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  1. Archibald, Murray, Rowson, Craig. There’s still a place for old pros in a young squad. Can play both full-back positions, has been playing in the Premiership and is better than Williamson. No brainer for me.
  2. I don’t think we’ll win this case, but I don’t see us getting a severe punishment either. The SPFL haven’t handled this as well as they should have and for that reason I have my doubts the SFA will go in heavy handed. Technically it looks like we broke an SFA rule and I think we’ll get a small fine for that. Lose at arbitration and go ahead in League One next season with a bitter taste in the mouth.
  3. I’d assume we’ll be picking up free agents which you can do whenever (I think? Or at least after the transfer window slams shut).
  4. Brownlie, Sena, Docherty, Lyons, Rudden, Graham still seem fresh. Sneddon and Penrice young enough to go on with, which leaves O’Ware and Bannigan who will surely be good enough for League One, Williamson and Gordon big question marks remain, and Mansell who I’d like to see go.
  5. With an October start are we likely to make the bulk of our signings in September?
  6. I only made it along to about 8 matches last season but from what I saw the problem with Cardle for me wasn’t that he went into hiding, it was that he tried too hard to do it all himself. Not sure he has it in him anymore, even at League One level.
  7. Was happy when we signed Slater but can’t say I’m sad he’s gone. Hasn’t made enough of an impact in his time here. Looking forward to seeing Lyons (and Sena) next season. Let’s just hope we’re giving them Championship football. The Brownlie signing should help that - back to 4 at the back and hope he strikes up a good partnership with O’Ware, who’s been disappointing so far.
  8. I’d only keep Cardle if he was a squad player, wouldn’t want him getting as many starts as he has this season. Zanatta is still under contract until 2021. He’s also done well at this level before and now that we’ve got a capable manager hopefully he’ll be able to get more out of him. Maybe harsh on Austin but I thought he’s been fit for ages now and is hardly getting a sniff? See how he does until the end of the season but I don’t have high hopes.
  9. Quite happy with all of the names linked, particularly Rudden and Graham - think they’d make a decent partnership. McCart has been great for Inverness CT by all accounts, so I’m hoping we get that one done for the summer. Not hopeful of getting Forrest, given other teams (including a Premiership side) are in the hunt. But impressed by what McCall’s trying to do. Of those out of contract/on loan, I’d look to... Keep: O’Ware and Cole. Bin: Robson, McGinty, Saunders, Harkins, Austin, Miller, Jones. Undecided: Slater, Cardle, MacKinnon. Of those with a contract, if we could also get rid of Mansell then I would.
  10. Cardle, Cole, Miller and Penrice (first half) were good. Montrose were shit.
  11. 1. Dundee United 2. Inverness CT 3. Dundee 4. Thistle 5. Ayr United 6. Dunfermline 7. Morton 8. Queen of the South 9. Arbroath 10. Alloa
  12. Don’t see him changing the formation today. So I’d go with: Sneddon Williamson Saunders O’Ware McGinty Robson Penrice Bannigan Cardle Miller Jones Subs: Fox, Sena, Palmer, Slater, Gordon, De Vita, Mansell.
  13. How did Gordon (and Palmer) do tonight? Couldn’t make it but was there on Saturday and thought Bannigan was very good while Gordon was average.