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  1. Looks like a good start for the O'Neills/Greaves partnership in terms of sales?
  2. If the club aren't using the furlough scheme questions need to be asked...
  3. Got beat 4-1. Jim Melrose (ironically) with the consolation. City Corrigan, Docherty, Donachie, Doyle, Watson, Hartford, Lernan, Power, Royle, Kidd, Tueart Kidd 2, Hartford and Tueart scored for City.
  4. Good to see the Norwegian crew rocking covid-19 proof shirts...
  5. £35 for an adult top? Not sure if a T-shirt or a precursor for their strip template? Seems pricey on the face of things right enough. Also can't see an opportunity for wearing that?
  6. Why are you even on the thread then?
  7. Fans are at games in Belarus.
  8. Don't think so. Gorodeya have a nice badge though... They're a bit shit though and play in green lol
  9. Not a massive basketball fan but I enjoyed the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA championship last season. I've also hazy memories of watching highlights on BBC when Larry Bird and Magic Johnston were still in their pomp. This Netflix documentary has proved interesting, informative and enjoyable from the episodes I've watched. Interesting insight into the goings on of and around one of world sport's genuine super stars. No spoilers, I've only watched four episodes as I'm trying to ration it lol
  10. Good to see the Bundesliga 1 and 2 start up again this weekend. I've enjoyed a few Belarusian Premier League matches over the last couple of weeks. A few Asian leagues have started up too. The K-league started up in South Korea last weekend. Just a wee thread for anyone taking an interest in any specific teams or leagues over the coming weeks/ months as we await the return of our boys in red and yellow. I've adopted Energetik BGU Minsk, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hannover96 in honour of @German Jag Bundesliga 2 kicks off at noon and Belarus games are staggered from 1pm live on You Tube. Just search Belarus Premier League for free live stream.