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  1. Muscat Jag

    Joe Cardle signs

    Excellent news!
  2. Muscat Jag

    Season 2019-20

    Oh OK. I suspect you could take any number of TV programmes from the 70s and find things that wouldn't be acceptable now. Still we won the League Cup so it wasn't all bad.
  3. Muscat Jag

    gerry britton- where are you

    Absolutely loved having Kris Doolan at our club but last season wasn't great and this season has been very poor. For me it's the right decision to let him go. We need better than Kris is currently offering if we are going to progress. The ball is firmly in Caldwell’s court.
  4. Muscat Jag

    Season 2019-20

    You've been contributing to this forum for a long time, possibly since it started. I honestly don't recall you posting the way you have over the last couple of weeks before now. I had actually had you down as one of the more sensible voices on here. Tbh it was the weird political tangent that got to me more than anything else, which has absolutely no relevance to a Partick Thistle forum. I assume you refer to a documentary about the actor that played the TV character on my avatar. I'm aware he did a bit of cottaging in his time, Thank God I don't the actor from Hogan's Heroes as my avatar. It's not meant to be taken seriously.
  5. Muscat Jag

    Season 2019-20

    Not desperately sure why you suddenly think it's OK to start firing out insults to other forum users like confetti. But you seriously need to have a good at yourself.
  6. Muscat Jag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    Have to say I fear for Queen of the South in the play offs. Looked totally devoid of commitment. A bit like us at the end of last season. Would be a shame, bloody good away day.
  7. Muscat Jag

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    So in essence you don't really what Caldwell had available during the last window. I guess everybody's definition of lots of money would tend to differ. At the start of the last transfer we were bottom of the league and quite frankly ******. In those circumstances I'd expect the board to make whatever resources it could available. I didn't particularly get the impression that Caldwell was going overboard, mostly shipping out deadwood and bringing in better on loan. At least until he signed Mcdonald. Whatever it cost I've little doubt it saved us from 1st Div football. Now that would be my definition of unsustainable.
  8. Muscat Jag

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    Well since you're obviously in the know what was Archie's budget last summer in comparison to Caldwell's mid-season one? Or are you possibly just making things up as you go along? No particular liking for Caldwell but he did better business in the last transfer window than Archie did in the previous three. Alan Archibald is one of my all time heroes but he was done as a Thistle manager, should have been sacked months before he was and I'm not talking about the end of last season.
  9. Muscat Jag

    PTFC v QoS 4/5/19

    So good to see 11 Thistle players show more desire in a crunch match than the opposition. McGinty mom, thought he was immense, admittedly against a poor side. Queens only had one chance but can't overemphaise the quality of Sneddon's save, one of the best I've ever seen. Thank you Scott McDonald for saving our season.
  10. Muscat Jag

    This season vs. last season

    Actually it does matter. Many times in the 70 years you refer to we finished outside the top 10 or 12. The structure of Scottish Football changed radically with reorganisation in the 70s and it's completely irrelevant to compare our recent history with that period. During those 70 years we won one major trophy, less than the likes of Clyde or East Fife, so perhaps we've never been very good. No matter, I'll be there on Saturday.
  11. Muscat Jag

    Stevie Chalmers

    Brilliant stuff Bandares. We didn't see the best of Stevie Chalmers at Firhill but still great to have seen a European Cup winner play for the Jags. Can only think of him and Alan Hansen. Anyone else? Rip Stevie.
  12. Muscat Jag


    Showing your age Topcat. But yes she was!
  13. Muscat Jag

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    I'd suggest it's highly relevant if we draw tomorrow.
  14. Muscat Jag

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    If that was Thistle we'd all be embarking on a 3 week bender right now. Looks like a quick Malt of the Month on the way home will be enough for that mob.
  15. Muscat Jag

    Cardle...Any reason why he is not getting 90?

    Quite possibly but Johnny was before my time.