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  1. It wasn’t abandoned ....might have been 4-1 though?
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    I don’t get this ICT were the better side first half trope. We were in control for most of the half and had some great moves. I can’t recall anything the opposition did of consequence in that period?
  3. First half we had some nice yet fruitless moves. Aesthetically pleasing at the time, imo.
  4. I thought it was beautiful. Some great moves first half and some great defending and breakaway second half. I'm not sure what you're expecting but that's as good as it's been in a few years.
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    ...to the pub! YAAAAASSSSSS!
  6. Brilliant performance and result. Best in ages. Enjoy your night Jags fans.
  7. I'm pretty sure Jacqui Low wasn't backing the Tories at this election.
  8. I'm surprisingly confident about tomorrow. Would be great to get back to back league wins for the first time this season. Probably a couple of changes to the starting eleven. Who they'll be I've no idea!
  9. Hadn't noticed but back up and running @Pinhead I was a bit worried listening to Scally... 'Team bonding session' 'Excellent week in training' 'Showing excellent levels of fitness' However I'm more confident it's not just talk from the management team. Watched Mouhamed Niang's interview and he seemed genuinely happy to have signed his first professional contract. Seems to have his head screwed on and might come into McCall's January plans...
  10. Mentions polarisation of the support elsewhere. Provides two options on poll! I'm happy Weir has bought the club. I am still undecided on the fam ownership side as there is so much information lacking on that front. I obviously hope it works but I'll spoil my ballot paper for now.
  11. The lack of pace could be a worry on Saturday. The ICT #17 shows a fair bit of strength to shrug of the opponent’s challenge and goes on a pacy run knocking the finish off the goalkeeper. Maybe need to check that threat but neither right back we have is the best defensively. Would either be up to a man-marking role? Not sure how McCall will line the team up on the day. We’ve struggled against the likes of QoS, Arbroath and Alloa at home. Getting punished on the break and struggling to break them down. I’d like to see Cardle supporting the #9 whoever that will be on the day. If available I would go with the following team: Fox Kakay O’Ware McGinty Penrice Cole Bannigan Miller Cardle Zannata Jones Might as well have a go from the off!
  12. With a lot of fans refusing to go to games versus Celtic it is hard to argue with the interim board’s decision on this occasion. Financially it maybe tempered by the 60/40 split though. Football wise this will be Celtic’s first game back from their winter break and we did okay at Parkhead two years ago. Our lads will be up for this despite understandable lack of confidence among the support. We are very long shots to even get a replay but just remember every dog has its day!
  13. The QoS shot took a deflection so I wouldn't be hyper-critical of Sneddon on this occasion.
  14. Another weekend another massive game for the Jags. Great result yesterday and our away form is actually pretty good overall. However, Firhill has seen little up until our last couple of games. Beating Morton and the disappointing 1-1 with Alloa suggests there maybe signs of an upturn. It'll be a tough challenge and we'll probably need to score 2+ goals to keep all 3 points in Glasgow. We had a great result up there at the start of McCall's tenure and he has a much better understanding of the squad now. Some players coming back into the squad so we certainly have the numbers hopefully they can put in a decent performance. I'll stick my neck out and go for a 2-1 Home win. Cole and Miller with the goals in front of 2,167 hardy souls.
  15. Jacqui and Alan Rough at the game today...
  16. We're shite. As bad as under Caldwell* at the moment. * I don't want him back by the way!
  17. A statue was mooted for Lambie.