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  1. Begs the question - how or where did they get that picture, and was it the only one available from whatever the source was? I suggest NOT!
  2. Aye, but is the glass half full or half empty?
  3. George Muir (looking very lonely) at Muirton Park.
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    Just to clarify, when I started this thread I wasn't suggesting conspiracies, just total incompetence.
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    I wonder if anyone else noticed the incident about 30 minutes into the Dundee streamed match. The Dundee left back fires the ball over, too strong and the ball goes out for a shy near to the players tunnel. Amazingly the linesman, close to where the ball crosses the line indicates a throw-in to Dundee, but is over-ruled correctly by the referee. Stuart Bannigan in summary suggests that because a Dundee player made no effort to stop the ball crossing the line, that the linesman assumed that the ball must have come off a Thistle player. The interesting point of this that it happened to be the same linesman who denied Kris Doolan's goal against Morton when he flagged for a throw-in to Thistle, presumably because a Morton player hoofed the ball out the park and he assumed the ball had not crossed the goal line. Remember the name (Jordan Stokoe) and watch out for him in future (in the event that football ever restarts).
  6. To those who are critical of us now putting the letter in the public domain, check the date of the letter. It was not made public at that time. However in view of what has happened in the last week then it is perfectly reasonable to let us, Jags lovers, know what is going on!
  7. Watching the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken?) game reminded me of another 5-2 victory. OK not at Firhill but who else remembers Tynecastle. We're singing "5-1 to the Thistle, 5-1 to the Thistle, 5-1 to the Thistle" - Hearts score - No pause in the singing - "5-2 to the Thistle, 5-2 to the Thistle, 5-2 to the Thistle," A happy day.
  8. Although I am slightly encouraged by Ms. Budge's statement to her supporters, there is one thing I don't understand - she is not on the SPFL Board so why has she been "co-opted" to look at ways of achieving reconstruction? Does this maybe also underline what a shower of (insert your own preferred descriptive noun) the rest of them are.
  9. Apparently the reason from that upstanding and thoroughly honest organisation (SPFL). for the urgency of an early decision is to assist the clubs financially by allowing "end of season fees to be released", because "that's the rule", it has to be the end of the season. How pathetic is that - an organisation that has changed rules to suit in other circumstances can not manage to change now to release the money!
  10. The 1961 game - Neilly Duffy's wedding day. By the way, thanks for that link to a site I have never previously visited.
  11. My apologies Jaggernaut - amend that to read "don't believe everything QXBoy writes". When I saw the picture I jumped in with two feet (a red card offence). I remembered the game to which I previously referred because at that time in my life I occasionally bought photographs from the newspaper offices and when I saw Ronnie Simpson I immediately thought of Ernie Yard scoring against Hibs at Firhill. Now, having properly studied the picture you are DEFINITELY CORRECT. Davie McParland exiting stage left! Which means - either 01/10/1960 a 3-1 win (the beloved D.McP. scored a hat trick) OR 21/10/1961 a 4-1 win (D.McP, Dickie Williamson, George Smith, Neilly Duffy). I think (belatedly) I've got it right now, but I need somebody to tell me which of these 2 games it actually is.
  12. Surely you don't believe everything you read in newspapers?
  13. November 2, 1963. A 2-1 victory v Hibs. Team - Niven, Hogan, Tinney, Closs, Harvey, Cunningham, Cowan, YARD, HAINEY, Duffy, McParland.
  14. Glasgow Cup - October 29 1974 - Clyde at Shawfield. Ronnie took a free kick about 25 yards out - smashed it against the bar - rebounded to R.G. himself who touched it before anybody else but the ref. (I think Ian Foote) didnae realise that that should have resulted in a free kick to the opposition. That was the same game (5-3 for the Jags) when Eddie Prudham terrorised poor wee Willie McVie. For those who don't know, McVie was generally regarded as a dirty big B. Anyway as the teams left the pitch at half-time McVie was complaining to the ref. about Prudham's treatment towards him. Absolutely priceless!
  15. Sorry to disagree. Refer to page 196 of this thread - the Evening News picture of the 2 Jags elevens. Willie Crawford (who I can remember at one time was nick-named "Big Army Boots") is on the back row of the Blue and White team, next to the goalie. Definitely not the same guy.
  16. Stat's please - was the referee J.R.P. Gordon of Newport-on Tay? This guy invented (with the Govan s--t) what became later known in England as "Fergie Time". (In the days before - The referee has indicated there will be a minimum of X additional minutes). He had total control - the b-----d!
  17. A fixture against the east end soapdodgers. A certain defender who has become quite famous. A Jackie Husband stand patron (we were allowed in the JHS once upon a time) - "you're a dick, Van Dijk".
  18. This picture was taken on 13 February 1960. My first time in Dungdee (I thought "What a s--t Heap"), The game - Scottish Cup v D U in their last season in the second tier before becoming an established top level team. Our team - Big John Freebairn, Joe Hogan, Dougie Baird, Alex Wright, John Harv ey, Frank Donlevy, Johnnie McKenzie, Davie McParland, George Smith, Jim Fleming, Willie Devine. Score 2 - 2. Scorers - O.G. and Willie Devine. we won the replay 4 - 1. Anyway back to the picture - I think it's a D.U. player with Alex Wright because I'm certain it's not any of the afore mentioned Jags team. The one D.U. player I can remember from then - Ron Yeats (it's not him).
  19. The clue is in the names. In the days before pre-season friendlies the only game (open to the public) was the Big team v the Wee team trial match. When you look at some of those in the Wee team (Andy Kerr, Willie Crawford, George Smith, Alec Stott, Jimmy Walker) it makes me wish I was Marty McFly and could go "Back to the Future"!
  20. I'm sure the one in the middle is "Big" Bobby Gray - so I suggest a different 5-1 doing- 6/9/1969 - Dick, Reid, Gray, Smith, McKinnon, Hansen, McLindon, Flanagan, Glavin, O'Neill, DUNCAN (Sub. Bone)
  21. Don't beat about the bush, say what you mean!
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    Not so. In fact as well educated people (Jags fans) know, the first European Cup game played in Glasgow was at Firhill in, I think, February 1956 when Swedish side Djuurgarden played their home game against Hibs - far too cold in Sweden at that time of year.