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  1. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    Exactly this.
  2. stuart_adam

    New Owner

    Interesting development
  3. stuart_adam

    Liam Lindsay

    It would appear not! Nah I've not at all, had a quick browse to see if a separate thread but couldn't see one!
  4. stuart_adam

    Liam Lindsay

    Looks like Liam is getting a move, £2mil+ bid accepted by Barnsley from Stoke. Rumour is we stand to earn at least another £250k from it. Nice little earner when we need it. Good luck to Liam, personally think he will go on to play at an even higher level.
  5. stuart_adam

    Cammy Bell freed

    Bye bye Cammy.
  6. stuart_adam

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Morton signed Muirhead too
  7. stuart_adam

    Next season's kit

    Anyone heard anything about next season's kit? Or anyone got any suggestions or ones they would like to see. Edited to add personally id like something like this
  8. stuart_adam

    Reserve League

    Club confirmed this at GC's football insight night. No real alternative as a direction though. Pretty disappointed but don't think us and St J will be only clubs pulling out.
  9. stuart_adam

    A night with GC

    I must admit I'm disappointed this isn't going to be filmed for Jagzone. Already the club fleece us for £6 a month but what do we get during the off-season? Not much...
  10. stuart_adam

    Christie Elliott

    Have to say I think some people are going in over the top. Elliott offered a deal and chose to leave. Whether or not he got on with Caldwell doesn't matter. He chose to leave. This isn't the Doolan situation. I think if Doolan's departure was handled better then we wouldn't even be discussing this. Thanks for your time at the club Christie you were a good servant. Now time to move on.
  11. stuart_adam


    It looks like GC has done an interview with the Evening Times justifying his decision and how it was handled. https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17633201.gary-caldwell-says-he-is-at-partick-thistle-to-be-successful-not-popular-as-he-explains-kris-doolan-decision/
  12. stuart_adam


    Thanks for the memories Dools. You have been a fantastic servant to the club. Until I hear otherwise, I am going to presume you left on your own terms. As for the decision, I can understand this from a footballing perspective, over the last 18 months Doolan has continued to decline. I still think he will go to a club and score goals, I guess I am going to want a really good replacement in, one who is as dedicated and will serve the club well.
  13. stuart_adam

    Reserve League

    Have it on good authority we will be following St Johnstone by pulling out the reserve league. No real big surprise given the results this season and the struggle to fill a bench most games. Have to say the SPFL have really taken a backwards step by scrapping U21 football for this.
  14. stuart_adam

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    Gary is going to be here next season so settle down
  15. stuart_adam

    Falkirk 16 March

    Could be worse. Could be Alex McLeish!