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  1. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Dumbuya wasn’t a “wage thief”. He was injured. You can’t cancel player’s contracts when injured, and you can’t expect players not to be paid when they’re injured. But that’s besides the point. The basis of my opinion on Keown is watching him play this year and last. No fight, no passion, no heart. He’s also just not very good. If we have to play him in the absence of O’Ware then I’m fearful. Granted it’s all about opinions though so we may have to agree to differ!
  2. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Do you think he looked at all interested last season?
  3. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Not sure if this is a joke or not? Niall Keown, in both attitude and ability, is an absolute horror show. He is second to absolutely everything, has the central defensive presence of a child, and is generally one of the most pathetic central defenders we have seen in years. I’d be astonished if he’s still in professional football in two years.
  4. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    It was fairly common knowledge, but I could have been wrong. Alternatively, you’re right and I’m actually Alan Archibald. No idea why we are looking for a new physio but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of your incessant posts about commonplace injuries.
  5. KemoAvdiu

    Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    Agree we should look to extend his contract but I don’t think making a 17 year old our highest earner is the greatest idea.
  6. KemoAvdiu

    Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    U ok hunni?
  7. KemoAvdiu

    Team rebuilding

    Aye we desperately need a general, not a guy who went missing for the second half of last season and was keener on Instagramming pictures of Efe Embrose wearing his bunnet than of bothering his arse playing for us. Resounding no thanks.
  8. KemoAvdiu

    PTFC Trust Meeting - Minutes & Presentation

    Thanks. Not sure that page answers my questions though. Why are two club directors trustees of a fans trust? And what has been done so far? This might just be a comms issue but I’m a season ticket holder and haven’t been aware of any activities. Again I’m not being critical as these things of course rely on volunteers, but I’m just unsure of what the actual aims and activities are beyond the very broad statement of intent of fans having a greater say in how the club is run.
  9. KemoAvdiu

    PTFC Trust Meeting - Minutes & Presentation

    I have to admit that the PTFC Trust have somewhat passed me (even as a season ticket holder) by. Probably ignorance on my part but why are two club officials, including the Chairman, trustees if it is supposed to be a fans organisation/representative body? Genuinely curious rather than asking rhetorically. Beyond the monthly/quarterly (again, my ignorance as to which it is) meetings what are the Trust doing on an active basis? From the minutes it’s hard to tell what it’s actually doing. Again, not a rhetorical question - genuinely interested as I’m sure there’s lots to report on.
  10. KemoAvdiu

    Seven figure sum?

    It does strike me that the post-relegation David Beattie/board statement about the budget simply wasn’t true. Of course GB is going to say in his interview that budget isn’t an issue, but he’s new in the job and presumably doesn’t want to upset the board at this point. I do question the wisdom of putting that statement out though, both in terms of raising expectations and alerting agents. I’d also question the wisdom of GB actually doing these interviews. Communication with us is obviously clearly essential and what we all want, but weekly Chief Exec interviews are just going to be constantly picked over and analysed as if they’re a Higher English close reading paper (as we see above). Not sure it’s the most sensible long term PR move, and isn’t our new Chair supposed to be a PR person? All strikes me as a bit ill thought out.
  11. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    None. It would be nice to see your medical degree.
  12. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    I have literally no idea what you’re talking about. Get some punctuation in your life. My reply to your McCall suggestion was nothing to do with any thoughts on Archie. But there will be and should be no question of McCall ever managing us again.
  13. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    Nah. Along with sacking the medical team because our players broke their ankle/experienced common place football injuries this is definitely up there with your worst suggestions on this forum.
  14. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    If you think McCall will ever manage Partick Thistle again - as much as he would no doubt love to - you need to forget about it.
  15. KemoAvdiu

    Kids Go Free Supersized

    Your house sounds a right laugh mate.