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  1. Prince of Partick

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Ronnie Glavin ?
  2. Prince of Partick

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    Hope we get Dungdee Utd at home, big crowd, great atmosphere and continue where we finished last year in Dumfries. Let's all get behind the team, the manager, the CEO and the board. We are Thistle, lets forget all the negativity and hopefully have a great season.
  3. Prince of Partick

    Lewis Mansell

    Lewis has great potential and indeed must have learned a great deal training and playing with Scott McDonald, looking forward to learn who will partner him up front, hopefully a proven 15/20 a season professional.
  4. Prince of Partick

    Pre Season

    The Gaffer advised at the Supporters meeting that we would be the first team in Scotland to start our pre season. When do we start, from what I gather most teams are starting next week ? I also think his plan was to have 3 new players for pre season. We have Ryan Williamson, good signing but. Next few days should be interesting. Anyone got any info ?????
  5. Prince of Partick

    Chairman’s Statement

    Glad to see the statement. Good content. Apologise's welcome, hope the club learn from the mistakes. Let's all get behind the club for the new season, things look a lot more promising today that they did 12 months ago. Season tickets go on sale later today let's all get them early to provide more money fro the player budget.
  6. Prince of Partick

    A night with GC

    Looking forward to hearing what Mr Caldwell has to say, also looking forward to asking some questions which may not arise from his Powerpoint Presentation !!!!. We managed 6th in the league due to the recruitment he made in January. What other manager could have persuaded Skippy to sign for us. Our fitness definitely improved since his arrival. Our last minute panics have not disappeared but mentality is definitely is improving. I genuinely hope the Chairman and CEO are also in attendance, they probably have more to answer than the manager.
  7. Prince of Partick

    Jacqui Low

    Hello Jags Fans, Earlier this week I started this thread after reading our Chairman was writing or as I was corrected giving an interview to a newspaper rather than communicating with the "fantastic" Jags fans that have "been to all the matches at home and away" on the clubs media platforms, Jagzone or Twitter. After yesterdays fiasco , I can accept the manager decides who he wants in the squad and will live or die by his decisions, however I get back to my earlier concern, I believe the Manager is now going to let us know, all we need to know about Doolan's departure and much more in tomorrows Herald. What about the fans that pay £5.99 per month for Jagszone, do they not deserve some priority when news stories are breaking. I have today cancelled my Jagzone subscription as there appears to be no point in paying £5.99 per month for nothing, Interviews are so stage managed that no difficult questions are asked and no answers given. The Highlights have become a joke when you look at other clubs highlights eg Alloa. I have been a Jags fan for over 50 years and I will be buying my season ticket, I love the club but major changes are required from the Boardroom down.
  8. Prince of Partick

    Jacqui Low

    I have trust in Gary Caldwell, onwards and upwards, hope the board have the ambition. The next few days will be very interesting, who stays who goes.
  9. Prince of Partick

    Jacqui Low

    As a subscriber to Jagzone , I find it quiet distasteful to open up my Hearld this morning to see an article written by our Chairman: " Hard word starts now for Partick Thistle to get back to the Premiership" Surely the Hard work should start with our Chairman addressing the growing gulf between the Board and the fantastic fans she refers to in the article. This season has been difficult, but through my career which included administrations, redundancies etc etc I always found it was better to keep your colleagues and employees informed, good or bad news. The Chairman and Gerry (King of Spain) have treated us the "fantastic fans" who travelled in huge numbers to follow our club through the dark times this season with distain. Whats the point of having Jagzone if the club do not use it. Fair play to the Manager and the players for regularly giving us updates after good and bad results. Someone within the clubs media department must read comments such as this on social media so please pass this message to Jacqui and Gerry, talk directly to the fans thro Jagzone or just abandon Jagzone we pay good money monthly for this communication. Looking forward to next season already with optimism.
  10. Great Team selection Gaffer, all set up for an Aiden goal in the 93rd minute. C'mon the jags, lets do it.
  11. Prince of Partick

    Scottish cup quarters

    Great draw and good opportunity for us to progress to the semi's at least. Hard decision for the board regarding how we maximise revenue but for once take the fans with them. My suggestion, get all the supporter groups together in the next couple of days and jointly decide what would be best for team, the club and supporters . I would go for giving Hearts the Colin Weir Stand and the first two sections of the Jackie Husband nearest to the Bing. That would give us the John Lambie and the rest of the Jackie Husband, allowing four some sort of crowd segregation with Hearts fans all entering and leaving south down Firhill Road. All Thistle fans could enter and leave to the North of the ground. I do acknowledge that there is no easy decision, ie Season Ticket holders in these first two sections would be inconvenienced and Hospitality seating area could be a problem. Upside all Jags fans would be together maximising volume of support. C'mon the Jags, Let's take the Scottish Cup back to Maryhill.
  12. Prince of Partick

    Boycott Stranraer Game?

    Can I request any support for a Yellow Vest Demo outside the Main Door at Firhill before and after Saturdays game. Lets support the team we need to start winning games, Saturday needs to be the start of a winning run. Sack the board, get rid of the Manager, CEO ?????? (Legend)
  13. Prince of Partick

    Dundee United vs. Thistle

    Who's on the bus to Dundee who has been left behind for coffee at Jaconelli's Owen Coyle seen on Maryhill Road last night
  14. Prince of Partick

    Winter window

    Here Goes: Unpopular or not but the way I see it: Release: Bell Keown Mutumbo Nitambwe Send Back: Scobbie Jeffries Gordon Here Goes: Erskine and Doolan, fans favourites my favourites for years, let Doolan concentrate on his coaching duties best playing days behind him, Erskine if not part of Caldwells plans let him go, don't want to see a legend sit in the stand
  15. Prince of Partick

    ICT vs. Thistle

    Elliott, Bell, Storey and Spittal all must be dropped. Keown and McGinty last chance saloon. McCarthy, Fitzpatrick , Sneddon must be played. Big game for the Gaffer