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  1. Team rebuilding

    Scottish Sun says we are in for Paul McMullan from Dundee Utd
  2. Team rebuilding

    Guys who haven't agreed a deal with their clubs id currently take are Halkett Quitongo Oliver Greer Murdoch I realise 3 of them are Morton players but they all fit the bill
  3. Team rebuilding

    Im sure he will be fine. But sadly that's my lasting memory from what I've seen from him.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Oh dear
  5. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Great signing, maybe even captain material
  6. Playing Squad Update

    For me Booth was always good at running but no so good at tackling or crossing. A poor mans Stephen ODonnell on the opposite wing.
  7. Playing Squad Update

    Oh and I forgot the other goal ‘To bring the Scottish cup back home to Maryhill’
  8. Playing Squad Update

    Have to say, we all need to step back and take a chill pill. final game of the season, the guy in front of me had a go at me because I was being very vocal and laughing at our teams insistence on going down each wing. He rather bluntly turned round and told me I was stupid and didnt see the 10 Livi players standing in the middle of the park and we were trying to work something. I told him we had been trying the same thing all season to no avail, but I’ll be honest I felt a resent towards this guy who I didnt even know (he probably felt the same about me) not because of him or his love for Partick Thistle, but because the team being so bad had caused us fans to turn on each other. So lets take time to reflect and realise that we all want the same thing, for the Jags to be better. We all want to win. No need for pettiness it wont make you feel any better. It doesn’t make you right just because you see it that way. Lets come together again at the start of the season, and work towards our final goal. Promotion.
  9. Playing Squad Update

    Yeah have to remember guys, as I said although this came from an Ex Jags player who is now coach at another club, it could well be a case of chinese whispers. He also mentioned that numerous other clubs coaches were aware of situation and nobody up north would touch Osman with a barge pole. Whether or not its true, I am for one just glad he finally realised the team were his biggest problem this season, Yes he signed most of them, but he also led us to our best finish ever last year. Dont get me wrong, I wanted Archie out months ago, and again after last Sunday, but the clubs stuck by him, and as far as im concerned the matter is closed, Archie will have my full support again next term. Players will come and go; but the fans will always stick by the Jags!
  10. Playing Squad Update

    Interesting to know heard from another coach whom works elsewhere and who knows Archie well (also an ex jag) said he had a conversation with Archie about 4 weeks ago and that the clear out was going to happen whether we stayed up or went down. Apparently he admitted he was having trouble with the dressing room and Osman was causing more trouble by introducing a no confidence in Archie situation. No idea if its truth or just another lot of bull. Lets be honest most of what comes out peoples mouths about this sort of stuff lacks integrity and honesty, so believe it if you want but to me it makes a lot of sense, especially when you hear Archies interview, I think a lot of players had decided they were heading for the exit door anyway! moving on though, well done to archie for clearing out the dead wood. Actually excited for a summer signing spree for the first time in years! bring it on
  11. Team rebuilding

    I just want a few players who will shoot, this crossing the ball into box constant and not willing to take shots has went on too long!!
  12. Team rebuilding

    Wouldn’t touch Stokes or Flood. Id take Miller on a player coach role, Thomas O’Ware from Morton would be top of my priorities list. Jordan Thompson from Rangers Jason Naismith from County Blair Alston from St J Scott McDonald player coach if no Kenny Miller id also take Paul Paton and Higginbotham back And Calum Morris from Dunfermline theres probably a load more!
  13. Playing Squad Update

    Personally agree with everyone released and kept. first point of call I’d hope is Archie brings in Thomas O’Ware in defence.
  14. Livingston 2nd leg

    Absolutely rotten. Gutless performance and terrible management. can someone tell me if we have two large magnets fitted at either touch line? Our wing backs constantly hug the touchline leaving no space to beat their man, and the final ball is just dreadful. Out of interest id love to see how many goals we scored from crossed balls this season. Every single attack that went down the wing fizzled out, every attack down the middle looked dangerous. Players were awful today, but honestly its the Management teams fault we were relegated. Truthfully if the players and Archie stay we will go down again. awful
  15. Livingston 2nd leg

    Jags to win 2-0 with Young James to get the winner.