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  1. Dundee win and a draw down in Greenock hopefully.
  2. At least we got a clean sheet..
  3. We've found most areas of the pitch unplayable tbf...
  4. What company is that through?
  5. Not too bad overnight and up until recently. Heavy wintry showers which should ease off in an hour. Strong icy winds not necessarily a bad thing for drying out the pitch but not conducive to getting the home support out IF the game goes ahead...
  6. Hibs, Aberdeen, Celtic and Hearts. So by that reckoning that'll be a no for the tainted semi-final @BowenBoys
  7. When did David Beattie ever bankroll us?
  8. Mayo coming in to the side would add some height to the team. Fox has had criticism over the last few weeks for aspects of his game. But he is playing in front of a sieve. Remember Sneddon hasn't kept a clean sheet in the league this season either. We've no height available at full back and little else in the squad apart from centre half and BFG up front. Coupled with a lack of pace the team is lacking on a physical attribute level too, imo. We'll do well to win this. How we manage that? I've no idea. I'm sure the game plan will involve the backline shelling long balls up to Brian Graham.
  9. Thank you for the continued support for my dad, the past week has been so overwhelming for us as a family. He is making progress but still has a long road to recovery. We are so thankful for all the care he’s received and remain positive. Erin
  10. If it was someone at Morton I'd take his findings with a large grain of salt...