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  1. Prince of Partick


    I just wonder, the club have rightly in my mind come forward with a statement about a certain song. I just wonder, if the fans start singing Caldwell get to f---, if the club will listen and act !!!!!!
  2. Prince of Partick

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Caldwell must go, 2 out of 15 is totally unacceptable, no more excuses. If the current board will not do it, time for a change has come. Where is Chien Lee ? If Mr Lee is not coming, sign the club over to the fans. Who should replace Caldwell, I would love McCall /Doolan but that is not happening anytime soon. Kenny Miller is worth a try until the end of the season at least he shows passion and fight and indeed knows how to score goals. Totally brassed off tonight, we have played 2 part time teams and have amassed 2 points, but we have had a great week training, boys are raring to go, lots of positives to take on to Dunfermline, ha ha
  3. Prince of Partick

    Arbroath Friday!!!!

    Exciting line up, lets get behind the boys.
  4. Prince of Partick

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    You are maybe right but he was still our most dangerous player.
  5. Prince of Partick

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    Caldwell must go now before we become even more detached. Football is a results driven business, I think Caldwell has assembled a good squad but if he can not motivate them as a team, we need a change. Zanatta looks a good player as we know from his Alloa days, Hall looks decent and will get better with some games, a new manager is required to get the best out of this squad. Gordon's sending off right in front of me was at best a booking. Banzo should know better. straight red is all the ref could do. Zanatta's substitution was a joke, best man in a thistle jersey by a mile. New Manager next week, the board knew this start was possible so must have looked at candidates , hopefully not Power Point Presentations. Mr Beattie/Mr Lee over to you. Act quickly before it is too late
  6. Prince of Partick

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    I took in the Glasgow Cup game on Wednesday, uninspiring performance against Rangers Colts however it was an opportunity to give game time to O'Ware and Ben Hall. Looking forward to tomorrows game, Caldwell has some big calls to make. Sneddon had several good saves on Wednesday and for me needs to go in ahead of Fox. Big taking point for me is defence, Ben Hall looks a player albeit against a young Rangers team, so for me goes straight in, McGinty should be first on the team sheet for me for his performance's so far this season, O'Ware is getting back to full fitness, Saunders steady performer. Bannigan came on for the last 20 mins and Wednesday and made all the difference, energy, aggression and passion, great to see. Upfront, Jones for me is either not match fit or just not good enough, Mansell is an impact Sub or tactical starter to rough up defenders. De Vita to me has shown nothing so far. My team for tomorrow: Sneddon, Prenrice, Hall, O'Ware, McGinty, Williamson, Bannigan, Palmer, Cardle, Miller, Zanatta Lets get behind the team, we need the 3 points
  7. Prince of Partick

    Stuart Bannigan

    I was in the stand at Cappielow on Friday night, Caldwell as usual tries to tell the experienced players what to do from the technical area, reminds me of an over anxious parent at a school game. Banzo has not been himself this season although against Ross County he was back to his best. When he was substituted on Friday night he was raging. To my mind Cammy was knackered and was the obvious one to come off. Is there a problem between Banzo and Caldwell ? Could Banzo be off in this window, McCall will be watching this situation closely !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone got any thoughts ?????????????
  8. Prince of Partick


    Tam was telling people last night that playing 3 games in 7 days a few weeks ago, had set him back a bit, hopefully ok for Ayr on Saturday
  9. Prince of Partick

    Sean McGinty

    Just saw that big Sean has been named in the SPFL team of the week. Congratulations Sean well deserved Hardly put a foot wrong at the weekend and I don't recall missing many headers either. Big Sean is now massive for us and his never say die attitude is just what we need. Well done big man keep it up.
  10. Prince of Partick

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    ok, good comments, trying to be positive, but maybe 3 new players !!!!!
  11. Prince of Partick

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    thanks so something like £192k +£60k = £252k 4 new players !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Prince of Partick

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    I need some clarification, I saw earlier today we get circa £60k for getting the quarter final, is the entrance money shared minus home club expenses ? Lets say the crowd is 30,000 x £20 entrance =£600k - home club expenes's= £500k /2 = £250k to us plus our £60k = £310k to us, am I right ? that's like selling another Aidan. Lets also not forget 1971 Loved yesterday fans and team were magnificent.
  13. Prince of Partick

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Can anyone who attended the open day confirm: 1. Is O'Ware injured 2. Was Mitch Austin training 3. Any sign of Craig Slater 4. I assume Harkins is still in a moon boot ?
  14. Prince of Partick

    J Low

    Caldwell has showed more management ability than our last three managers. I support him (and his powerpoint presentations) I have seen enough including the first half of last night that we will be challenging. Banzo defo needs a rest, Palmer will be a great player for us, I hope we can keep him until the end of the season. Lets not be despondent tonight.
  15. Prince of Partick

    J Low

    Just heard a wee rumour tonight that JL will lead a consortium to buy the jags ahead of a Chinese/American takeover, watch out for Colin Weir to return !!!!!!