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  1. ARu-Strathbungo

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    I appear to have missed the best game of the season due to a previous commitment [a motorhome show in Malvern no less!!] but just getting updates on my phone put me is excellent fettle for the Saturday night. I think this season, to date, has been far, far better than the black depression we had this time last year.
  2. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    As I said in the post, it was my opinion and one that I do believe is likely to have happened …. as far as the matter of >>> 'speculation' … I can see 123 [and counting] pages of speculation on this subject, on this forum!
  3. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    100% completely true. The Weirs money should have been ring fenced and kept for those 'aspirational' parts of running PTFC [ for example a well run youth programme, a woman's team, community based sports sponsorships etc etc] It sounds [IMO] like the Weirs were drawn into the day to day financing of PTFC and were too polite to define the line between where they were prepared to get involved financially, and did not want to be involved.
  4. ARu-Strathbungo

    J Low

    Strangely enough it was written by Jeremy Spenser who later left the band and went off to join the 'Children of God' cult …. [I think strong drugs had something to do with his leaving the band] It was a sort of light hearted flip side to 'Man of the World' and was credited to Earl Vince and the Valiants with Jeremy singing lead.
  5. ARu-Strathbungo

    attendance v DU

    The Morton game was the first Friday game we took part in, it was described as 'experimental' …. finished 5-0, [ O'Donnell 3, Doolan 29, Elliot 76, Erskine 82, Stewart 89] a great night weather wise and for atmosphere [30th September 2011 with a KO at 7.45] . It worked because it was a 'derby' game with the opponents being near neighbours. Easy for the away support to get to the game, and get home. I think the gate was 3380 [ish]
  6. ARu-Strathbungo

    J Low

    I wonder if the Ms. Low 'rumour' and Fleetwood Mac lyric link would run to, 'somebody's going to get their head kicked in tonight' [a song issued prior to FM becoming a west coast soft rock band] ...… As I feel the reappearance by that lady as a director of the board might lead to civil unrest in Maryhill?
  7. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    must be security at your end, it is just a simple word document in 'open document text' format
  8. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    try again The Jags Trust -PTFC Trust history.odt
  9. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    I did a copy and paste onto a word document with various statements from each of the supporter organisations and an explanation as to why we have ended up with two 'trusts' [the explanation is courtesy of Woodstock Jag] I refer to this when I get confused on the matter of who is who, and who does what The Jags Trust -PTFC Trust history.odt
  10. ARu-Strathbungo

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Beaten by a not very good team tonight, the team we had last March [the 2-1 win] was better than the one on the field today. The game made worse by a fussy referee! that muppet is the reason why simulation exists and is thriving in professional football, he either could not see a foul [or chose to ignore it] unless it was part of an aerial diving sequence. Terribly disappointing that this is the accepted standard of refereeing in Scotland. Penrice was good, Palmer was good and wee Joe worked his ar5e off for 90 minutes. McGinty was occasionally good, but prone to basic, basic errors. Williamson is getting better each game I see, but I think he is struggling as he has never played before with such a disjointed football team. If you play Mansell he will usually win the first ball, but you have to have him work in tandem with a runner to take the second ball, if not he is basically ineffective. Miller was shocking, and seemed to want to direct the tactics and the shape of the team …. he should be told to shut the F up and get on with trying to score goals. Bannigan ….. that is the worst I have seen him play, his mind seems to be somewhere else, certainly appeared to be playing with something else on his mind. To be beaten by a miss-hit first goal and another goalmouth scramble is disappointing, and to be honest …. quite amateurish.
  11. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    I'm more nervous about this situation than I thought … last night a 'sports update' came on the TV showing sellik scoring a goal against PTFC a few years ago. What was weird is I just naturally assumed the update was about us, and we had gone into receivership!! In fact it was the news that a sellik footballer had signed for an English team, I was able to breath again! I wonder if the open day on Saturday could be used to good effect in 'openly' discussing the situations we as a club find ourselves?
  12. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    100% on this. My opinion there too much speculation on the forum at the moment, take a step back wait for some sort of progress statement from the board of directors rather than just collectively 'bumping our gums'
  13. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    He is protecting his investment for sure, as any sane person would do, but it's best that you keep your opinions on naivety and who is being naive to yourself.
  14. ARu-Strathbungo

    New Owner

    To say DB has come back for 'financial gain' is doing the guy a disservice. If you were to say he was there primarily to protect part of his investment I could accept that. But to say that DB is back working as the PTFC Chairman simply for the money is not accurate
  15. ARu-Strathbungo

    Storey re-signs for Thistle..

    I hope he does well, always struck me as someone who needed some specialised coaching as he appeared to be unable to handle the criticism he got [and thoroughly deserved 99% of the time]. He often struck me as someone who could run …. and could cross a ball, but not in the one single flowing movement required. He has some talent, but never showed any of it wearing a PTFC shirt