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  1. Why are you even on the thread then?
  2. Fans are at games in Belarus.
  3. Don't think so. Gorodeya have a nice badge though... They're a bit shit though and play in green lol
  4. Not a massive basketball fan but I enjoyed the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA championship last season. I've also hazy memories of watching highlights on BBC when Larry Bird and Magic Johnston were still in their pomp. This Netflix documentary has proved interesting, informative and enjoyable from the episodes I've watched. Interesting insight into the goings on of and around one of world sport's genuine super stars. No spoilers, I've only watched four episodes as I'm trying to ration it lol
  5. Good to see the Bundesliga 1 and 2 start up again this weekend. I've enjoyed a few Belarusian Premier League matches over the last couple of weeks. A few Asian leagues have started up too. The K-league started up in South Korea last weekend. Just a wee thread for anyone taking an interest in any specific teams or leagues over the coming weeks/ months as we await the return of our boys in red and yellow. I've adopted Energetik BGU Minsk, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hannover96 in honour of @German Jag Bundesliga 2 kicks off at noon and Belarus games are staggered from 1pm live on You Tube. Just search Belarus Premier League for free live stream.
  6. Well done to the club on getting that sorted. I've signed up and it took less than two minutes.
  7. He had a spell with Stenny. I got them mixed up as well by the way. Sandy Hodge? <<<shivers>>>
  8. We beat Stranraer in the previous round.
  9. SPFL Premiership could be called today after a zoom call. Let's not kid ourselves on. This whole shambles was never about Thistle. It's all about Celtic and Rangers as always. Rangers are just as interested in Thistle as Celtic are. Hearts might carry on their fight and Thistle may join if there is a chance of financial compensation for the expulsion but where is the money and I doubt any Premiership club will forgo any cash to help us out. The SPFL is essentially a holding account so I've no idea how we'd be paid through the courts unless they can freeze cash held by the SPFL.
  10. I'm sure we kicked off with eleven players, so not very accurate... Arthur was good at that level. Certainly miles ahead of Colin 'Clown Shoes' Stewart. Murray was solid if unspectacular and ended up in the SPL the following season. Boab McCulloch was a cult hero and a pretty good left back at that level. Snowdon and Smyth again steady if unspectacular. Scott Boyd was a player I liked and he went on to play lot of games at the SPL/ Premiership level with KFC and County. Billy Gibson was okay and will always be remembered for his free kick, even though I don't think even he knew where it was headed for. Jimmy Gibson was alright too but not much good for us further up the leagues. Stephen McConalogue...moving swiftly on... Mark Roberts - we'd have been pretty screwed without his goals and effort tbqh. Adam Strachan - provided some flair and creativity out wide. Soon went off the rails sadly. Subs. Colin Stewart - Clown Shoes Sandy Hodge - not very talented and never really hacked it at Firfill. Sean Kilgallon - had a catchy song but that was down to his name rather than any on pitch endeavours from what I recall...scored a penalty in the shootout. Paul Ritchie - end of career journeyman. Scored winning penalty that's about it... Overall a pretty meh team. It was a pretty meh season overall tbf. We played Peterhead 6 times that season and won one game, drew one and lost four to them. They must have been absolutely raging to lose out. Credit to Dick Campbell for getting that mob promoted but he'd soon be back down the leagues. I found the game seemed to take forever and ever and Peterhead was a strange place. I felt relief more than any joy with the result on the day. However I'll be happy to make the journey next year if we get the chance to play up there... ETA: Forgot about Steven Nicholas...nuff said!
  11. Thought so, I meant International flights were stopped by Norway. Which was a good thing.
  12. Were Norway not very quick in shutting down internal air travel apart from for Norwegian citizens stuck ov,erseas?
  13. Dr John Campbell gives some good insight into the pandemic.
  14. Update from Scott lifted from Facebook. Contrary to popular belief I do have a brain. My scan pic from the specialist this morning showing the stroke. My blood pressure topped out at 226/156.. MRI scan horrific. "Thank you all for the lovely messages you had me in tears the other night, I cant reply to them it's taken me all my time to write this. Prognosis is looking good although i need to make some changes. Voice and balance still all over the place. Shattered, and away for rest."
  15. The refunds were paid very promptly...apparently...
  16. Well done Welshy!
  17. Scott ‘Trigger’ McLean recovering from a stroke in Glasgow Royal. Thoughts and best wishes to him and his family for a full recovery.