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  1. Stenny Away

    Oops! 'Big wage two! '
  2. Stenny Away

    On holiday so will miss first 3 games. I have some concerns about the thinness of the squad especially in the striking department and the lack of clarity over the 'big wages three'. If they are under contract to us they should be getting played until they move on. Despite all that and the fact it is a new team still to geI I would expect a win today albeit hard fought. Mon thistle!....let's send a message!!
  3. Team rebuilding

    He certainly did very well against Championship opposition in the Play offs. In the first leg at Livingstone we just fired high ball after high ball up to that 6 ft 2 brick shithouse of a man and he just created chance after chance knocking these two big central defenders all over the place. Tragically we probably wont be able to afford his wages.
  4. Team rebuilding

    I think its 7 or 8 including the cup ( 2 penaties ) Why do Hearts want rid of him??
  5. Team rebuilding

    What defence did he unsettle?? You misunderstood the point about injuries - its obviously a good thing he didn't get injured. The point was he couldn't get injured.
  6. Team rebuilding

    I assume this is a joke. Sammon was a total liability. He never got any injuries or bookings primarily because he’s totally powder puff and doesn’t get involved in the game. He’s the only player I have seen who actually becomes shorter when he jumps and he was nowhere to be seen in the important games at the end of the season. His last kick of the ball for us was missing a penalty… I rest my case. The striking department is , as ever, a major concern. Doolan is class but is not getting any younger, Storer doesn't appear to be a striker and Storey, having scored a good goal in preseason, seems to have joined the other two available players as being excluded from the first team and even any discussion about the first team. So in keeping with recent seasons we seem to be going into the new one with pretty much no cover up front. We are all hoping lessons have been learned so I'm sure there will a couple of decent strikers coming in this week!!
  7. More good news. Kris Doolan joins Weir coaching staff.

    Fantastic news. We have been really struggling in the striking area for years now. Who better to try and rectify the problem than one one of the most gifted goalscorers in Scotland. Mainly a penalty box striker but his goal against Celtic in the cup last year was just another example that he has the lot...vision, calmness etc. As already alluded to on here he also has the ability to communicate and the enthusiasm and motivation that will be good for young players. I was going to go on about loyalty and further attributes but feel am starting to get too gushing!! All the best Kris.
  8. Team rebuilding

    He's clearly on a wage that he did not justify last season but Archie's record at bringing in strikers is shocking. There may be an element of better the devil etc. Storey's cv is still better than Storer s
  9. Team rebuilding

    Storey was terrible at times last season but I'd keep all three. Barton and Keown have proved they can cut it in the premier so they would do well in the Championship. Archie would need to prove he can manage and play game plans that suit them! Storey has a point to prove. He's a big strong boy and the Championship may suit him. Try different things like playing him through the centre. The cash issue is obviously a problem. If we are winning it should generate enough to offset. The problem would primarily arise of we are losing. It's difficult to know how big a problem it is without knowing figures.
  10. Legend Joins Board

    Alan Archibald - Manager for Life, Gerry Britton - Chief Executive, Alan Rough - Director...............we know how to look after our legends. We need to find a role for Kris Doolan fast.
  11. Cerny

    Some strange reactions to Cerny going! He was a very good keeper and an improvement on Scott Fox. If he had stayed with us he would have been the best keeper in the Championship. I can only remember one real howler which was down at Rugby park and incredibly it was Sammon who scored the goal. Like most of the team he didn't have the best season...……. he would take an absolute age to get the ball back into play when we were chasing games and the goal he lost at Livingstone was poor. However, weighing everything up he was one of the best keepers we have seen at Firhill in recent times. I cant think of any keeper in the SPFL who was significantly better. I'm not sure if some on here are joking but Scully returning would be a total disaster, When Cerny was in goals he gave the defence confidence when Scully was in goals you were just waiting for the blunder! Respect to Archie if he gets us in a keeper who's as good. I assume he knew this was likely to happen and has been working on doing just that.
  12. Team rebuilding

    O'Ware looks a decent signing. Yesterday we had heard nothing from the club and I was thinking sack the board, fire Archie, think I'll start watching Glasgow Warriors..... One signing and I wish the season was starting next week. Being a thistle supporter f"cks with your mind. No wonder I go out wearing mismatching shoes and talking loudly to myself!!!
  13. Playing Squad Update

    The players coming in will be worse footballers than Barton, Edwards, Keown & Co. Archie will have to take these players who will have less ability and make them play better as a unit. One that can win games. It could be done but a tough challenge indeed!
  14. Playing Squad Update

    I don't think so..... unless it's the Boston Celtics basketball team!
  15. Playing Squad Update

    Did Aston Villa have a lot of injured players prior to the turn of the year ???