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  1. ARu-Strathbungo

    What’s our biggest game next season

    After the experience of last season, I think the first 10 games of the season will be the markers we need for success. If we start well, get the momentum, I feel we will do well over the whole season. Conversely if we start bad, we will have a manager under more scrutiny and folks blaming either him, or Gerry (and to a lesser extent Ms Low) and a level of general discontent that is both tiresome for the supports, but also tiresome for the players. One thing I found hard to take with Archie's teams (towards the end of his tenure), was that we continually gave the rest of the league a start on us simply because in the early games we appeared to be a group of strangers on the park. If GC can get us playing well and winning at home and taking points from away games he will go a long way in getting the support completely behind him and his team …. wouldn't it be good to get 20+ points from the first 10 games?
  2. ARu-Strathbungo

    Women's World Cup

    The woman's game when watching this Scottish team has, for me, been along the lines of 1) they don't move the ball quickly enough out of defence 2) outfield players are not making themselves available to receive a pass from defence 3) players are insisting on playing a passing game out from defence when the more appropriate outplay is a long ball (certain Thistle similarities there) but for me the tournament is being disrupted by the use of VAR. I think VAR is useful to confirm goals that the on-field referees have missed … Geoff Hurst's disputed 'goal' in 1966 started the discussion for the need for goal line technology, and would have helped us last season when Kris Doolan's 'ghost' goal was disallowed. But I don't think the forensic inspection of whether a players elbow deflected a ball driven at pace ever so slightly to the left or right is what we either wanted or asked for? Regarding the Thistle Ladies team, perhaps next year the match programme (and the website) can publicise better where the games will be played, if I wont be able to watch a Monday afternoon reserves game, maybe I can watch Thistle Ladies.
  3. ARu-Strathbungo

    Lewis Mansell

    I hope he has a good start to the season, that will have the majority of the support on his side from the get-go and give him time to progress his skills, fitness and confidence.
  4. ARu-Strathbungo

    Cammy Bell freed

    I saw them perform this one in 1974, quite a band!! I wonder if we can request this one for the musical interlude prior to the matchday kick-off?
  5. ARu-Strathbungo

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    The romantic in me loves the thought that once upon a time in Partick we had a strawberry and tea garden area
  6. ARu-Strathbungo

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    They did have a few 'famous' players, the one in the photo is Norman Hunter, they also had Peter Cormack playing in the team that night. I don't remember much of how Cormack played, but I remember particularly watching Hunter because of the hard tackling reputation he had. We won the game 2-0..
  7. ARu-Strathbungo

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I checked the dates of the AS cup game, that was September 1977 [against Bristol City] and he was listed as a sub for that game. Impressive as he was only 19 years old. I found a photo from that game …. any thoughts on the PT and the BC players?
  8. ARu-Strathbungo

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    Did we not play in a field that was once a strawberry field? I think it was adjacent to the cricket ground where the early Scotland V England international games were played?
  9. ARu-Strathbungo

    Vaguely Jaggy Factoids

    Actually, I thought Scotland were excellent when they played at a tempo that upset Cyprus, but for the majority of the game they did seem to play an odd 'containment' game, and the main attacking play seemed to depend on wingers playing wide and then putting in crosses to players who were at a height disadvantage to the Cyprus defenders. IMO, had they played direct from midfield through the middle of the Cyprus defence, I think there would have been more goals. I will say the TV highlights made Scotland look a lot better than they actually were, and why that Scottish goalkeeper is the first choice is a mystery to me., his distribution [which you didn't see in the highlights] was almost laughable.
  10. ARu-Strathbungo

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I think your right, I remember seeing BT at Firhill, but only for some sort of photoshoot at one of the Anglo-Scottish Cup games, never saw him actually playing for Thistle. Rather topically, he was at the Scotland V Cyprus game last night working with the GK's during their warm up
  11. ARu-Strathbungo

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Could this be Billy Thompson (GK) our reserve GK back in the seventies?
  12. ARu-Strathbungo

    Chief Scout Appointed

    Worth a read. An article on Huchison Vale and how so many of their players have gone on to playing football at a high level [our manager included]. Also shows, IMO, why Hibernian have produced notably high numbers of 'home grown talent' through an association with HV https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17691770.how-hutchison-vale-are-bucking-a-trend-and/
  13. ARu-Strathbungo

    Chief Scout Appointed

    A good move, and probably the only sensible way for us to progress if the management group do not see enough throughput of talent with the U17's and reserves. Hibs seem to have a good history of hiring in, very effective scouts [John Park??] could be exactly what we need.
  14. ARu-Strathbungo


    That is a real shame, now I will have to go to the Oran Mor to see this.
  15. ARu-Strathbungo

    Ptfc Trust Update

    Members of the trust (the Jags trust) have posted on this forum in the past, perhaps they can be approached via this forum again? My experience with the JT is pretty much the same as others, in that I have been a member since 2011 / 2012 season, have paid an annual membership occasionally (when asked) and heard zero from them for many years until a mail came to me around March this year, inviting me to a trust meeting at Firhill. Although I could not attend the meeting (the one where Gerry Britton explained a little about the problems with ongoing planning issues regarding the training ground) I did try to update my membership but could not as their website is inoperative. As a way around the website being U/S I asked for a simple membership renewal form to fill in …. no reply to my email to date. I get the feeling the supporters associations really need a shake up, perhaps questions need to be asked whether some more enthusiastic people get involved? Whatever they are doing, at this moment in time the supporters association seem to have very little to do with the majority of the supporters.