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  1. Stat's please - was the referee J.R.P. Gordon of Newport-on Tay? This guy invented (with the Govan s--t) what became later known in England as "Fergie Time". (In the days before - The referee has indicated there will be a minimum of X additional minutes). He had total control - the b-----d!
  2. A fixture against the east end soapdodgers. A certain defender who has become quite famous. A Jackie Husband stand patron (we were allowed in the JHS once upon a time) - "you're a dick, Van Dijk".
  3. Don't beat about the bush, say what you mean!
  4. QXBoy

    Just in

    Not so. In fact as well educated people (Jags fans) know, the first European Cup game played in Glasgow was at Firhill in, I think, February 1956 when Swedish side Djuurgarden played their home game against Hibs - far too cold in Sweden at that time of year.
  5. Keep your eye on the Morton defender running in from the right of screen to kick the ball away. He obviously remembers last season - maybe thought the linesman hadn't seen it cross the line!
  6. What's all the excitement? 30 minutes after time-up the PTFC website has it at 0-0. Unreal!
  7. QXBoy

    New Owner

    I think this thread should be re-named. How about "Going roon' and roon' in circles".
  8. All this talk of dogging school. My best was the League Cup Final replay on a Wednesday afternoon in October 1956 (no floodlights then) - mum gave me a letter the day before - I had to go to buy a new suit!
  9. Who do we want - but who will we get? I think most would like a "foreign" team (for interest), but I wouldn't be surprised if we get ICT away.
  10. "It's not unusual ………" Sorry - I'll get my coat.
  11. One thing I can not understand re this competition - why in this round (and the previous one) are Rangers U-21 games not being played on the scheduled weekend set aside for the ties to be played?
  12. If that's true then we'll have had the wee ?$"? twice already at home this season (2 out of 4). And we know what happened against Ayr. Does nobody at the SFA (suggested acronyms would be welcome) think about SENSIBLE referee allocation?
  13. Who knows - maybe Connah's Quay have international stars? Mibbes naw!