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  1. Would have thought it's Simon Donnelly that McCall refers to at the end. Harkins is the only other contender. Both these players on a different level to Kris.
  2. Gofundme at over 20k now. Big jump after a single 5k donation. Wow!
  3. They were complaining about the goalkeeper's initial punch where he runs into a static Thistle player. Never a foul in a million years but paradoxically they're often given. His feigning of injury afterwards was hysterical.
  4. Don't really know what to make of that. We came within an absolute ba hair of losing a game we dominated. Our lack of cutting edge is criminal. Dunfermline were unbelievably passive but still somehow managed to score from a dreadful corner. It was like watching 11 statues as ball trundled into the middle of the box. Did enjoy the last gasp equiliser though, which in fairness we did deserve. Particularly as Dunfermline for some reason were time wasting from the first minute. Thought Gordon had an excellent game, Robson continues to impress and O'Ware and Mayo decent at the back.
  5. We need to start winning games or we're screwed. Has to start Tuesday.
  6. Would say that was our best performance of 2020. Draw probably a fair result. Defence looked OK with O'Ware and Brownlee solid. Bannigan played well he just needs to do that consistently. Robson followed on from Tuesday with another good performance. Penrice started poorly but improved as the game went on. Zannata looked lively when he came on just wish he'd shown a bit more composure with his chance near the end. Disappointing that we gifted them a goal, bad mistake by Cole. I suppose our goal was a bit of a gift too. Why the United defender felt the need to foul Robson, I doubt even he knows.
  7. Yeah, now you mention it, think it was in reference to clean sheets at home. Not a single clean sheet in the league at Firhill in 2019. Absolutely terrible statistic.
  8. I was told, before the game on Tuesday, that our last clean sheet in the league was against Dunfermline. Given the above statistics that is truly frightening.
  9. More relevant to discuss why we can't beat Alloa at the moment.
  10. I couldn't agree more. Given the general standard on display last night, I'll be surprised if we weren't watching the bottom two sides at the end of the season. But the plain truth is we're fighting for our lives and that complete shambles from the officials could end up relegating us.
  11. To be honest it doesn't really matter if he was offside or not. Faced with a call that was tight as a duck's arse, he took a punt and played it onside. Because of the outcome of the move he's spoken to the ref and basically reversed his guess. That is absolutely shocking. In the 50 plus years watching football I've seen some terrible refereeing but generally through honest mistakes, this is completely different. If that had happened in an old firm game the world would be in meltdown, but nobody's going to give a **** because it's us.
  12. Thought at the game he was offside and was surprised the linesman didn't flag, as you're supposed to when you think a player is off. Highlights that I've just watched, Zannata looks onside. See Ruchillnomore above.
  13. Just read the explanation that McCall got about the penalty and it's nonsensical. If the linesman thinks there is an offside he has a ****** flag to raise. You can't let play go on and then reconsider your decision later. What a shambles.
  14. Overall very poor. It's hard to emphasise how poor a side Queens are. A half decent side would have blown them away. Saying that we almost certainly would have won if it hadn't been for some of the worst refereeing I've ever seen. Where they actually find these imbeciles god alone knows. Was spitting blood when I saw Robson in the team but in fairness he played OK. Significant improvement when Cole came on.
  15. The bias was so blatant it was embarrassing. It distracted a bit from the Rangers players who played well. Anyway Miles to the rescue, he actually played OK.