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  1. jagfox

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    It was Jackie Mac who started our season with a genuine 4-2-3-1. If anything Archibald shored us up and led us to a double figure league win. Would you be adverse to having McNamara back too?
  2. jagfox

    Caldwell Sacked

    Keeping that feel good factor is important, imo. Creating a happy dressing equally so as we move forward. I'm warming to the idea of Danny Lennon returning. Lambie's captain in a team that won back to back titles and helped get us to a major cup semi-final. Did a decent job at St Mirren and managed to take the League Cup to Paisley. Didn't have his contract renewed but his assistant Tommy Craig snaked in and started a slide for the Buddies under his tenureship. Lennon has flirted about but he transformed a dying entity in Clyde and got them back up a league last year when recently they'd been closer to the Lowland Leagues than League One over the last few seasons. He'd have a decent squad to work with and I feel he could get us back up the table. Compensation shouldn't be too much as I'd reckon he was on around £30-35k a season. Not sure about having Wee Allan Moore back at Firhill though... He might not be the new Lambie but probably as close as we could get!
  3. jagfox


    He's ruled himself out on the radio. Happy to assist in the meantime but concentrating on playing on Saturday and scoring a couple of goals.
  4. jagfox

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    That's a fair downturn in fortunes, both on and off the field
  5. jagfox

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Apparently only 1900 there. Felt a lot more. Disappointing if true.
  6. jagfox

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Wee Lawless is the player I'd have back from that squad right now if I had to pick one. Nice to see the chemistry still on the park amongst those lads.
  7. jagfox

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Brilliant day for Kris and well deserved.
  8. jagfox

    Kris Doolan Testimonial

    Looking forward to this today. A visit to Firhill without the current toxicity is a boon in its own right let alone getting to see Dools a well desrved Testimonial. Hopefully a good turnout and those that can't make it but a ticket online for him anyway. He wears number 9...
  9. jagfox


    FTP and FTQ was being sung on Friday and previously at Morton. Just get it binned and rise above, imo!
  10. jagfox

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    I doubt he'd have met many KPIs last season so I'd hazard a guess at no to your question...
  11. jagfox

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    I'm not, I'm stating facts. Out of the teams we've played what of their players would you like at Firhill? (I'm not allowing Shankland as that is unlikely to be happening ).
  12. jagfox

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    Danny Lennon showing some decent credentials too.
  13. jagfox

    'Not in the know club'.

    Is Gary Caldwell the leader?