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  1. KemoAvdiu


    Sent off again today do the reserves, receiving his second booking for dissent. That’s him now been sent off three times for the reserves this season. What an absolute idiot. Get him gone.
  2. KemoAvdiu

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    I have a lot of concern about the leadership of the club, and some of the early signs (e.g. the atrocious PR) of the Chairman’s tenure are really concerning. But I don’t think it’s a binary choice of either “concentrating on getting results on the pitch” or trying to attract businesses for sponsorship. You can do both at the same time, and both are mutually supportive. I do agree the Tories are scum, though. Just for the avoidance of doubt .
  3. KemoAvdiu

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    So you think these business people are just brought into a room to network with no attempt to engage with them and seek to bring their sponsorship to the club? I have a strong suspicion you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.
  4. KemoAvdiu

    Rumour, gossip or lies

    There's lots of criticisms to be made of our board (and I've made them in a separate thread). But to criticise the club for setting up a Business Club and trying to attract sponsorship (something the club has actually been really good at in the last 18 months or so) is...weird.
  5. KemoAvdiu

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Well yes, exactly. We don’t have the worst players in the league but we are currently the worst team. It’s literally the manager’s job to sort that and so far Caldwell hasn’t, and in fact our form has worsened. No amount of obfuscation and coaching course psychobabble can change that. I definitely don’t want to see him sacked but I do want results, and I don’t like the feeling of spending hundreds of pounds to support my team and then listening to the manager’s post match comments which seem to come from an alternate reality. So he needs to cut that out. As said before, though, he’s just one component in a club leadership-wide reliance on rhetoric and poorly judged PR attempts.
  6. KemoAvdiu

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    I totally understand where you’re coming from and I certainly don’t want him sacked. But I refuse to accept that we have the worst team in the league, and yet we are bottom of the league. There is also a big difference between expecting instant results and being seriously concerned that a) we have lost 5 games out of 6 under the new manager and b) the signs of improvement don’t, I believe, stand up to much scrutiny.
  7. KemoAvdiu

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t being critical of the trustees themselves and I agree they spoke well. Anyone who puts themselves forward to be involved deserves all of our respect and thanks. I think they did a good job outlining the role of the Trust as it stands. I just feel that the role as it stands isn’t sufficient, and exemplifies the sort of ‘rhetoric over reality’ approach of those providing leadership at the club currently (by which I’m referring to the Chairman, Chief Exec and manager). The fact that we the fans are the largest shareholders - through the Trust - but don’t have a place on the board (when there are directors on the board with minimal shareholdings, if any), strikes me as utterly baffling. If there are good reasons for why this is the case I’d be keen to hear them.
  8. KemoAvdiu

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    I see where you are coming from but I disagree. In those days we were financially in peril and the structure of the club wasn't great. The structure of the club now, and the financial backing we (let's be honest, jammily) get from the Weirs is excellent. The problem is the lack of leadership and the ham-fisted attempts at communication. Running a football club isn't a PR exercise. You can't just say stuff into existence. At the moment far too much rhetoric is being expended, with far too little to back it up.
  9. KemoAvdiu

    Meet the Manager - Tuesday 6pm

    There's already been good summaries of the content of Caldwell's answers from last night so I won't repeat them. But I would just say that despite him being a hugely confident speaker and, actually, despite showing bravery in actually taking part in the event, once you dig beneath the surface of what he said it just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. He continually highlighted the improvement that he maintains he has seen, but in the context of five defeats and one draw this just doesn't reflect reality. Listening to him you would think he had taken over when we were already bottom of the league, but we weren't - he has taken us there. I also grew tired of the constant reference to improving the team being a "process". Caldwell wasn't brought in to evolve the team over the long-term, he was expressly brought in to get us promotion (which was a ludicrous statement for the board to make, but it was made nevertheless). The fact is that he has failed to shape us into anything resembling promotion contenders, and the suggestion that there has been improvement as part of this 'process' just doesn't bear weight. I think he is a genuinely decent guy and desperately wants to succeed (and I really want him to succeed, as we all do), but he needs to lose the buzzwords, cliches, and coaching course management-speak if he is to win fans like me over. Just get us winning, it's simple. The night also made me think of wider concerns about the club and its leadership. The Fans Trust, for example. Having sat through the update provided by the trustees I am still no clearer as to what it has actually achieved in the two years since it has been established. We were told of a new Buy a Brick Scheme, that seemed the sum of it. More importantly than that, we were told that the Trust is the largest shareholder at the club - so why does it not have a place on the board? We were told that it is in communications with the board and that it receives regular updates, but shouldn't the fans - who through the Trust are the largest shareholders - have a direct voice on the board? This doesn't make sense, particularly when most of our current directors don't (as far as I am aware) have any substantial shareholdings in the club. Why, also, are three (I think) of the trustees either directors or the Chief Exec? This is a supporters trust. It just comes across as a pat on the head from the club, with no real efforts to empower the supporters or ensure any meaningful influence or representation. I don't mean that as any disrespect to the volunteers who are managing it, and who I am sure are working really hard on it, but if it isn't empowered or taken genuinely seriously by the club then it's utterly meaningless. It all just seemed a bit too cosy. More broadly, it made me think of the wider communications from the club which - to my mind - have been atrocious. It is fine for the Chairman to talk about how important communication is etc., but when your attempts at PR (e.g. continually maintaining that the aim is promotion, and putting out weird interviews with the Chief Exec which are clearly scripted) are as subtle as a punch in the chops, then it really isn't very good PR. When your Chairman's background is seemingly PR it makes it even more baffling and worrying. These are seriously worrying times at the moment, and I am very worried that we don't have the leadership at the club to see us through them in good shape.
  10. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Dumbuya wasn’t a “wage thief”. He was injured. You can’t cancel player’s contracts when injured, and you can’t expect players not to be paid when they’re injured. But that’s besides the point. The basis of my opinion on Keown is watching him play this year and last. No fight, no passion, no heart. He’s also just not very good. If we have to play him in the absence of O’Ware then I’m fearful. Granted it’s all about opinions though so we may have to agree to differ!
  11. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Do you think he looked at all interested last season?
  12. KemoAvdiu

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Not sure if this is a joke or not? Niall Keown, in both attitude and ability, is an absolute horror show. He is second to absolutely everything, has the central defensive presence of a child, and is generally one of the most pathetic central defenders we have seen in years. I’d be astonished if he’s still in professional football in two years.
  13. KemoAvdiu

    Alan Archibald?

    It was fairly common knowledge, but I could have been wrong. Alternatively, you’re right and I’m actually Alan Archibald. No idea why we are looking for a new physio but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of your incessant posts about commonplace injuries.
  14. KemoAvdiu

    Stranraer v Partick Thistle

    Agree we should look to extend his contract but I don’t think making a 17 year old our highest earner is the greatest idea.
  15. KemoAvdiu

    Andréa Mbuyi-Mutombo New Signing

    U ok hunni?