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  1. Robson is gash. But Slater is almost as gash. He looks alright in flashes and then hides for 99% of every game, which is exactly what he did last week. He’s a guy that sums up a lot of what’s wrong with our current squad of fraudsters.
  2. Okay. In that case, if he doesn’t think he’s so great then he’s absolutely correct.
  3. Penrice has been a disgrace more often than he’s not. He seems to have credit because he’s came through the youth system but he’s absolutely rotten. Nowhere near the player he seems to think he is.
  4. He was an embarrassment today. If he wasn’t shiteing out of tackles he was trying to cheat and dive his way through the game. A disgrace, quite frankly.
  5. Zanatta is the most pathetic player to play for us in a number of years. Disgusting performance from him today.
  6. Good point. So just running the club unofficially then. All perfectly normal and in order. Move along now everyone.
  7. They aren’t conspiracy theories, but no bother. Let’s see how this goes.
  8. If it turns out that Low is back running the club - and there’s clearly some strong evidence to point toward that being true, even if people aren’t in a position to post it on a public forum - then what does it say about this process that it hasn’t been made public knowledge by Weir? What does it also say about TFE, who have been working closely with Weir and previously denied any Low involvement? And what does it also say about the PTFC Trust who - let’s be honest - were established by Low in the first place and in which Low was heavily involved? Even if you think Low did a good job first time round and even if you like her, surely the alarm bells must be ringing that she appears to be back in charge despite no public acknowledgement of this and despite journalists being briefed that she has no involvement?
  9. Do you think it would be a positive or negative thing for Jacqui Low to be back in control of the club?
  10. Reading between the lines it would appear Jacqui Low is indeed back. How surprising.
  11. KemoAvdiu

    New Owner

    I’m happy there appears to be some finality, finally. While I’m ideologically in favour of fan ownership, I’m not in favour of the prospect of the likes of Paul Goodwin - who appears to be a cowboy - and the PTFC Trust - who have been historically completely impotent and/or utterly invisible - guiding the future of the club. My worry is that the kind of fans we’d want to be involved are far too sensible to actually put themselves forward. But let’s see what happens.
  12. Williamson was one of our better players. The sooner Miller realises he isn’t a sweeper the better. One of the most annoying players to watch that we have had in recent years. Just play as a striker FFS.
  13. KemoAvdiu

    New Owner

    Fair point! Edited my initial post to keep some personal perspectives out.
  14. KemoAvdiu

    New Owner

    The comments on Paul Goodwin from other fans on Pie and Bovril are certainly alarming. Again, this does not detract from the legitimate questions to be asked of New City Capital, but let’s not pretend that Thistle Forever speak on behalf of anyone other than the small circle of people involved.