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  1. stuart_adam

    Falkirk 16 March

    Could be worse. Could be Alex McLeish!
  2. stuart_adam

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Interesting if you look at Caldwell's tenure - With Archibald's players he got 5 points from 30 available. - Alan himself took 9 from 24 points (so from August to December 31st with Archie's signing we took 14 points from 54 available) Since January and making his signings he's taken 15 points from 27 available. (Thats 1 more point we have taken from half the amount of games) Obviously the problem is that overall thats 20 points from a possible 57 which is still relegation form, even with the upturn in form since January. (GC's total) If we win on Friday against Inverness I would reckon we have a good chance of staying up. Lose however and its going to be a real relegation scrap. If he keeps us up, I'd like to see Caldwell given a chance next season. If not then he should leave. Simple.
  3. stuart_adam

    Falkirk 16 March

    First of all if any of the below info is incorrect I apologise! Conor lost 3 goals in 3 league games in January (Average goal a game) He then lost 8 in February in 4 league games. (Average 2 per game, albeit lost 4 in 1, 3 in another, 1 in another and had a clean sheet.) and in March he's lost 2 goals in 2 league games. (Average goal a game) Altogether thats 13 Goals in 9 Games (take away our 2 biggest defeats and thats 6 goals in 7 games) Don't get me wrong he is making a lot mistakes recently... but lets compare him to Cammy. Cammy lost 6 goals in 3 league games in August (Avg 2per game) He then lost 6 goals in 4 league games in September (1 Clean Sheet) He then lost 4 goals in 3 league games in October Then in November he lost 6 goals in 2 league games. So in 12 Leagues games he conceded 22 goals. Sneddon played 1 in October - lost 2 goals then he played 5 in December - losing 7 goals. So 7 Goals in 6 Games. Cammy has had 1 Clean Sheet in 12 Games, Jamie has had 1 Clean Sheet in 6 Games, Conor has had 1 Clean Sheet in 9 Games Morton, Alloa and Dunfermline are the only teams we have had a clean sheet against. Conor will miss out Friday against Inverness; So presumably Jamie will get a chance again - if he gets a clean sheet, do we stick with him? or do we go back to Conor for Morton away?
  4. Stonewall penalty. Shocking officiating. Not overly surprised though. Unlucky Thistle. Time to concentrate on the league and do what we can to stay up.
  5. stuart_adam

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Seems he's playing in the reserves today. Don't quite understand whats happened to him under Caldwell. Caldwell clearly doesn't appear to fancy him.
  6. Really think if we stay up it will be down to Joe Cardle. As soon as he came on the whole mentality of the team changes. Can't quite understand it.
  7. Playing with Harkins is genuinely like playing a man down. Not only that, another goal lost from a set piece and yet again no shape!!!
  8. stuart_adam


    I think he will keep us up by the skin of our teeth. The question is, if he does will that be deemed a success by the board?
  9. stuart_adam

    Dunfermline away 26/02

    Was at the game tonight and couldn't quite work out what the game plan was. Our shape offered nothing. They sat in and caught us on break. Truthfully I would struggle to give any player pass marks. Worrying.
  10. stuart_adam

    Winter window

    Am I correct in thinking McGinty, Slater, Gordon and Coullibally the only guys left that joined in summer?
  11. stuart_adam


    To be honest with you whether Chris stays or goes I wish him well. As for Gary - 1 win from 12 is a shambles. If you somehow turn it around with your decisions then you are doing your job right. If not, well then be prepared to be remembered as one of the worst if not worst managerial reigns in Thistles history. As for Low, if Caldwell goes she should follow. This whole season has been a shambles which has taken the club backwards instead of forwards. I was never a huge fan for Beattie, but he done a far better job over a number of years before perhaps losing interest.
  12. stuart_adam


    I just think Chris should stick it out. I don't think Caldwell will be around long, and neither do most of the fans. Yes he's risking 6 months of his career but at worst he doesn't play as much as he would like until summer.
  13. stuart_adam


    Not a huge fan of Caldwell at all but if Erskine chooses to leave it will be his choice. Just like it was last time and he realised the grass isn't always greener. He has a decision to make based on playing football. Not income. So if he chooses to leave its his choice. As much as he has done for us over the years, it shouldn't be forgotten he jumped ship at first opportunity. I'd like him to stay and prove me wrong. Leaving us bottom of the 1st Division and blaming Caldwell is a cop out.
  14. stuart_adam

    Winter window

    Normally id agree however after us carrying perma crocks for 3 years I'm sick of us carrying crocked players. Especially goalkeepers.
  15. stuart_adam

    Winter window

    Honestly don't rate many players this season, wouldn't mind if any of the below leave: Bell, Lennox, Keown, McGinty, Scobbie, Jeffries, Elliot,Gordon, Ntambwe, Spittal, Mutombo, Storey. Jurys still out on Erskine and Doolan this season but I'd give them a chance with the new players coming in to see if anything improves. Of the new signings I just hope they aren't any worse than what we already have. Saunders should improve the defence, with Cardle and Harkins improving chances created. Ally Roy is a difficult one to judge at only 21, so will give him benefit of doubt, and Conor Hazard can't be any worse than Bell or Lennox. We've been here before though, and signing so many players at once could make us even worse before we get any better.