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  1. KemoAvdiu

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Lack of interest, attitude to training and lack of interaction with his team mates? Keen to know your source for this one. Or are you just mindlessly regurgitating what you’ve read elsewhere?
  2. KemoAvdiu

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    I’d be amazed if we see him too often. Being kind I’d say he maybe needs time to settle in. Being harsh I’d say he didn’t look as if he had played football before, and was blowing out his arse after a few minutes.
  3. KemoAvdiu

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Lucky nobody was hurt. Embarrassing all round (do we play in purple?). Pyro has its place, but it’s place is generally with the ultras of Italy and Eastern Europe, not the post-industrial apocalyptic landscape of Methil and certainly not in the hands of 14 year olds from Hyndland.
  4. KemoAvdiu

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Rank game to watch so just delighted to be in next round - well done the team and management. Whoever brought in the pyro needs to get in the sea though - daft wee boys who will have cost the club a fine. If you’re going to bring pyro try not to throw it on your fellow fans.
  5. KemoAvdiu

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Harkins isn’t a physical player. He’s a big guy, but that isn’t the same as being physical. I’d argue an old fashioned style cup tie is absolutely not suited to Harkins. I’m also not sure an important cup tie is the right time to play Coulibaly purely to get his fitness up. We need our best 11 on the park, not guys who aren’t up to speed - he can get that through reserve/closed door games.
  6. KemoAvdiu

    Winter window

    Nope. He’s unfit and hugely overrated.
  7. KemoAvdiu

    Winter window

    Erskine a mistake on our part. Keown an absolutely superb deal on our part - the guy was hopeless and stole a wage. Great business.
  8. KemoAvdiu

    Winter window

    Outstanding bit of business on paper. Well done to the club!
  9. KemoAvdiu


    Your constant defence of Caldwell is commendable, but nobody has it in for him. People have been unimpressed by him since he took over, but more unimpressed by results which have been rotten. It’s not like people were out to get him before he started, he just hasn’t been particularly impressive and has clearly rubbed a lot of fans up the wrong way. The past few games have seen a big improvement and I am absolutely delighted. If that continues then everyone will be happy. That being said, I don’t see why legitimate scepticism equates to people having it in for him.
  10. KemoAvdiu

    Ptfc Trust Update

    Good points. From my understanding the new Trust is intended to have a say in the decisions made by the club. I’m still unclear on what decisions the Trust has impacted so far (keen to hear that from the Trustees if they’re reading?), and also unclear as to whether the Trust wants to really impact those decisions (see El Jaggo’s description of his engagement with the Trustees on this issue). More fans will become engaged and get involved if they see the Trust is meaningful and powerful. People will turn off if they feel the Trust is meaningless and powerless. The credibility needs to be secured before people are going to become engaged, and not vice versa.
  11. KemoAvdiu

    Ptfc Trust Update

    This is hugely worrying if true and it would be really good to actually get some clarification on here - the main Thistle supporters’ forum - from one of the trustees, who we know read and post on the forum. This really isn’t good enough and that sort of attitude will just put off anyone who is in anyway inclined to get involved. Maybe that’s the point?
  12. KemoAvdiu

    Board Negativity

    All of this. But also, the change in leadership has signalled - to me anyway - a real change in the rhetoric and communication style from the board/club. We have gone from being pretty good at this side of things to - again, just my opinion - taking an approach that too often is full of bullshit, bluster and corporate-speak nonsense. Witness the laughably awful updates from Gerry Britton which told us almost nothing, and the frankly bizarre party political broadcast featuring Caldwell and Low where we were told promotion was still our aim. If your PR and spin is as obvious as ours has been in the last 6 months or so then it isn’t good PR or spin, and to me that speaks to treating the fans like idiots. That pattern continues when it comes to the fans Trust, whereby the club seemingly don’t deem it appropriate for the largest shareholder (the fans) to have a meaningful say in decisions. At a time when only one of the directors actually have any shares in the club, that completely stinks. I don’t think the board are bad people. I’m sure they put lots of work in and we don’t need any ‘sack the board’ style protests, but there’s a pattern of poor decisions and ridiculous, often vacuous and patronising statements that has developed since the club’s new leadership took charge which absolutely deserves to be called out.
  13. KemoAvdiu

    Ptfc Trust Update

    Absolutely this ^ Also, I appreciate that it’s up to them how they wish to communicate and they might prefer one to one conversations at the Trust’s stall or via email, but I do think it would be helpful if the Trustees engaged in a more structured way with fans concerns on here, rather than 1 John Lambie having to respond in an ad hoc (although helpful and informative) way. These sort of issues need discussed in public and for all its faults this forum is the main fans forum. Would be good to see some of the issues raised by the update receive a response on here. That doesn’t mean trustees need to be on here constantly (especially given they are devoting their free time to this) or that they should be sniped at for not answering substantive points immediately, but I do think that the legitimate concerns people have should be aired, discussed and responded to on here in some way. At the very least that would help with building the credibility that - it would appear - is seemingly needed before the Trust is represented on the board.
  14. KemoAvdiu

    Ptfc Trust Update

    It’s easy to criticise when there’s a lot to criticise! If you’re happy with accepting that there’s “a lot going on” without delving deeper then great, but a lot of people have much wider concerns. Another striker will be great though.
  15. KemoAvdiu

    Ptfc Trust Update

    A lot of the stuff in this from the manager is ripe for mockery (have we really co-opted the guy that does Jagzone into doing player performance stuff?), but I don’t actually think that’s the important stuff here. The bit that really concerns me is supporter representation on the board, and I actually find that section quite concerning. I don’t care that it’s not common at Scottish clubs for supporters to be represented on the board. Are supporters the largest shareholders at other clubs? And even regardless of that, wasn’t the Trust formed to show that we were doing things differently? The line about the board and fans being closer than they’ve ever been is either not intended to read how it does or it’s, well, from another planet. Again that isn’t a criticism of trustees as I’m sure they’re just relaying the comments of the board. But it can’t be deemed to be correct, surely? The bit about the club board and the Trust meeting after board meetings entirely misses the point. If supporters are the largest shareholders, and if we are serious about supporter engagement and participation, then it is simply not enough to have decisions relayed to you. We (the supporters and the club’s largest shareholders) have to be at the table helping to inform and make those decisions. I find it baffling that this point has either not been made forcefully enough or not been listened to by the board.