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  1. jagfox

    Half Time Draw 18/19

    Disgusting We need to meet up soon Phil
  2. jagfox

    Morton vs. Thistle

    Not sure about that, a daft statement really. We’re desperate for a win! Gaston played against QotS after Scully shipped five goals up at County. Not sure what Heed’s selection will be on Saturday but again we’ll probably only see one or two changes. We’ve beaten Morton twice already this season, that record is tempered by our awful away record. Any win will do! Morton 1 Thistle 0
  3. jagfox

    Alloa away

    I'll be disappointed by anything less than a comfortable 5-0 win, tbh...
  4. jagfox

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Diving is ruining the game...
  5. jagfox

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Blairinho +10 others
  6. jagfox

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Thanks @Auld Jagfor organising. Good luck with the next competition folks.
  7. jagfox


  8. jagfox

    Who's next?

    I think Jack Charlton has retired?
  9. jagfox

    Who's next?

    Yes. Make it so Mr Weir.
  10. jagfox

    Who's next?

    We should poach the Al Ahly manager just for the lolz...
  11. jagfox

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Partick Thistle 3 Ross County 2 Thanks @Auld Jag
  12. jagfox

    Ross County Home

    2-3-5 Bell Keown McGinty Spittal Slater Penrice Fitzpatrick Erskine Doolan Mutumbo Storey Sub: Coulibaly
  13. jagfox

    Jags Related Gg's Today's!

    Shame I never backed any of his winners lol
  14. jagfox

    Dunfermline away.

  15. jagfox

    Dunfermline away.

    I'd go same again. While we lost two goals we didn't give QotS that many chances. The problem is the opposition score from a high percentage of the chances we offer up. On the other hand we have a plethora of attacking talent from middle to front as well as the full backs chipping in with assists and goals. Constant chopping and changing of the starting line-up isn't good for anyone really. It was nice to be entertained in the first half last week by the football on display and holding out for the win made it a good day all round. We've stunk on the road for a long time in the league but we did finish on the front foot at Inverness despite the first half circus leaving us with too much to do I'm not saying we will win but I'd be very disappointed if the team doesn't come back from Fife with at least a point. OTIG FTOF