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  1. macaroon

    Alloa 16/02

    I think Goodwin is a decent bloke so not so too bothered about what he says but I'd be glad to never see another game on the Subbuteo pitch. Was the away support announced, I'm guessing circa 1200/1300?
  2. macaroon

    Just In

    The narrow plastic pitch is a joke, I hope that mob go down just because of that set-up they have, it's anti-football. Still, that and a cancelled train couldn't spoil a good day and two fantastic goals. It was, ahem, lively on the journey back to Queen Street with a delay at Stirling when the Polis paid a visit...
  3. macaroon

    Alloa 16/02

    haha good one. Best establishment to sup an IPA?
  4. macaroon

    Scottish cup quarters

    The best league away-day (Ayr) has to be re-scheduled which is bad enough and the "pay-off" is a SC quarter final on a Monday night on BBC, fekn pants.
  5. macaroon

    Alloa 16/02

    Long time since I was there. Any recommendations for a pre-match pint?
  6. macaroon

    Paratroopers training squad

    Fair enough in trying something new with the training regime but I don't think the club should have invited the media to turn up, about as baffling as the plan to hold a televised Brexit debate next weekend. Anyway we don't need the army to illustrate how the team can be rag-dolled.
  7. macaroon

    Dunfermline away.

    Could have been more than 1-0. Maybe Robinson was getting it from the away support but the get it up yeez gesture reflects badly on the keeper and contrast with Craigen who applauded the Jags support, good lad James.
  8. macaroon

    Kids Go Free Supersized

    B-Boys, thanks for highlighting this issue, my reaction was along similar lines. Sadly your well expressed attempt to question the morality of the initiative was pretty much shot down in flames by the mob...…..interesting to see how the counter-argument is almost always framed in terms of.....aye but what about this or what about that or interference from the (so-called) nanny state. Yes, Scottish football does prostitute itself to the bookies and drinks companies but the crucial element here is that it's all about an arrangement directed specifically at the hearts and minds of impressionable kids. I suppose it comes down to what you aspire for the country although how you define country is another question and at the risk of another flegs debate......
  9. macaroon

    Archie out - Now or Never.

    Starting too calm down a wee bit but still really hacked off. The most positive outlook is that it's just day 1 in the league, it surely can't get worse, there will be a generous pay-day against the sellick and some fantastic new additions are imminent...… However that might only be happening in a parallel universe.
  10. macaroon


    With respect was the appointment of our new Chief Executive just another illustration of the perceived old pals arrangement and therefore by your argument he is part of the problem?
  11. I was for giving Archie a chance right up to the Livi double header and he blew it and then the club took the easy/ cheap option to continue with the same management team, now we're easily beaten twice in a week by a team that was 2 leagues below us last season. How many were thinking about renewing/buying a season ticket this coming week?.....might be that the club will be also be regretting not including one of the league cup games on the season ticket. The only positives from today were the pre-match drinks and the old-fashioned character of Somerset Park. Brilliant turn-out from the Thistle support, circa 1000?
  12. macaroon

    Anyone know who's going to win the World Cup?

    Vladimir Putin
  13. macaroon

    David Beattie stands down

    The new chair person has an interesting political background... http://powerbase.info/index.php/Jacqui_Low
  14. macaroon

    New Management

    It's when a club chairman goes public about "agreeing a style of play" with a manager, it doesn't fill me with confidence. It's not quite Romavov and Hearts but......
  15. macaroon

    Club Statement Archie

    As stated above, Archie will pretty much have to hit the ground running. I respect but remain unconvinced by the arguments made by the "Archie stay" camp and the Board, nevertheless I wish Alan all the best and hope he turns it around. This is time for all the supporters to put arguments aside. What do people make on this aspect of the statement... "We have also agreed that we must return to playing football like Partick Thistle – we can’t be anyone else" I'm not at all sure what Beattie has in mind here.