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  1. If my budget was tight and I had to decide between Doolan, who may have the craft and experience to get us goals off the bench, or having Alan Archibald hanging about on the sidelines with his arms folded exuding all the confidence of the Grim Reaper, I know where my money would go.
  2. I know nothing about the private life of Leigh Griffiths but that sounds a bit harsh. I have to say I was pretty impressed with his professionalism in a game against us at Firhill. On the bench first half, he was put through a personal warm up routine at half time to which he looked totally committed. Start of the 2nd half he promptly scored. Still don't like him though.
  3. Quite honestly, I'm totally sick of the whole kit & caboodle. During the lockdown I've found more entertaining and less expensive things to do on a Saturday. If the club manage to survive this whole shameful episode of vote rigging, lies and deceipt, then I'm determined that I will go and support the Jags in whatever form the club takes iin the future but not a single penny will be spent by me on away games. The people who run the game in Scotland continue to treat us , the fans, as absolute mugs. Taking into account the cost of admission, the often appalling toilet facilities, the ridiculously expensive catering and the anti-social midweek kick off times. This current debacle has been the final nail in the coffin for this partucular away fan.
  4. All the best on the road to recovery Scott. A smashing player and provider of many happy memories.
  5. This is a Thistle forum, and as the club and fans are presently being treated abysmally by fellow members, then this is the time to discuss, not revenge, but appropriate action to let other clubs know we are sick of being regarded as the 'cuddly toy' of Scottish football. I hope selective games will be boycotted, although we needn't spend money on newspaper ads, and a donation made to the club by fans on away days. I know we have bigger worries at this time but I'm sure fans come on to the forum to talk football and exchange views regardless of what's happening in the bigger world. My partner, a nurse, is currently recovering from a Coved-19 infection and it's tragic the number of lives being lost, so don't say I'm selfish or don't care. It helps to cling on to a bit of normality and the forum helps fulfil that function.
  6. All the best Frank. Hope you're back on your feet soon.
  7. I haven't really commented on the SPFL shenanigans on the forum as events seem to change daily, but I'm resigned now to our fate playing in League 1 next season. I'm determined though, that I will give every support to the club that I can , next season and beyond. The notion that we only visit certain grounds for away matches is one I fully support. It would great if someone could indicate which games should be on the 'boycott' list when the league and cup fixtures are published for 2002/21 so we can act in unison and make a real impact which will be noticed. I urge everyone 'boycotting' to donate their away admission money to our club. It would be interesting to see how much this accrues over the season. Please, only apply for a season ticket refund if you really need the money. I know that as a Jags supporter I've often felt like asking for a refund when the games have been played! Let's give the team and the management our best support, make Firhill a fortress, and get ourselves back to that top six place - and hold it this time. Dens park is off my destination list permanently. Always hated the walk up that hill anyway.
  8. Absolutely right. We have to vary it sometime. That's the second penalty I've seen saved this week were the keeper stands his ground instead of diving to one side in anticipation. Watch and learn Foxy. We should be ahead in this game but our final shot wether it's shot or cross is just abysmal. Why we dont hit crosses at head height I've no idea.
  9. Sincerely, good luck guys. I hope you're quids in come Saturday night!
  10. I was bang in line with play at the game , and to be honest, I was fully expecting the linesman to raise his flags as soon as Zanatta touched the ball. But looking at the video he is certainly onside when the ball is played forward so both I and the linesman got it wrong. However, even if he got it wrong, I could more easily accept it as part and parcel of the game if he had flagged straight away, but he let the play go on, and in those circumstances I think the referee's decision to give a penalty comes in to play and no way should the linesman be able to call it back. Hope he's 'rested' for a suitable period to give him a chance to sharpen his decision making. Could be a costly error for us this season.
  11. Laukat's positive posting above has given me a glint of optimism in an otherwise gloomy outlook. So, this Saturday I'll be digging out my old battle scarred scarf from the wardrobe, vacating the NS, and heading back to my old season ticket seat in the JH. The season starts here! It's all to play for and the team better be up for it.
  12. We need to face reality. This team are absolutely awful and I can't see us pulling up from our nosedive down to the lower leagues unless we cut out the dross from our current set up. The defending at that second goal was pub team level at best. Why do we employ two assistant coaches and a goalkeeper coach if that is the standard of work we produce. They should hang their heads in shame. O'Ware seems to have conned many folk into thinking he's a player.
  13. If MCall doesn't rate Sneddon, and it would appear he doesn't, then why wasn't a strong keeper a priority in the transfer window? I just feel we're going to concede at every corner now!
  14. How many times do we see Fox diving the wrong way at penalties? Just stand your ground and make the penalty taker work for gawds sake. Diving early means my 3 yr old could put it away!
  15. A new keeper is essential in my opinion.