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  1. I don’t use the forum much any more which is a pity cos I used to enjoy it. It became the fiefdom of a small number of posters who closed down discussion and debate either directly or by getting embroiled in tedious point scoring with each other. The new owner thread was probably the forums lowest point. I would go into it hoping there would be news about the takeover and instead it was just page after page of posters ripping into each other about topics they had little or no knowledge of. New facebook groups have appeared. They are dominated by a much younger crowd. Their spats tend to only last for one post. They are more vicious but don’t usually end in the long running feuds on here. They are also less staid and politically correct which makes them more entertaining. To be fair there is little you can do about it. A forum is only as good as the posters who contribute. If you censor it too much and admin clamp down then it loses its purpose. Unfortunately people vote with their feet and just abandon it and the few who just want to hear themselves speak have won.
  2. Nice work. Brings back some memories. I remember the kay jardine double sending off. I don't have anything to back it up but I'm sure Louis Thow was the referee that day. An absolute joke of a referee and regular hate figure for jags fans. Spoke to Alan Kay the following week. He thought Thow had had some sort of mental breakdown and nobody knew what the reds were for. I think they were late in the game. Don't remember too much about the game and how the scoring went just remember being angry and frustrated. Feelings Ive experienced a lot leaving Firhill over the years :-)
  3. Yeah agree with everything you say. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I just feel i've been there so many times before and come home disappointed so credit to Caldwell I suppose. a bit of humble pie for myself, I thought Miller was a waste of money and too old. I thought he was great today. Experience and ability meant he ran the show, My MOTM. A word for Palmer as well. Aged 19. He's got a great future. We've done well to get him playing for us Were not going to win the cup but I'm thinking the confidence from todays win will be the biggest positive
  4. Yeah good post. Too many bigger and more interesting things going on to get too involved but while I don't agree with everything you say you make good points. Still think there is too much media indoctrination ( why do we now have a sportscene studio full of women commenting on the mens game ?? ) but you provide a good balanced view of the where you see women's football -something a lot of other posters struggled to do.
  5. HaHa! Well said Pinhead. Brave man raising your head above the parapet. I think you’ll find womens football is not up for discussion on this forum. I tried. I assume the half-season tickets for the womens team are going like hot cakes cause all the guys who spend their life on here criticising the mens game will not allow any comparisons to be made. I assume they are all weekly attendees at women's football. The media and the establishment are successfully forcing it down our throats. I really don’t see how it is insulting to women to say they don’t play a physical contact sport as well as men!! The BBC website is almost unusable as you try and find mens football news amonsgst the womens teams using the same club names!!! It’s pathetic when you see VVD standing there after picking up his PFA player of the year trophy in England. Mentally and physically he has been put through the mill week after week against teams like Barcelona and in front of crowds of 100,000 and beside him is some lassie nobody has ever heard of picking up a trophy the BBC seem to think is equivalent. It’s embarrassing. Women should play football but it's a different game. and shouldn't be sold by the media as the same. Oh! Oh! here it comes……'if the bbc say it, it must be right...…. you're a stupid misogynistic arse!'
  6. I respect your ability to put forward a reasoned argument instead of just saying 'you're stupid' or 'you're an arse' but unfortunately we may have to agree to differ slightly. Women's football will improve greatly in technical quality and will be able to offer a form of pure football. At the moment any entertainment in their game comes largely from the amount of errors allowing lots of chances and you could say the men's game is so coached and rigid that much entertainment has been lost. However no amount of coverage will allow women to match the physicality or pace of the men's game and the whole reason you go to Firhill or watch footie on tv is to watch a contact sport being played out alongside a technically gifted game. Whether it's right or wrong the main thing that gets you out of your seat on a Saturday afternoon is two teams physically challenging each other. The yellow and red cards the off the ball stuff the 'atmosphere' generated off the pitch. Anyway as with everything if you enjoy it watch it. If not don't but it shouldn't be forced on people.
  7. There you go no fighting required. The banning thing is a bit ridiculous and teams like thistle should have a women's team. My own daughters and friends daughters play. There is a current media campaign built around the world cup that is forcing people to find it entertaining and treat it the same as the men's game which it isn't There is also a recent problem on this forum where a select few police the forum and non conforming views are cut short in a hail of name calling and abuse. If memory serves me right you became a target the other night when the new owner was being discussed and you defended your position well ( and correctly). Anyway the name calling earlier wasn't directed at me so I'll disappear and watch the interesting informed debates unfolding on the forum and not get involved in any squabbling.
  8. Not really. Thought it a reasonable question.
  9. So if you don't find woman's football entertaining you are misogynistic i.e. hate women. What if you don't find cricket ( men's) entertaining do you then open yourself up to a similar level of name calling?
  10. Let's hope this new owner takes his millions elsewhere. He's caused enough trouble on this forum already.
  11. Thank you. I certainly shook things up a bit on a quiet close season Saturday morning Thought that's wot forums were for... maybe not!
  12. Good counter arguement ya ******* ****
  13. Absolutely. However, they don't tend to televise kids games or sell them as the same as adult male games
  14. Women should play football and should be encouraged to get better at it. However, the current attempts by various agencies to promote their game as the same product as men's is ridiculous. It is not the same game. I have watched a couple of world cup games and it has been absolutely dreadful. How would the Scotland national team get on against a men's Scottish second division team. Not very well I suspect. Yet they don't televise Scottish 2nd div football. You read headlines like... Mary Jones scores fifteen goals against China an achievement never matched even in men's football - it's nonsense to make any comparison. I predict that women's football will destroy the men's game. Political correctness will force all teams to have a Womens team and pay them the same. There will be little income from fans and nost teams will be unable to sustain that and will be forced out of business.... you heard it here first!