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  1. Meaning what precisely? I didn't see this comment when it was first posted but my attention has subsequently been drawn to it. You are in very dangerous waters here.
  2. admin

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    I'm surprised there have been no conspiracy theories about the site being down given the nature of some of the contributions from the thread's more prolific posters.
  3. admin

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    But are you now or have ever been in the past a member of the Communist Party, sorry, Thistle Forever?
  4. admin

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    But are you now or have ever been in the past a member of the Communist Party, sorry, Thistle Forever?
  5. admin

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    Sigh. How clear do I have to be about things to satisfy some? I have NO involvement with TfE aside from having made my modest pledge. Re communications I provided my email address when making my pledge and have received a couple of generic, global emails since then. I've met Paul Goodwin once when he was invited (not by me) to travel on the Jordanhill Bus to Montrose. I asked one question and posed for a photo with their Thistle Forever placard. I received one message from a individual from TfE, who I know socially, who asked me; in my capacity as Admin here, to approve a member request for this site. I may have commented on social media postings of his on the subject of TfE and vice versa. I genuinely don't recall. And that's it. TfE haven't asked me to be involved with them. Why would they? And I haven't asked to be involved. Of the names provided as being involved in TfE only one would I claim to know socially. I recognise some other names - I think I follow one on twitter. Others are completely new to me. Is that clear enough for you? I don't see why it is important anyway. I've formed an opinion, was actually swayed the other way for a bit but am now firmly a supporter of the TfE initiative. I reserve the right to change my mind at any point. Am I trying to influence the debate. No more or no less than anyone does who is trying to promote a particular line. That's how debate works is it not? Oh and in case you just skip past bits, I have No involvement with TfE.
  6. admin

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    I assume you are claiming I'm lying then? Please provide evidence of my involvement with TfE aside from having made a pledge. If you can't remove your post or retract your allegation. You'll not find any evidence of my involvement TfE because there is none. I have no involvement with them. That might not suit the your agenda but it happens to be the truth.
  7. admin

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    They don't have to come from TfE. I've offered a personal view of what I would like to see should TfE share purchase be completed not a summary of what will happen. I can't be clearer. I am not a part of TfE. Should that happen then an interim board would be appointed. I'm suggesting that for the benefit of continuity and experience the current Board should form a large part of that interim board. It would seem sensible to co-opt TfE representatives to that interim board. My personal view is that the interim board should be in place for a period of not less than 12 months. That would allow TfE to formalise, with consultation with all interested fan groups, their fan led model and process leading to election of the fans board. This is a process that won't and shouldn't be completed in haste. You've said elsewhere that TfE are stating that only those that are part of the TfE project will sit on the Club Board (interim and moving forward I assume). They have said nothing of the sort. Please check before you make these assertions. It doesn't help people get an informed sense of what is happening. I'm in favour of the TfE led takeover. I don't see it as the end game but the start of a new exciting era. I'm not fooled into thinking it is perfect or it will be easy. I have questions that I would like to see TfE provide more detail on. Don't confuse me with being part of TfE itself. I'm not. I can't answer for them. Merely provide my thinking.
  8. admin

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    I have now provided a response to your previous post. The Club would be owned by the supporters but to what degree and the mechanics of that I would agree need to be better articulated by TfE.
  9. admin

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    I'm a little frustrated that TfE haven't been more proactive in outlining things like that. I can't answer your query. That would need to come from TfE and they did promise an open meeting with supporters. There may be good reason why that hasn't been scheduled but I would urge them to articulate that if that is the case. Not related to your post I know but this might be a good point to outline what I would like to see happen if TfE do complete the purchase of shares. TfE hold an Open Meeting with supporters ASAP as well as making themselves visible for less formal interaction on match days. They were invited to travel to Montrose on the Jordanhill Bus to explain their plans and answer questions. Doing similar at future away games and having a visible presence at home games for the same purpose would be useful.. As per the plans outlined by TfE an interim Board would be appointed. I had serious misgivings about the current BoD motives in instigating the Boardroom coup. I still do but actions speak louder than words. Some of what they have done since has impressed me. Not least the change in football management. I would like to see the current Board continue as the interim Board for a period of not less than 12 months with two co-opted TfE members. This allows for continuity and experience at a vital level of the Club's structure while TfE formalise their plans which won't happen overnight. Indeed I wouldn't be adverse for some of the current BoD to continue to serve on the new Club Board indefinitely. This is a personal view and I don't know if it mirrors the view of TfE at all. A number of supporters have expressed a preference for the status quo neither convinced by the consortium or TfE. What I have tried to demonstrate over the last couple of days is that how the club is funded and Board appointed would differ little, or at all, under fan ownership. It isn't the fans suddenly taking up the reigns and making all the decisions. Nor is it a small cabal taking control as some would like you to believe . It's about placing the ownership of the club in the hands of the supporters. The ownership of the Club changes but how the club is run and funded is much closer to the status quo than people realise. Especially if the skill set of those currently in post is utilised. Disclaimer:, I have no involvement with TfE.
  10. admin

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    I have no involvement with TfE aside from having made a modest pledge. Just for clarity in case you didn't get that, first, and then second time around, I have no involvement with TfE. So my posts don't 'sum up the quality' of TfE in any way, shape or form. I personally see it as an opportunity that we as fans of Partick Thistle should embrace. I get and respect that some feel differently providing they are judging things on their merits and not on the basis of personality. Of course I have offered opinion. Is that not what a debate involves. What have I presented as fact that is in fact opinion? That pledges would represent new and additional income?. That the Club would continue to be funded as it presently is? That the Club Board would be appointed as it currently is? I of course have no idea of the actual composition of the Board just the rationale for appointments as outlined by TfE.