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  1. I cant, and don't want to, disagree with any of the above. The problem with the team I saw of Friday night is they don't know how to play football to the benefit of the whole team. As an example ….. I think in Graham we have a good centre forward who will score goals if you tee him up with enough ammunition. Of course if the team don't play to the guys strengths [particularly the second ball] around the opposition goal, he will be an extremely frustrated player … as you can see in the video coverage at the end of Fridays game.
  2. Get a decent supporters association, that would be a good first step
  3. Just to emphasise …. my experience of hospitality at Firhill dates back to 2011, my guess it is better than it was although my bad experience has meant I have avoided PTFC hospitality since then. I think the original post highlighted the good atmosphere and 'part of a club' feeling that was the hospitality at Arbroath …. this 'family atmosphere' is something that appears [at least to me] to be completely alien to PTFC. IMO They would do well to have a look at how other smaller teams organise the hospitality lounges
  4. Been once to hospitality [The Friday night 5-0 game against Morton - 2011] Atmosphere fine, a bit like a British Legion club, the food was inedible. I didn't realise Vesta Beef Curry could be made in catering quantities. Fortunately, we had a good team on the field, so the bad food [unfortunately the pies were also kak that night] was forgotten, but I have never felt the need to revisit hospitality. I think a football team that does not have a recognised [trusted and respected] supporters club will always suffer through lack of engagement.
  5. Although the foul on Penrice looked severe, it was probably more of a poorly timed tackle rather than an intension to harm. It looked to me to be a case of the referee pulling out the wrong card. I think the referee deserves some criticism, he allowed RR to benefit from blatant simulation in challenges, and that added to the customary timewasting, regularly stealing 10 meters at throw-ins, continual kicking the ball away etc etc led to the game being a bad tempered affair. What PTFC needed was some good build up play, some nice midfield performances and an early goal for us to go on and enjoy a game that we really should have won. John McGlynn got his tactics correct, he knew where we had weaknesses and exploited them thoroughly. O'Ware had a complete howler of a game …. not the sort of person to be a captain of any team IMO …. far to ready to blame others when he was at fault.
  6. I cant understand why Fox was picked for the game, he deserved to be rested, and Sneddon deserved a run out against a LOWER LEAGUE TEAM OF PART TIMERS. O'Ware was simply bl00dy awful. Joe Cardle in every game tries to score an 'Archie Gemmill goal' and in every game fails. For a team that have a wage bill in line with the Championship 'top four' teams we are a poor, poor football team. For a defence that can be beaten every week by a basic set-piece, that guy Archibald [I am assuming he is the defensive coach] should be utterly ashamed.
  7. Agree with all of this. I have seen some bad thistle teams, but this one is simply way beyond anything I remember. For some phases of play I simply zoned out, I just lost interest. When we needed a skilful outball, we got a ball slammed into the air, we could not pass, we could not anticipate any of the Raith play [and RR to be honest were not particularly good …. they didn't need to be] On the field I saw an insipid, talentless group of charlatans. I found that low skill level of play very hard to watch, I would not be surprised if our crowds drop to the hundreds by the end of this season
  8. Reported on P&B:- The positive news is that he's had the operation, he was in an induced coma, latest report is he has been conscious and speaking.
  9. If you have an ST you can add this game to your card
  10. I found this one online …. we have to hope they don't what to be our new kit supplier
  11. I agree with Fearchar …. do we have the GK coach / scout we need? As an example, I wonder if anyone at the club has had a look at Jordan Longmuir [Pollok Juniors GK]. He has better positional sense than Fox and has the ability to organise his defence to his requirements which is another thing Fox has lost recently. I know there is a big difference between Juniors and Championship level of play, but I honestly see a far better keeper in Longmuir than Fox.
  12. Agreed …. the last time I saw PTFC win a game was against Connah's Quay Nomads. It will be about 4 months to the day from that game until play against Raith Rovers this Friday [weather permitting] I did miss a few home games, but for a ST holder I think this statistic might be a record??!!