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  1. I think our Chair is a charlatan and our board are useless, but I’m not sure they can be criticised for accepting financial support for a legal case. It’s not like any of them are enormously wealthy.
  2. So every home match would result in one person dying and a number of others potentially becoming seriously ill? I’m not quite sure that’s as strong an argument as you think it is.
  3. I don’t think anybody on here or in the letter has used the word “revenge.” It’s the headline the Herald have used. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for people to discuss how fans should respond to what is, frankly, a total injustice that could have serious repercussions for our club and it’s staff.
  4. Statistical analysis? You mean the guy who does Jagzone who got moved back to doing Jagzone after Caldwell got punted? I’ll take an additional coach over someone like that, thanks.
  5. There is no evidence that well-run clubs perform better than badly-run clubs? You are absolutely at it.
  6. Because it’s been quite clear - from the placed media stories and the comments of her acolytes in various places - that since she was punted previously she’s been angling to return. Now she’s got her way. She’s played a good game.
  7. This isn’t about her nobly “stepping up.” She has sought control of the club and has sought this situation where she’s again in control. It isn’t something she’s been thrust into and is gamely facing up to. It’s driven by ego, and it’s in no way positive for our club. There’s no a lot of ideal scenarios on offer but this is so far from ideal as to be on an entirely different spectrum.
  8. I’m not sure how Colin Weir dying means that she has to become Chair. “She wasn’t and now she is” is an excellent way of agreeing that what was said to be true wasn’t actually true. Thanks for agreeing.
  9. And we were also told that Low wouldn’t be returning and wasn’t involved. Something that I’m pretty sure you pointed to as a reason to trust Paul Goodwin et al.
  10. I think the idea that this was released as some cunning way of taking the pressure McCall and the team is nonsensical. On the contrary, all it does is feed and exacerbate the general level of disengagement and disenchantment that already exists. If it is a PR move then it’s a terrible one. So actually maybe you are right, given Low’s utter failure on so many PR levels while in charge previously. And the reason why the interim board have unanimously supported it is because they were essentially appointed to the board by TBC (i.e. Jacqui Low). It’s an absolute stitch up.
  11. A lot to unpack here. TBC is Jacqui Low, so TBC (Jacqui Low) have confirmed to the board (chaired by Jacqui Low) that what was initially stated would happen will actually happen. Except Jacqui Low also has a track record of talking utter nonsense that hasn’t came to fruition, as well as a track record of utter failure. Winning games will not change the fact that the club is now in the control of a charlatan, who is surrounded by other charlatans (e.g. Michael Robertson). It’s a dire situation.
  12. The perspective is that a complete charlatan and proven failure is now in total control of the football club that we all love. So no, it’s not the end of the world but it’s an absolute disaster for our club.
  13. Do you seriously think someone who is quite clearly as egotistical and deluded as Jacqui Low is going to hand over control of the club? There is zero chance of fan ownership by the end of March (as alluded to in the club update) and also zero chance of someone like Low not continuing to pull the strings even if/when that process finally happens. An absolute disaster of a move yet absolutely predictable.
  14. If people who are largely to blame are currently running the club (even if they are extremely bizarrely not being named as such and are doing so from the shadows, and instead we have a named board that supposedly doesn’t even have a chairperson) then surely it’s only right that questions are asked? You can’t expect to reverse a slide if the people responsible for that slide are charged with reversing it.
  15. Most boards actually run the club. We seem to have a situation where the individual who everyone knows is running the club isn’t being named, for some reason. That’s unconventional at best and extremely worrying at worst.