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  1. Legs Like A Spider

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Guaranteed! Wow! If such a man exists sign him.
  2. Legs Like A Spider

    Scottish cup quarters

    Potentially... but I was thinking more of a section or 2 of the JHS. If they were at the far end beside the bing it would split their support whereas ours would be forced to bunch up and create a better atmosphere / support for our own team. In recent times Firhill has become a bit quiet. A good cup tie atmosphere would be good and may help the team against such strong opposition.
  3. Legs Like A Spider

    Scottish cup quarters

    Happy with this draw. Incredibly James Penrice predicted this draw in his Jagzone interview on Saturday night. Good shout. Wonder who he'll predict we get in the semi finals. Why is there a debate about Hearts in the JHS. There is no precedent for this and unlike games against the OF there should decent demand from thistle fans. Anyway there are plenty things can be done to maximise takings without giving them the whole JHS.
  4. Legs Like A Spider

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Maybe a liitle bit too sensitive if that spoilt the day thistle went through to the Scottish Cup Qtr's!!
  5. Legs Like A Spider

    Scottish cup quarters

    Agree. Away to either of the the ugly sisters is a total downer. Live on TV. Patronised by the media. Suffer referees who make decisions based on crowd noise etc etc Home to Ross, Dundee U or Inverness keeps the dream alive. I love a day out on the lash in Edinburgh so either of these clubs away us ok. Home to Auchinleck would also do me.
  6. Legs Like A Spider

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    I don't see him getting released at the end of the season given the amount of starts he gets. I could get the ball up the park even quicker if I ask my defenders to close their eyes and boot it as hard as they can whenever they get it. Ideally I would prefer an end result like a good cross or a goal or at the very least retain possession.
  7. Legs Like A Spider

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    I know he’s the first name on the team sheet and I know he comes across as a nice honest lad and I appreciate he gives 110% in every game and I know he is very fast and strong but I’m afraid Storey just hasn’t got it. If we have any real ideas of progression in cup or league we need to find better. Watching him yesterday just confirms that. He can’t cross the ball or score goals. If he is going to continue as first pick he should be getting hour after hour of coaching on at least one of these two aspects of his game. We’ve definitely turned a corner and I’m getting the old buzz back but attacking options remain a concern for the big games we have coming up.
  8. Legs Like A Spider

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    I think it was at Dumfries with a really big crowd and there was a bit of a stramash at half time. I'm thinking Jim Melrose got a goal that day as well or am I getting all my games mixed up. Sadly the memory is fading now. It was the previous year though that we were robbed in the semi final by Rangers. Had we made the semi's it would have been the 3rd year in a row. Hard to believe now. The year we played Rangers we had beaten Dumbarton in the quarter final. Big crowd down there as well. I remember coming back on the train and a bunch of Dumbarton yobs were throwing bricks at the train. Looked out the window to see tons of thistle fans charging across the fields to chase them, It was like a scene from Bannockburn haha! Strange looking back on that stuff now. It was fun at the time and the Scottish Cup gave us some great days out.
  9. Legs Like A Spider

    Are we stronger ?

    Definitely a lot better. Whether there is enough improvement remains to be seen. Coulibaly looked better than I expected in the reserve match against Celtic, If he is motivated and gets fit could be key. Saturday is a big test and will probably give a good indication of the way things will go. With so few games left the manager and players need to get things right straight away. Caldwell certainly appeared to spot the problem areas in the team and his transfers in and out give hope that if we can stay up he might do a decent job in the summer transfer window and stop our decline.
  10. Legs Like A Spider

    Winter window

    Steady on!!
  11. Legs Like A Spider


    Good answer. Why have these people got it in for him?
  12. Legs Like A Spider


    So you think there are partick thistle supporters who would prefer the club to be relegated rather than Caldwell succeed??
  13. Legs Like A Spider


    There's been a few posters on here recently having a dig saying that anybody who has criticised Caldwell must be gutted cos he's had a few decent results. This is stupid and these people don't understand football. Its the club that football fans support not the manager. If a bad manager is destroying the club he deserves criticism if he turns things around or is replaced by a good manager then that manager deserves praise. The club hasn't turned any corners yet and remains in a precarious position. End of February will give a more realistic picture of where we are. At that point fans can make an assessment and give the manager the praise or criticism he deserves. Nobody has got it in for Caldwell. If he has got the job under false pretences he should be booted out. If he has ability and brings success the fans will love him. Football is played in the moment and opinions on a forum have a lifespan.
  14. Legs Like A Spider

    Stranraer Cup Game

    Unusually this thread has gone slightly off topic! In our current predicament it really doesn't matter whether Doolan is a legend or not. Like everything else in football things change fast but based on the evidence we have at the moment we do not have a striker at the club to get us moving up the league. Mansell has never played at this level, Doolan is struggling and Roy looked poor. Sammons name keeps reappearing but he is hopeless. Based on the Stranraer game Caldwells signings have generally improved the team but the striking position once again has not been addressed. It would be kinda strange if Caldwell now brought another striker in. The alternative is for one of the three to hit some sort of form which at present looks unlikely ( Maybe unfairly in Mansells case I'm basing this on his cv rather than watching him play ). In short if we are to save our place in the Championship its looking like we will have to do it without a proven goalscorer. It makes things tougher but not impossible. Anybody got Lyle Taylors phone number??
  15. Legs Like A Spider

    Winter window

    I don't know about Caldwell but I think someone is trying to drive me from the club!!!!!!!