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    AGM and Accounts

    Obviously that's only the building(s). Access road, drainage, car park, flood lighting and pitches will take months. Modular buildings are prefabricated, brought onto site and put together. Only the foundations and any fitting out require any real time.
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    hear, hear!
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    Training Ground

    I have seen plans. Four pitches it is...
  4. ThistleBunnet

    Training Ground

    The training ground will consists of 4 pitches (2 grass for 1st team, 2 artificial for academy), building (incl. changing, gym, canteen and other facilities), other artificial training areas, car park and access road. The design is complete although a couple of planning issues remain outstanding. I understand that these relate to the site entrance and are easily sorted. This is not unusual for this type of project. Facility is programmed to be in use June/July 2019, although there may still be some work still on-going to complete the project at that time.
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    Home v Morton

    Couldn't agree more