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  1. That's what most fans will want to know. What is the situation. Have the Cosortium pulled out, have the Board and Colin Weir come to an agreement. Surely they can give us some information.
  2. Is that a guess or a cryptic clue?
  3. Funny how the supporters of the consortium are very quiet this morning
  4. Alan Nixon had replied on Twitter that we have not dodged a bullet yet.
  5. One way or another this takeover has got to be completed before the end of the year.The whole club has got to put all its energies into staying in the Championship this season ,and I don't think that will be very easy as we don't know what funds the Manager will get and where they are coming from.
  6. If that is the case surely Gerry had to takea lot of responsibility for the duds that Caldwell signed
  7. It is a pity than Alan Nixon could not give this information to Thistle fans on twitter who ask about what I'd happening at Firhill.He gives supporters of English teams in the process of takeovers more information about what is happening at their clubs.
  8. Post on Social media tonight saying the takeover is happening this week,but the post appears to have been edited or removed
  9. He is cup tied played for Hearts Colts in previous round
  10. I don't think Archie will get another job any time soon
  11. I hope if Thistle ever end up like Bury I hope supporters of other clubs won't be posting comments like the ones above
  12. Surely it would be sensible for the Chair man to be looking for other Investors in case the takeover fails
  13. And the majority of people will not be able to make head or tail what they mean