everyone currently in the Prem will use this as an opportunity to pull up the drawbridge, not open it up.
  8. Awful statement, such a contrast with the previous one. Craven acceptance of the corrupt betrayal. Don't know if i'll renew STs. Certainly won't be going to any yes-voting aways.
  9. The new TV deal. Current prem sides won't allow anything to disrupt or delay the new TV money.
  10. Agreed. Those with their noses currently in the trough won't share it with any extra noses. Unless forced to by the prospect of legal action against this whole corrupt process.
  11. There's an article in the news section detailing the election of the board members.
  12. Great statement from the club, and damning (for the spfl) legal opinion (yes, i read it). For those asking why the haste from above to close the season; they want to avoid having to finish this season later and delay the new one, when their new Sky tv deal starts. Nothing must be allowed to disrupt the new TV money.
  13. To say nothing of the announcement of the results so far, putting all the pressure on the undeclared club, who everybody now knows is Dundee. This is banana Rrepublic stuff.