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  1. Seven figure sum?

    I thought his interview provided some insight into whats going on without revealing too much. Although the line where he referred to completing the Squad by 31st August and thats what they were always aiming for is concerning. Thats 3/4 weeks into League season, and already of out the cup territory. Being one player short is acceptable but four is just ridiculous. There were notably other comments in the interview which I found pretty bewildering but can tell they seem 100% behind Archie no matter how results go. Heres hoping for a refreshing game today, new tactics, a win, and some confidence to take home that we wont be whipping boys this year please! Would be nice to actually score a few goals too.
  2. Archie out - Now or Never.

    Serious question for the stattos out there. In the last 20 games how many wins? How many goals scored? How many conceded?
  3. Sorry, misphrased... Recent history.... But yeah not really an apologist... just have respect for what he achieved. Also believe that his time is up and he needs to go. Called for his head in December and we stuck by him then so can't see this being any different.
  4. Archies interview Blaming individual errors (sounds familiar) Said had a game plan (heard this one too) Said became disjointed (heard this before too) And then finished the interview saying we need more and theres a few injuries with players coming back. Zzzzz
  5. Its the same as any other job. If you are unable to meet expectations and deliver results then you will be let go. We are not a charity case...
  6. Archie out - Now or Never.

    1 game? What do we completely write off last season? Its the same manager and same background staff. The same football and same lack of cutting edge. If anything we have went backwards again since last season... If people want to stick with him then so be it, but I honestly do not think Thistle will achieve anything and we can't even score... We certainly will not go back up
  7. Archie out - Now or Never.

    180 mins against a team just promoted and no goals scored...
  8. Archie out - Now or Never.

    Its time for Archie to go now Act now replace him and give us a fighting chance. If they don't act now, we are inevitably stuck with this team under Archie and will continue to head towards relegation with same old excuses. Shambles
  9. He admittedly took us to highest finish in recent history (Since it has been called the Premiership). So I am maybe being a little emotional, but I am just sick to death of watching the same shit and hearing the same excuses. Archies biggest weakness is signing players, out of all his signings not many of them have ever strengthened us. Either way its time for him to go
  10. Quality over Quantity is the excuse. What quality? And does having a Shit manager make you a worse player?
  11. Archie has to go. The fans all need to make that clear. Enough is enough if we don't act now our season is done before it starts
  12. I have to say I am completely disillusioned with Thistle already this year. Going to be a long season. Id take Hopkin in a heartbeat
  13. Team rebuilding

    With us needing another striker is Scott McDonald still without a club?
  14. No Storer, No Elliot...
  15. Ayr at home

    The biggest shock to me yesterday was, we continued to play the same shape and formation that relegated us. Further to that, we continued to play the exact same way. I would think having been relegated it would be time to change tactics but clearly not.