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  1. “Fulton, you’re a waste of two jerseys!” And more recently in the John Lambie stand from an apoplectic punter: “This is PATHETICAL!”
  2. Second pitch inspection at 2pm according to the BBC. Passed first inspection at 1pm.
  3. Change the last line to “we’re Glasgow’s ONLY football team”? Gets the same point across...
  4. According to Jagzone it’s because we won last week and they’re superstitious.
  5. We defy the odds and lose all the time though!
  6. Yes, though it’s unfortunately not very effective because you still see the roasters’ posts when someone else quotes them. Ahem... Click the three horizontal lines at top of the screen, then go to “account”, then go to “ignored users”.
  7. You forgot to add: “...and each other”. The level of interaction here makes Fox News look nuanced. I barely visit nowadays and whenever I drop by it’s clear I haven’t missed much.
  8. Against Livi in their smug 2000s “ooh we’re such a family club” period, the chant “you’re going home in a people carrier” (as opposed to a f**king ambulance) was pretty funny. When we came up to the SPL under Lambie and were trouncing Dunfermline 3 or 4 nil, “You’re suppose to be quite good” had me tickled.
  9. McMillan played defensive midfield in front of a back four of Penrice, Saunders, Anderson and Elliot. Slater and Spittal were in centre mid with Cardle and Storey as the wide men and McDonald up front. So it was 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-2-3 depending on how you look at it. Or mibbes just plain old 4-3-3. Thought McMillan was decent in midfield though a bit frantic at times, as if he wasn't used to being in there (understandable) and wasn't quite sure where he needed to be. But on more than one occasion he covered well at RB when Elliot had gone upfield (and Storey had lost possession, usually).
  10. Thanks. I was meaning of the teams who are playing at home today but I didn’t word it very well.
  11. Am I right in thinking that of the Championship teams at home, Alloa are the only ones who don’t have undersoil heating?