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  1. Now that we have already beaten Morton, I would expect or maybe more realistically, hope that we should be taking 4 wins out of 4 from these fixtures. Which will hopefully give us a bit of confidence and form going into big away games too QOTS and Dunfermline.
  2. Strange one really, bags of talent! Can’t believe nobody has taken him yet, id have him in a heart beat.
  3. Mental result. Days like that make it all worthwhile. Out of curiosity does anyone happen to know how many assist’s Ryan Williamson has managed to rack up this season? Must be a good 4 or 5 plus. Say what you will about his defending or whatever else but you can’t argue his final ball is terrific. He puts it on a plate time after time, in direct contrast to Christie Elliot who’s delivery was beyond horrendous.
  4. De vita for me is absolutely useless. With banzo, Gordon, slater, Cole, Palmer and Harkins we don’t need him imo. Brings very little n is a waste of a wage that should be put towards a striker. Keillor-Dunn and Craig Tanner are Both still free agents I believe, worth a punt as cover for miller?
  5. Agree on Saunders, he’s perhaps the our best centre back defensively (haven’t seen much of Hall) but his distribution is genuinely painful to watch.
  6. BBC Wales it’s on I believe for those with bt, sky etc your will likely find you have it buried way up into the high hundred number of channels.
  7. Bit of a pain this if I’m honest as it’s going to be happening more or less every time for a 21s game. Can’t help but feel in future we will have games far more important than Under 21 friendly’s against Luxembourg’s of the world where we can’t afford to lose 2 starters. Part of football though I guess , Cole and or de vita can step in although annoying considering how well cammy played on Saturday.
  8. Absolutely, I think miller is now up to 7 in about 11 games roughly, correct me I’m wrong. That’s a pretty impressive start to the season can’t imagine many have scored 7 this season already in the championship bar the obvious offenders.
  9. Agree. Would go for this exact 11 bar maybe Cole instead of Palmer or Gordon.
  10. At last, relief as Caldwell’s shown the door. Wonder who replaces him.
  11. Really heart warming moment giving Erskine his good bye as well after he spoke well thought he looked emotional too. As for doolan I had a lump in my throat when he pounded the badge. A great day, credit to everyone involved and I’m sure he’ll back one day that’s for sure. Our number 9 always!
  12. I’ve never once called for Caldwell’s head and have always been one to say I’ll give him the chance but I am now at the end of my patience , enough is enough Caldwell is clearly not up to it simple as that. I believe we genuinely have a very decent squad on our hands at this level and a better squad than most teams in this league. That to me means there’s only one place our problem lies and that’s with Caldwell clearly. Get him out absolutely ASAP and get someone else in. Any decent manager who can get us organised should have enough time to try and recover or salvage any slim chance of a play of bid Caldwell May have left us with.
  13. I personally would love us to go and win it regardless, it would still be a good day out and a trophy to lift why wouldn’t anyone want that? Surely there would be some kind of financial gain from winning it, I can imagine it wouldn’t be much by any means but every little helps. The last final we reached against QOTS provided one of my favourite thistle goal memories ever when doolan equalised. Obviously it ended in misery but that’s not the point At this point I would be happy if we won this and made a play off spot at all, then of course hopefully progress in the play offs too. Think maybe the addition of the foreign teams or more so the colt teams is what has really taken the gloss off it for most folk.
  14. 19 already? In how many games?