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  1. Still feeling totally scunnered after that performance v Ayr and this thread is just adding to the pain. Morton, Alloa, Penifriggincuik and Stenhousemuir should be four wins., no ifs, no buts. How this team has lowered our expectations!
  2. I can't bear to watch any 'highlights' from that game yesterday. Feeling totally down this morning after that horror show. A lasting image from the game that sticks in my head, as I was making for the exit, was James Penrice firing in a decent cross at pace which went nowhere near Mansell, the only player we had in the box. I've seen this so often from Thistle players over the years. I'm convinced they lump it into the box without even looking! In complete contrast to Ayr, who attacked in numbers with options left and right which had our defenders spinning on their heels. Lady luck was on our side yesterday keeping the Ayr goal tally at just four.
  3. Just when you think it cannae get any worse we have a perfect illustration of why we're down 4-0. Banzo loses it doing his wee pointless passes, Ayr rush up field in numbers and it's in the pokey before you know it. They're miles better than us.
  4. And there we have a perfect example of what I mean. We are a shambles of a team.
  5. It's like taking sweets aff a wean beating Thistle these days. Ayr look faster and more up for the game. When they go forward you can see team mates run in to space in a way that suggests it's been discussed pre match. On the other hand we can look lethargic in defence and clueless up front. The target has to be just to survive this season once we punt some of the imposters in January.
  6. Even though we're still bottom of the league. Imagine how good that feeling would be if we could put a run together and get in to that top four. Fingers crossed.
  7. Every Sunday morning should feel like this. What a difference an away win makes. Not just the win, but the way in which it was achieved will linger long in the memory. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the Jags dressing room at half time. Something occurred or was said that had every player out on the pitch early and champing at the bit to get at Dundee. The last 10 mins should go down in Thistle folklore. We had a little taster served up when Gary Harkins bulleted a header off the outside of the Dundee post and we knew we could do this. Then the party began with a sublime finish from Kenny, firing home a wonderful Williamson cut back that sent us into raptures as we thought we had a salvaged a precious point. He may be a moany face diva at times but the boy can finish. Fearing our old habit of immediately losing a goal in reply, I feared the worst, but a stunning save from Foxy when he somehow got down at his right hand post to save a goal bound header was crucial to the result. If he hadn't made that save the heads may have went down, but instead it boosted the desire within the team to go on and win. Just a few minutes later, Gordon homes in on the Dundee goal from the right wing and directs a shot across and beyond the Dundee keeper into the net. Well, thankfully my screams of delight couldn't be heard above the screams of our young camera lady. The Dee fans to our left were leaving like there was a bad smell in the stand... a wonderful sight. When Mansell broke away in the 91st minute and somehow coerced the ball to cross the line, in what felt like slow motion, I though I was just gonna burst. Well, that was my day out. As I said earlier it's what keeps you going week in week out. Well done to all the team and the management ... and the fans.
  8. ....and that's why we feel compelled to follow the Jags week in week out. Hope we can reproduce that second half attitude for the rest of the season.
  9. Enjoyed the highlights, but I was more fascinated by the English translation from Youtube when I switched on subtitles!
  10. Looking forward to this. Could this be the day we turn the corner? Good squad to pick from so if the players can just get Caldwell's style of play out their system I'm hoping for a least a point. Crucial we don't lose an early goal or the heads might go down. A wee bit of drizzle has put a bit of zip in the pitch, so let's get at 'em Jags!
  11. If I was a Thistle player I think I would just curl up tonight and die of shame. Not a backbone among them.
  12. Couldn't make it to the game today but it appears there was a wee breeze today given the number of fans getting some dust in their eyes. I would have been up the back of the JHS bawling' my eyes out! Looking forward to the return of Dools and proper football some day. All the best Kris!
  13. I was brought up as a Catholic and as a boy went to see the Bankies. See,..although no longer a practicing Catholic I've still got to get the odd confession out. At approx 14yo my oldest brother took me to an Old Frm game at Parkhead and it didn't work out the way I think it was intended. On the night, for reasons now faded, I took a liking to Rangers and for the next 4 years, much to the bemusment of family and friends went to see Rangers which I thoroughly enjoyed. I went off to London to work at my career and returned in 1990 a wiser head and fell in love with the Jags. To this day though, the expression FYP/FYQ makes me cringe, as it did way back in those days at Ibrox. Not because I'm a devout Catholic but because it must be offensive to a good number of our own support and has no place at Firhill. I agree wholeheartedly with Allyo that the sentiment of the song is lost on most of the Old Firm support. There's some very bright people on this forum, so surely we can come up with an alternative ending to the song.
  14. Agreed. Sometimes we see games from a different perspective, but I didn't imagine those near misses. Be interesting to see the highlights on Ayr TV which are usually pretty good. One came as a result from a lovely header lay off from Kris Doolan and I just stopped myself in time from applauding!
  15. Sorry Firhillista, I just can't agree with you on Ayr being rank rotten. From where I was sitting in the North Stand, Ayr must have missed a good 4-5 chances that just whistled past the post. We had a lot of luck in that first half.