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  1. It's not often I post here, but I had to after watching that. Today was dire. I have watched some dross recently, but Ayr could have scored for fun. They ripped us apart with ease and had Williamson sussed in five minutes. Then they went to work on making him look 100% clueless. The way we were cut open with either slick, rapid passing or a route one ball over our back line was embarrasing to watch. It was obvious they were going to work on exposing our lack of pace and a Moffat of two or three years back would have had them one up in the first few minutes. I don't profess to be a mind full of football knowledge, but from where I was standing I could see our number two was lost. He should have been subbed before half time. No doubts. I just deleted my last paragraph coz I can't be bothered getting into a ruck, but I can surely find a more pleasurable way of blowing my money than paying to watch this. Gonna skip a couple of games to let my blood cool down to boiling.