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  1. Told a Hibs fan pal about this last night he passed the word around hibees sites im sure they will join with us
  2. Feel the criticism of SOD is a bit harsh he did a lot of good work defensively although he wasn't at his best going forward. Game of 2 halves we were the better team 1st half and they were better 2nd half. Some good stops from Gallacher but he looked at fault for their goal. Thought Doolan ad Osbourne were our best and thought Elliot and Higginbotham looked out of sorts. Would have taken a point before kick off and on balance of play a draw was probably the right result. Bring on the Hibees. Monajags
  3. charge a pound extra to get in and everyone entering is issued with a 50/50 ticket-----i'd pay it
  4. Would say we were more outmuscled than outplayed today. Aberdeen got their tactics spot on and played to them very effectively. All 3 goals were caused by slackness at the back some of it you would expect to see in a schools match. Too may players off form today Craigen Lawless Sinclair (was he ever over the half way line?) ad piccolo all had stinkers. Some plonker in front of me in the jhs slaughtered Sinclair all 2nd half this season will be hard enough without idiots like him berating the players. There was some booing at the end of the game but that was soon drowned out by applause. Looks like we got Aberdeen on a good day and there are more than likely gonna be more days like this. Games against Killie are gonna be more important. Monajags
  5. Porkheid or Brunei--------what a conundrum---aye right
  6. Born in Oakbank hospital(garscube rd) and raised in Maryhill/ Summerston till I got married. Live in Mansewood / Giffnock area now and know of quite a few Jags fans around here
  7. BBC and STV ban has been lifted by DUFC. That's showing them Mr Thomson show them whos boss by banning them for a weekend when there is no football I bet they were quaking in their boots
  8. Great stuff from the Jags and 2 cracking goals as well. Should have won by so much more. No failures in the team every one of them did well.---Now to catch fake thistle and smelltic
  9. Spoke to a few Jambos before the game and they were for the most part decent, however there were a few bawbags who wouldn't have looked out of place at ibrox or parkhead.
  10. It was opened for game v Ayr and im sure it will be opened tomorrow night too
  11. Wasn't at game today but terrific result but in my inebriated state im a bit miffed to find it was 3-1 and not 4-1. Monajags
  12. Surely it would be to Celtics benefit to have these people all in one area of the ground rather than spread out all over it
  13. Bollocks he wont give a shit
  14. Thought it was a cracking match played at a high tempo. Butcher will never be as lucky again his 2 footed lunge at fraser was a straight red as was his 2 footed lunge in the box at bannigan not only was it a straight red he stopped bannigans shot with his arm and both these incidents happened right in front of the ref( has he been fast tracked from the juniors?) Sinclair was lucky to get away with his straight leg challenge in 2nd half. Both keepers pulled off some very good stops. Slack passing at the back gave them a few chances and if Goodwillie wasn't such a greedy sod we could easily have been punished. All in all it was a great team performance and we didn't look out of place against one of the so called better sides. Great travelling support from Utd but hardly heard them in the JHS. great start to our return to the big time----bring on the county