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  1. Legs Like A Spider

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    I deserve a start ahead of Storey!
  2. Legs Like A Spider


    I agree. I actually think the GREATER problem is in attack and has been for a long time and that's saying something given the state of the defence. Love to see the stats for the past 18 months showing league games played and total shots on target for those games.
  3. Legs Like A Spider


    This penalty debate kinda sums up the state of the club. Given that these are full time professional footballers, do we not have one that can be trusted to put the ball in the net from 12yards!!!!!! You have to accept that at any level there will be some penalties missed or saved but our percentage seems incredibly low. At a higher level of football players have the ability to place their kick but surely we should have someone able to hit it on target so hard that there is a high chance of success. Maybe just sums up what we already know about our inability to score goals. Even if the keeper wasn't there I wouldn't trust Spittal or Storey to score!! Probably my favourite would have been Bannigan. I was not a huge fan of Sean Welsh but I seem to recall his record was ok. Muirhead too was ok although he missed a big one in the Challenge Cup Final a few years back before we went out......................on penalties!!
  4. Legs Like A Spider


    The is no way Caldwell will be sacked before the end of the season and shouldn’t be. Clubs who serially sack their manager tend o be chaotic and unstable. Despite this I worry that Caldwell has morphed into Archie, ignoring failure and totally stubborn as regards team selection. What really gets me is our record says we are pretty much the worst team in Scotland yet there is a pool of players who cant get a game. Max Melbourne is on the books of WBA but isn’t good enough to be brought into the left back role to allow Penrice to move forward. Scobie and Jeffries cant get into a defence that ships goals on a weekly basis sometimes as many as 5 in one go. I cant remember McCarthy having a really bad game fot thistle and that includes games against the OF. However he cant get a start at the moment and Fitzpatrick struggles to get his foot in the door I’ll probably get pelters for this but I think in an attacking team Storer would be a talent if a manager was hard on him and tell him to cut out the nutcase stuff. So why have we signed half a team of players that are not good enough for a losing team or do neither of our managers this season have the nerve or ability to change the team to bring them in? On a personal note this is probably my lowest ebb as a thistle fan of forty plus years. I feel like a boxer in the corner just getting repeatedly punched and looking for a way out but no respite seems to be coming. I hate all the negativity about the place and that includes my own. I don’t share all the enthusiasm of those who think we turned a corner yesterday. You don’t miss penalties and you don’t keep playing players who have proved over many months that they don’t have it. I'm not expecting anything great against Falkirk but who knows I'm at a stage now when a lucky 0-0 draw would feel like winning the league!! January is not the light at the end of the tunnel some people think it is. There are contracts to honour and good players are not clamouring to sign for a team bottom of the Championship. There will be changes but they will not be major. With Alloa and Falkirk possibly improving I fear the worst but we need to stick with Caldwell and he needs to do his job and live up to his excellent interview presentation!
  5. Legs Like A Spider

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Not happy. Is Caldwell trying to be funny? The question for me is how bad a performance do certain players have to have week after week before they are dropped. Other players must be sitting on the bench thinking I want away from here! I want to be proved wrong but Caldwell seems happy to prove me right every week
  6. Legs Like A Spider

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I'm starting to worry about giving Caldwell our money to spend in January!!! I'm not sure he knows what he's doing!!!
  7. Legs Like A Spider

    Morton vs. Thistle

    This is a shambles! When a team is struggling you bring in a new manager to change things. What has Caldwell changed ?
  8. Legs Like A Spider

    Morton vs. Thistle

    I'd take the draw. Need to steady the ship. A win would be fantastic. Caldwell needs to do things differently - last couple of weeks have just been same old. He needs to: Start Storey and Spittal on the bench. Stop the isolated striker thing Make sure the first thought by the midfield is to get the ball forward fast. Get the pressure off our defence and onto theirs. Play Fitzpatrick
  9. Legs Like A Spider

    Alloa away

    It would be wrong to judge Caldwell on one game but we were told he got the job for doing his homework on the players. Yesterday did not back that up. The starting 11 was an unpleasant surprise. Caldwell is in the job because he is expected to make the changes that Archibald was unwilling to do. Appreciate its tough on some likeable guys but Elliot is not cutting it at right back, Doolan is struggling, Storey hasn’t got it and Spittal and Erskine aren’t providing enough. There is more talent on the bench that there is in the team playing!! Don’t know what the available budget is but Caldwell has plenty time before the January window to identify a good attacking right back who can cross a ball. Even a loan deal would do. Our new manager needs to go and do some extra homework this week and come back with some different answers next week. Ayr are a far better team than Alloa.
  10. Legs Like A Spider

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Some people on here took the view that Archibald should be kept on indefinitely because of past successes he had since becoming manager. I always took the view that this didn't matter and it was only how he was doing now that mattered. I will judge Caldwell the same way. I don't care what has gone before. I will judge him on the results and performances that he produces over the coming months.
  11. Legs Like A Spider

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Keown pushed to right back Caldwell and McGinty central defence with Kerr slotted into a midfield berth. Saturday is just getting more and more interesting!
  12. Legs Like A Spider

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    I think it is a good appointment. Not a name that was being immediately quoted after Archie’s departure. He has played at the highest level and been in the dressing room with some top managers and players. He’s also young enough to bring a freshness and ambition to the job. I just hope he is 100% aware of the challenge. Doing a good presentation is one thing but football management is a tough gig and the only thing that matters is the teams results. Every area of the current team needs improved and it will need to be done with a comparatively tiny budget. There will be little scope to buy success. The pressure starts immediately. Thistle fans will need to show some patience but as we know there is a limit!! Welcome to Firhill Gary please give us something to cheer about.
  13. Legs Like A Spider

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Its a while since I've been so buoyed by the Friday night interviews on Jagzone. Cammy Bell always says the right things All week we've heard the press support cowardly Leigh Griffiths walk away from Scotland but Christie Elliot faced up to the fact that he's played badly and should give up the captains position. That's the mark of a man. Leigh watch and learn!! Scott Allison was excellent. I don't know what will happen tomorrow but he spoke well and in a positive vein. Does he come in to contention for the managers role ?? Thistle win tomorrow and he might!!! Bit left field but why not. Better than Duffy.
  14. Legs Like A Spider

    Who's next?

    Gus McPherson left Firhill 5mins ago!!
  15. Legs Like A Spider

    Who's next?

    I agree. Either overseas or someone who is quietly doing a good job as an assistant somewhere in UK. Some of the mangers being quoted are better than others but when you look at the list you see some who are capable of getting us promoted but you wonder how many would then have the ability to get us into the top 6 and I include Ian McCall in that. Archie managed it and it was a great achievement the fact he couldn't build on that doesn't take away from the fact it's on his CV. Kilmarnock have maybe given people a false impression of how easy it is to bring in a manager who can improve things. There are very few Stevie Clarks out there. I think the speed of dismissal after Saturdays game and the short period allowed for applications would imply the board have their sights set on someone but are keeping a plan B by seeing who applies. This time last year who could have seen Clark at Killie, Gerrard at Rangers or Rodgers at Aston Villa!!!! So I'm with you eljaggo let's see the board surprise us! How about Martin Keown, he doesn't need the money and there is a link. OK I'm joking, but something like that.