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  1. jagfox

    Ryan Edwards

    Fair enough. I've certainly favoured many players at Firhill that have gone against the grain for the majority
  2. jagfox

    Ryan Edwards

    In his third start for Hearts apparently. A great moment for the lad but that’s all he’s really achieved this season. A great memory but will it keep him at Hearts?
  3. jagfox

    Ryan Edwards

    A ridiculous statement? Okay, how many goals and assists did he provide overall then? Be very specific! At least I try and qualify my ridiculous statements like a lot of the posts you’ll read on the forum these days Ryan played regulat games but I was never convinced by him. Ran about a lot with the occasional productive game in terms of a goal or assist which was the point I was trying to get across. His game time with Hearts this season suggests that Levein probably agrees Good on him for scoring a cup final goal, something not many players achieve in their careers but clapping the crowd after a match doesn’t make you a good footballer in my eyes!
  4. jagfox

    Ryan Edwards

    He was one of our regular players and was a big factor in us going down. Apart from a few games he contributed little in the way of goals or assists. He played more minutes that season than Doolan and Erskine combined in a season we ended up down by a point/ or a goal. By the time Dools, Erskine and Spittal had hauled themselves up from the Firhill turf after the second leg vs Livingston wee Ryan was off as soon as possible. Good on him for his goal and Hearts competed well but were ulultimately undone due to defensive frailties. I'd be surprised if he isn't moved on by Hearts if Levein is still around next season.
  5. jagfox

    Out of Contact Players

    Getting linked with Ciaran McKenna from Falkirk. Not the finished article but seems to have the potential to be a decent player according to Falkirk fans. Did a scholarship in the USA rather than the academy/ reserve football route. I suppose it worked out okay for Davie Weir?
  6. jagfox

    Ryan Edwards

    McNamara scored against Hibs I think to win another treble for Celtic.
  7. jagfox

    Out of Contact Players

    Quite a few EFL Championship sides after him, as well as Sunderland. I'd be surprised if he stayed in Scotland despite being linked with the OF as well.
  8. jagfox

    State of Play

    16 players in at the start of pre-season training. Didn’t mention squad size going into competitive games. No reserve team so we will run with a smaller squad overall I would think, but I reckon it would be nearer to twenty.
  9. jagfox

    Out of Contact Players

    I’m sure we’ve been quoted with an interest in him in the past. I guess a move like that will depend on where our current Blair signs up for next season. I don’t know if midfield is a priority at the moment.
  10. jagfox

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    ^^^ The Johnny Flood Experience
  11. jagfox

    State of Play

    The redundancies are part of the down-sizing/ re-structuring at the club. The manager may allocate funds from his budget. You cannot be 100% sure on that point.
  12. jagfox

    State of Play

    ...or picking up dog turds in Ruchill Park
  13. jagfox

    U-16s go free, scrapped ...

    I'm sure I've heard a few JLS regulars were getting annoyed by some of the weans in the JLS? They'll probably be happy...
  14. jagfox

    State of Play

    I mean for January. Hopefully the summer weather is conducive to a productive preseason.
  15. jagfox

    State of Play

    Hopefully we get Tenerife booked up early this season. Certainly seemed to recharge our batteries and brought (most of) the squad closer together. Did wonders for Southampton too. Looks like we’ll be running a smaller squad this season so I’d rather focus on performance than sign empty shirts like Ally Roy