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  1. Looks to me like people mix up 'opinions' with 'facts'. If they could fix that problem perhaps the forum generally would be slightly more optimistic as to the future of PTFC over the next 12 months? [or am I kidding myself on?]
  2. I think your right, the pragmatic approach is best as it suits our precarious position in the Championship, and the possibility that in this season we end up spending more money then we earn. If we were in the Premiership and playing to a top six standard of play there would be a different solution. [ I know we shunted all the JH Stand ST holders into either the JL Stand or the Main Stand during the 2015 / 2016 season when we were a Premiership team, but we were at that time near the bottom of the league] I think this is a case of 'needs must …..'
  3. Maybe I am being harsh, but both Fox and Sneddon are thought to be reasonable goalkeepers, my feeling is they lack positional common sense at set pieces and poor distribution when they have the ball to hand {my comparison is with the other goalkeepers I have seen in the championship last season and this season to date] Thomson played at a higher level than KA and has been used by Steve Clark with the national team. IMO our goalkeepers might improve their skills with a change in coach and coaching methods.
  4. Strange that Sneddon seemed to accept the QoS goal without trying to at least throw himself at the ball? Or am I being too harsh? I wonder if our budget next year might extend to bringing in a goalkeeping coach. Billy Thomson has been demoted from Kilmarnock coaching staff and perhaps might be persuaded to take the gig at PTFC. I watch both Sneddon and Fox stuck to their goal-lines at set pieces in an almost catatonic trance, their distribution [a mighty 'blooter' up the park] from the 18 yard box is often at odds as to how the team are set-up to play ….. perhaps they could benefit from Thomson's experience?
  5. I would hope we win this, and win it well but there is always the possibility an ex-Jag will play a blinder against us. Storey was always a player that needed confidence and never had it in front of a rightly sceptical Firhill crowd. I'm pleased to see him playing well [even had the STAR MAN accolade in yesterdays Sunday Post] but I hope he reverts to last seasons form, simply playing like he's sh!tting himself when he visits this Saturday.
  6. Hardly a football comment, but my father ran a butcher shop in Maryhill area and had Bertie as an apprentice butcher, this would have been 1953(ish). Apparently Bertie was an awful butcher so his career path was never going to be one that would produce a pie or two.
  7. Is it a spy, or a motor mechanic or a pipe fitter? I'm looking at the colour of his hands and cant quite work out what is going on here?
  8. The way things have been going recently, if we don't concede a goal that, to me, will be progress. 0-0 …. I would take, but if Dobbie is in the mood it might be another hard Saturday afternoon
  9. I agree the idea of buying shares is much more appealing to the typical fan, but is it not true the idea of monthly pledges is to help with running costs at the club? That being so, perhaps they need to consider shares and pledges? Regarding those pledges, I worry that these could evaporate due to the car crash way the team have been playing for the last two years. It is one thing to pledge £10.00 or £20.00 or £50.00 a month if you are watching a football team who cares about playing for that jersey, quite another if they do not. The single focal point for a fans group must be a priority I would think. I have had little to do with the Jags Trust [other than being a member from the 2011 / 2012 season when they gave out membership cards and for a few years after that time occasionally asked for a membership payment] Other than that, they are the named organisation who have a column in the 'Thistle News' part of our match day programmes. I think the supporters association must be more approachable and have a higher profile than of late …. and should have an online membership renewal page that actually works.
  10. A special band …. one single and one album. As a teenager I remember having to be careful when carrying the album, the front cover had to be hidden so the 'old folks' would not be offended!! changed days indeed!
  11. ohh yes he is [apologies, I missed out on the earlier Panto joke]
  12. Don't give up Firhillista, 99% of the people on this forum are in complete agreement with your thoughts and views. Unfortunately you will encounter that 1% who generally lower the tone and basically talk through their back passage or come up with some sort of snide comment to any sort of constructive criticism of the forum. Once you know who they are, just press the ignore button …. works for me.
  13. Agree with this summation, but I would say if we don't get extensions to Palmer, Cole's and Kakay's loans we may be in serious trouble as I don't see that quality of player being readily available to us come the January window.
  14. There is no problem with opinion and conjecture, but when it is aired in such a bad tempered, bad mannered way you can expect criticism. I try to keep my comments on this forum the same if I was expressing an opinion in a face to face situation, it works for me most of the time! To be honest, I really don't care about the snide comments and vindictiveness made between one poster and another, other than it puts the club in a bad light ….. makes it look like we have a support made up of 'keyboard warriors' and I think we are better than that.
  15. Is that why? It is just because one person doesn't like the way the discussion regarding the ownership of PTFC goes round and round in circles? 250 pages [this thread and the previous one] of discussion based on conjecture and opinion … very little of it accurate and much of it vindictive, ill-informed, petty, snide, and frankly an embarrassment to the PTFC organisation.