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  1. Legs Like A Spider

    ICT Away

    But what if both sides of the argument are irrelevant!! .....and right now we are only going in one direction.
  2. Legs Like A Spider

    ICT Away

    Agree. One of the most toothless thistle sides I've seen. Like you BR I hope I'm proven wrong
  3. Legs Like A Spider

    CEO update

    I thought compared to his previous statements todays offering from Gerry was poor. To try and convince fed up fans that getting pumped by East Fife is going to be good preparation for league games doesn't make sense. It smacked of a board under pressure, drawing lots for some poor unprepared sod to go out and placate the revolting masses. Gerry has played the game and must know that some of the current offerings on the pitch are unacceptable. There was no real offer of hope just a plea to keep paying cash and cheer on mediocrity. I like Gerry but like a lot of performances at the club at the moment he must do better!!
  4. Legs Like A Spider

    Archie or the Board

    At least its not all bad news. We could be the most professional club in the first division!
  5. Legs Like A Spider

    Team rebuilding

    Not concerned at all ??????? Very strange. Were you at Ayr or Dundee? Doolan's not kicked a ball this season, Strorey spends his game running down blind alleys, Coulibaly's position is extremely vague with current form unknown and we've yet to see Quitongo play. The nature of football means we could win our next two games 5 - 0 but based on the past year there has to be some very serious concerns. It's not what our players are capable of doing that's the issue it's what they are actually doing that's the problem.
  6. Legs Like A Spider

    Team rebuilding

    The realities of relegation just keep hitting home!! I'm sure there is a marquee signing just hours away.
  7. Legs Like A Spider

    Team rebuilding

    Good news. Nice lad and more than capable when he is playing at his best. Plus, with the current fashion for English legends moving into management his father might become the next Thistle manager. He would sort out the defence!!!
  8. Legs Like A Spider

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    It’s very difficult to quote other clubs and managers. Circumstances at every club are different in terms of ability, personality, resources and culture. Football has to be a results led business. When we finished top 6 Alan Archibalds stock was high, fans were singing his name and other clubs were sniffing about. However, the decline is now dragging on and the problem is we are now in a new season and there are very few signs of things changing. MonehJags is right. Nothing will be decided by this forum but I watch thistle with a bunch of long term thistle fans none of who are on wearethistle. One has not renewed his season ticket and says he will not go back till Archie goes and after Saturday another reckons it will a while before he will be back. Doesn’t matter whether I agree with them or not I am soon going to have to attend myself which may lead to me missing games. This is how decline grows pace. I agree with folk on here who say that Archie did well up until last season but the problem lies in the continual failure to improve basics. Even his most fervent supporters have to admit our defending is woeful and we don’t attack. It’s not entertainment. It‘s terrible to watch. Archie can’t keep coming out and saying ‘ the lads need to do better’ he needs to MAKE them do better. The question here is not about being fickle or about knee jerk reactions. It’s about how long? Some on here think he should be kept in post until we are playing the likes of Edinburgh City in the 2nd Division. I think the decision for the board is simple. Where do you want to be as a football club? If you want to go back to the Premier League you need to watch how things develop in the next few games and make a big decision no later than end of September. If you want to play in the second division then sit tight and do nothing.
  9. Legs Like A Spider

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Do you think the board will do anything once it is arithmetically impossible to get promoted, which, based on yesterday, should be about January.
  10. Legs Like A Spider

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    I know there are people on here who think they are 'superfans' by stifling any criticism of the team or manager but I'm getting fed up leaving games feeling flat and frustrated. I sit there today and see folk clapping cos somebody tried a pass that nobody got on the end of. There is nothing to cheer. Set pieces are woeful either under hit or over hit. I remember a couple of seasons ago watching thistle rip Kilmarnock apart at their ground winning 5-2. It was fantastic link up play and going at them, feels like decades ago. We are being beaten by teams who are not that good and we're not laying a glove on them. There were no stand out failures today it was just a total team failure. Defending is sloppy. Crosses are coming in with nobody interested in getting on the end of them. Players are missing the goal from 2 or 3 yards others are losing their discipline and having to be subbed, Why Fitzpatrick didn't get at least half an hour is beyond me. If you have an on form player why are you putting off form players on?? Archie was given a chance few get and he's got to sort this out and stop offering the fans shite week in week out. I really don't care about beating Stranraer 5-0. I want to beat Dundee Utd and Ross County. Fans are going to start voting with their feet and that starts a downward spiral. Whether its the new signings, the injured players returning, tactical changes or management change I don't really care but can we just fecken sort it out please, cos its starting to get tedious!!!
  11. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    This isn't a signing it's a massive gamble. Nothing particularly wrong with that. The whole affair could go any way. SC may never kick a ball for thistle or he may be the best player that ever played for us or he may be using them to get back into football and walk out on them or he may be a prima donna and not give 100% or he might be grateful and give 110% every game or.................. it's a typical thistle piece if business you just never what your going to get. It's what makes supporting us the rollercoaster it always is. The signing is like tomorrows game anything could happen but we all hope for the best!!
  12. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    So why don't they say...... This is now a legal case which might need to go to a court of some sort. The club and player will not be saying anything which might prejudice our case or give the other side any advance notice of our arguments. Our lawyers are giving us advice! ........it would put an end to people speculating and quoting articles which may or may not be correct and the fans will know if Coulibaly is going to be available for games in the immediate future. I still find it very strange that they have announced the signing and presumably are paying him a wage if there is even a remote chance that he can never play for us. Right now I expect to see him on Saturday.
  13. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Any frustration over this should be taken out on the Arabs on Saturday!!!!
  14. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Is this not maybe a good time for a club statement! Even if it was bad news it would stop speculation and let fans know the facts. I'm sure there are fans that would travel to Dundee just to see what SC has to offer. To then state after the game that he may never play for the club seems a bit unfair. Might all be a sandstorm in a teacup but a quick word from the club may avoid a lot of fall out afterwards!!
  15. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    I am maybe giving credit where it is not due but we have to assume that the club knows all the background and have done their homework. All the forums, the press and the wider internet highlighted the issues so they will not be able to say they were not aware. To parade a new signing and elicit an unusually enthusiastic response from fans who have been let down a lot recently would be a very strange ( and dangerous ) game to play. I will go up to Dundee on Saturday and expect to see our new star running onto the pitch at some point to play his part in a convincing victory