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  1. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    This has happened multiple times for us in the last decade or two. David Kennedy, Stephen Docherty and Ryan Stevenson - from memory.
  2. KemoAvdiu

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    To me one of the major benefits of the kids go free scheme was the ability for non-regular fans (or non-Thistle fans, even) to turn up on the day with their kids. Maybe they’d catch the bug and keep returning etc. Another major benefit was that local kids maybe around 13-16 (again, who might not be regulars or even Thistle fans) might turn up on the day and, again, catch the bug. This change would seem to make that much less likely, which seems a pity.
  3. KemoAvdiu

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    There’s literally no evidence that he has mental health issues and it’s pathetic/offensive to speculate that he does. I’m afraid you’re talking drivel. And, to confirm, you believe we should avoid players who may have mental health issues like depression? What a horrible wee attitude that is.
  4. KemoAvdiu

    Youth Academy closing ?

    Pretty sure those rules only apply to companies of certain sizes (not an expert though so not 100% on that). And they only apply in general to folk with sufficient service - if you’ve been employed less than two years there’s no redundancy package.
  5. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    Tough choices are fine if they’re handled in a classy way. This wasn’t. Tough choices aren’t always as tough as they seem though. Asking a rich benefactor to write a cheque for a training camp in Tenerife but not asking for a cheque to sustain successful members of staff in employment? Strikes me as misplaced values, there. But there we are.
  6. KemoAvdiu

    Youth Academy closing ?

    I don’t think many people are surprised that we are making cuts - it is (especially when it is no reflection at all of the staff’s performance) sad but it happens. But, again, the way it’s handled (in terms of that classless statement) is shoddy and reeks of insincerity, crassness and an inability to manage a process properly (I feel like a broken record on this, but I do feel strongly about it). To me there’s a pattern of that under this leadership that there wasn’t before. That isn’t to absolve the previous leadership of blame for relegation, but it’s to say these current issues are separate.
  7. KemoAvdiu

    Youth Academy closing ?

    In any redundancy there’s a consultation period. I’m presuming those made redundant in the last few days were aware this consultation was taking place, and given the numbers of people who would have been told it’s not exactly a scandal of Watergate proportions if word got out. I’d save your ire for the crass and classless statement the club put out about it.
  8. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    No, clearly not. But announcing it in a public way and framing it as a way to buy new players is pathetic. I’m genuinely not sure what’s so difficult to understand about that?
  9. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    Redundancies aren’t in themselves classless. Statements like that are. There’s a way of doing these things and that wasn’t it. And yes it’s a business. And in a business you treat people with respect and dignity, not as chips to be traded in return for new signings to appease fans.
  10. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    Again, I’m not even necessarily criticising the redundancies. I’m criticising the absolutely crass and tone-deaf statement that justifies people losing their jobs because it’ll (I’m paraphrasing) allow us to get in an extra loanee or two from Wigan. Any person with any feel for how to manage this type of process - or actually to manage people in general - can see that’s incredibly tasteless and classless, surely? They are irrelevant to the criticisms I’m making of the board/club leadership’s current management of the club. I’m not sure what David Beattie’s role was in writing that statement, to give one small example. Or Billy Allan’s role in how the Doolan situation was handled, to give another.
  11. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    Not one person is saying we shouldn’t look to get players in, bla bla bla. What people are saying is that it’s absolutely classless to announce people’s redundancies (people with mortgages to pay and kids to feed) and end the statement by saying their wages will fund new signings. If you can’t see that as being as crass as it gets then fine. And nobody is defending the previous board (I’m not). They’re irrelevant to the conversation. They didn’t write that statement, they haven’t been responsible for the atrocious communications over the past year, and they aren’t currently running the club in a way that is making a decent amount of sponsors and others disengage from the club. If you’re happy with how the club is being run then fine, but many aren’t.
  12. KemoAvdiu

    State of Play

    Just me that finds that statement a bit distasteful? No thanks given to the departing/departed workers, and essentially ending with “multiple workers are losing their jobs but we can sign an extra player or two.”
  13. KemoAvdiu

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    No they don’t. And aside from that, your post seems to suggest we should avoid players with mental health issues. Really?
  14. KemoAvdiu

    Joe Cardle signs

    Jaf I think you should leave gerrybritton1 alone. He’s spoken to Gary and everything is cool, and Jacqui private messaged him and says we’re getting promoted. Nothing to see here.
  15. KemoAvdiu

    71 Club

    A lot more expensive for a much worse product? Hmm.