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  1. jagfox

    Winter window

    From Chris's Twitter account. All the best to him and thanks for all the good times!
  2. jagfox

    Winter window

    Heaven knows, I’m miserable now...
  3. jagfox

    Falkirk game

    Kris Doolan into his tenth year as a Jag, coupled with a new addition to his family I see him having a big game. What an outstanding representative of the club he has been! Team-wise I don’t see Caldwell changing too much. The new lads that started and Harkins all had decent games last week. I guess if GGH starts it’ll be at the foot of a diamond formation again. Caldwell did big up Erskine on his Jagzone prematch interview but I’d be surprised if he isn’t on the bench but you never now...
  4. jagfox


    Check out @BBCSportScot’s Tweet:
  5. jagfox


    Check out @ScotlandSky’s Tweet:
  6. jagfox

    Winter window

    I don't see Caldwell moving on Elliott or Storey. Both seem fixtures in his first team.
  7. jagfox

    Dundee United vs. Thistle

    Bobby Madden was the budget in the middle. McGinty made the challenge.
  8. jagfox


    Bigger trouble. One way to look at it is I would say this was our best away performance in a long time. Next week we must fight like wolves!
  9. jagfox


    Played well first half. Should have been another goal up. Second half they came into it more but got a soft penalty from Nesbitt going down like he was shot. Don't get me wrong we were very defensive/ pushed back second half and lost our attacking impetus. I assume you didn't go today?
  10. jagfox

    Winter window

    Scobbie is on loan from Yinited so therefore ineligible today.
  11. jagfox

    Winter window

    Probably a loan from what I've heard but that will take his wages out of the budget at least.
  12. jagfox

    Winter window

    Jeffries and Scobbie are loaned players. They'll go back to their parent clubs this month. Also not sure about the Falkirk have brought in better players argument. Did you see Osman last season? Me either as the [email protected]#t was always hiding...
  13. jagfox

    Winter window

    Hamilton Academical interested in a move apparently.
  14. jagfox

    Aidan Fitzpatrick Prediction League

    1-2 ========= 1-3 2-1 1-2 1-1
  15. jagfox

    Winter window

    I thought he was just stuck out on the wing by Caldwell. If he’s been told to find another club I feel he’s been hung out to dry by Caldwell.