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  1. Do the SPFL board not have the power to force reconstruction? I'm pretty sure I read a while back they did but Doncaster refused to do it.
  2. If extending until end of July under furlough scheme and giving them the 80% government paying and there's no cost to us I'd like to see us do this.
  3. As much as I disagree with us being relegated, I really just can't wait to go to Firhill at the next opportunity and cheer on whoever is playing for us in whatever division we are in. Just miss the place.
  4. Requires an 11-1 vote in SPFL for it to go through next season.
  5. Only league reconstruction I can see happening is 12 team premiership 12 team championship.
  6. Follow GAA, and have worn quite a few of their kits. It's better than what we have. So at least thats a start!
  7. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    Personally I don't want either. What's wrong with the club running as it is? Are they all really desperate for their money? Everyone says how much Colin done for the club with no personal gain. Yes he took no money from the club and put lots in, our youth has flourished but don't forget he was responsible for Jacqui and her board which in little over 12 months have caused the club to lose its identity. We still have no training ground, despite it being promised too. As for Chien Lee and Paul Conway, we don't really know enough about them. The way they are running Barnsley is interesting but absolutely nothing to say we will be run the same way.
  8. stuart_adam

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    If nothing else this thread provides a good chuckle. Cheers all keep it up
  9. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    New statement doesnt say too much
  10. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    Ironically the board are being criticised for being proactive and making sure we are not going to run at a loss this season. Whether its buses, transfer budgets or anything else that needs cut, I would much rather our club continues to run with no losses and continue to exist. Everyone is taking the negatives which is fair enough but ask yourself would you rather have a club balancing the books or a team bus with no team, a transfer budget with no future, a training ground with no club? Stay positive, who knows what is really going on at our club, but everyone coming up with rumours is just going to damage the club more.
  11. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    Maybe I'm wrong but. There is absolutely nothing to stop someone else bidding for control of the club. Maybe Mr Weir enjoyed pumping money into the club without vested interest but whats to stop him or any other individual or consortium putting in a competing bid. Especially if new city were to walk away... It would have been better if all this could have been done in private much like the hibs deal. Like most fans concerned until we get our stability back but whether it's new city, weir or some other punter ill still be back supporting the jags.
  12. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49255075 For two games which are fairly local. Can't really see a problem with this.
  13. Is it just me or has there been a lack of press coverage at Firhill recently? In fact- I dont think I've read a single Partick Thistle article this week in any newspaper, and that includes today when the season starts tomorrow. Makes me wonder if there really isnt anything to write about, or the club is purposely keeping the press away whilst Boardroom / Takeover is discussed. Surely we are worth at least 1 news story per week!
  14. Talking about Caldwell's sideline coaching. He actually was the only one aware at a corner late on. He shouted telling Cammy Palmer to go and he turned got the ball and had a free shot on goal. Positive impact from that particular shout.