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  1. More that might be of interest:- http://glasgowpunter.blogspot.com/2013/04/partick-thistle-early-grounds.html
  2. I have to say first off, I am not historian of PFC, PTFC or WoSRFC. The rugby club [formed 1865] used to play in blue until 1871 when they decided to switch to red and yellow. Partick FC were formed in 1875 [according to wiki] so if PFC played in yellow and red, it may have been influenced by WoSRFC playing in those colours, not the other way. https://www.westofscotlandfc.co.uk/about/club-history/ PTFC for a time played in blue shirts, and I believe white sleeves [a bit like the Hibernian strip today] and only in the 1930's did they start wearing a red and yellow strip and that colour combination came from an association [or simply borrowing strips?] from WoSRFC
  3. no. 'before the club reverted to the predominantly blue kits in 1909. In season 1936–37 they changed to, and settled upon, the red-yellow-and-black attire for which they are best known, this change having been triggered initially by the club borrowing kits from the local rugby union team, West of Scotland.' If you google Partick Thistle you will find more of the same
  4. worth a read:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partick_F.C.
  5. I can see the thread in question.
  6. was a subject discussed last week [page 198 of 'who are the Jag players in this photo' ] there are a few more links to internet pages that might be of interest?
  7. I can understand the League 1 split between north and south as this would help with travel for teams who are a majority of part time players, but the idea that splitting the Championship in the same manner as the Premier would have us assume the present Premier League 'top six / bottom six' split is popular and makes for good quality football. It's not popular and it doesn't produce quality football.
  8. venture capitalists or asset strippers? …. or something in between? or just good guys interested in investing and building a football club to serve the community?
  9. Gordon, I agree with what you say, this virus is ripping up the rulebook in many ways, and it would be nice to think that something good might come out of something so destructive. Perhaps the obvious [IMO] would be an opportunity to rearrange football in Scotland better to serve communities, and perhaps one of the more obvious one is the ideas coming from the Juniors / Lowland leagues to establish a functioning pyramid system for men's football and woman's football, this is something I think could benefit the Scottish game massively and move us away from leagues of only 10 teams ………………… or will just end up with the bigots from Govan and the bigots from Parkhead calling the shots?
  10. the early years of PTFC and their use of the old strawberry field / Muir Park are written up here:- https://ptearlyyears.net/grounds1/muir-park interesting stuff, and if we are going to be confined to our houses for a few months, we can do worse than investigate the origins of the team
  11. Yes, I think the article makes it pretty clear there were two 'Partick' teams for a while
  12. It is fact, plenty to read here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partick_F.C. More about Fergus Suter:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fergus_Suter
  13. A tournament we won …. there is a photo of the winning team on the Partick Thistle History Archive.
  14. I think option 2 on a good quality black cotton tee would be excellent. I could see long and short sleeved versions being popular.
  15. With this virus there is no known timetable, so speculation on when the season restarts is just that …. speculation. The season may be cancelled for 4 weeks or 12 weeks, or it could be a much longer period of time …. for example, until a vaccine is made and approved for human use. We are still at a stage where we are looking at other countries to see how they are managing the disease and hoping we can glean something from their experiences … if we look at S Korea we may have more optimistic outlook, but if we look at North Italy, the next 6 weeks are looking quite bleak. We may simply benefit from having the peak numbers of infections when the weather is better.