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  1. I've been wondering that all season.
  2. Watched United's goalie dominate his box all afternoon. What a stark contrast with Fox, shit scared to leave his line. Ultimately it didn't cost us against Inverness but by christ it did today. He has many good qualities as a goalie but if he is incapable of clearing out a corner 1 yard from his line he needs replacing.
  3. Hi Jaggy. We need to meet for a pint sometime. Have no idea about the validity of the first penalty. My view was obscured, assume it was for handball. 2nd, which we got, and 3rd, which we didn't, were absolute stonewallers. Watched the ref at the second and could tell he almost bottled it, actually think he would have if we'd scored the 1st. He completely shat for the 3rd.
  4. Assume those that thought Alloa's first half effort was over the line were down the end we were defending. Couldn't tell from where I was, but what I could tell was that McGinty's first half header was clearly over the line. So maybe the officials' incompetence evened things out. Also should have had a 3rd penalty just after the 2nd. The ref bottled giving 3 in 5 minutes.
  5. Ffs Miller celebrates with a team meat who has just scored and apparently he's trying to take credit. Guess some people are just never going to like the guy.
  6. Wasn't sure at the game, probably due to being down the opposite end. The highlights clearly show the ref made the right call. Cole played well but that was poor. No need to go in like that, could have cost us.
  7. Totally deserved win. Should have been more decisive. Bannigan was absolutely superb today. O'Ware and Saunders rock solid. Penrice had his best game ages. And finally Jones is starting to look a player. No one disappointed really. How much did O'Ware enjoy that?
  8. Total dive. Threw himself against the defender and jacknifed. Great piece of refereeing. The constant diving and moaning at every possible opportunity by Inverness was frankly pathetic and I'm so glad we pumped them. Cole and Bannigan ran the show today. Best game in a Jags jersey from Saunders. Special mention for Williamson,not a fan, but played well today. Still thought we sat too deep after taking the lead. But unusually we created numerous chances on the break. Only selfishness from Zannata stopped us going 3-1 earlier, but at least he made up with a stunning finish at the death. Get in Jags. Really chuffed with the attitude today.
  9. Well the last 20mins were a blast. Made up for the rest of the game, just about. Cole"s winner was absolutely magic.
  10. Near wet myself at the idea of Storey causing anyone problems. In the few years I had to watch that guy in a Thistle strip he was mind numbingly awful. Zannata hasn't been great but he played well last night and came damn close to matching Storey's season scoring average.
  11. God that was frustrating. Better team performance tonight though. Really should have won by 2 or 3. Cole, Kakay, Zannata and Slater were the pick for me. Can only imagine McCall gave Zannata a rocket after Saturday. We desperately need to start winning these matches.
  12. Basically down to appalling recruitment in two consecutive summer windows. What the two responsible managers saw in the mediocre dross they brought in I'll never know.
  13. Pedantic ******* alert!!! Pretty sure their goalie got a touch on the way in.
  14. Hey, the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup quarter final if you don't mind. Bet you're buzzing now.