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  1. Truly the worst squad of players we have ever had... McConalouge would be a standout it’s that bad!
  2. This is an utter disgrace!! Not one player is worth keeping!
  3. Brutal... the boy from livingstone is one of the worst I have ever seen in a thistle strip... beyond awful!
  4. Dunfermline are pretty poor as well but very hard to see any way back from this...
  5. Martin canning here today!
  6. whilst he did leave under a very dark cloud, the team built by McNamara was the best for many a year (although archie did teach them how to win away from home in his first season)! not sure of his track record down south after he left Dundee utd but would be happy if he is announced later today
  7. Didn’t realise taylor Sinclair had left Motherwell. Take him back in a heartbeat, still looks a class act. All the best to Kris, great day today!
  8. I’m actually bored watching this... the clueless actions in last minute sum us up! Genuinely pathetic!
  9. I am a thistle fan and find them quite funny...
  10. Utter disgrace so far.........pathetic!
  11. The right back has had a somewhat shaky start!!!!
  12. Keillor Dunn would be great signing for us...