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  1. I think we have been fortunate in Scotland that we have politicians doing the politics and not cheerleaders, I think also a fair point was made a few weeks ago by one of the English Labour politicians that the UK didn't need a 'world beating' contact tracing app, but just one that worked. This is worth a watch:-
  2. that is not funny, even as a joke!!
  3. True, he must have been overjoyed to be offered the gig.
  4. I'm afraid IM is typical of the breed, that he has found himself in a job that he has little or no skills to hold, and is getting paid an enormous annual salary . He will not be the one to 'rock the boat', it's more likely he will keep quiet and just hope he can keep earing his inflated wage for a few more years until he can qualify for an SFA pension. That is his purpose in life .... arbitrate over the current clusterfvck in Scottish football is something he has little interest in doing. [IMO]
  5. I wonder what the 'wee red book' will look like this year?
  6. I think the subject demands a debate!!! Should we set up a committee to decide future actions? how many will be in the organization, that will give us an indication of the required quorum?
  7. If you bothered to read, you would see I said 'majority'.
  8. WJ relax a bit please, you commentary on the legal action has been appreciated by the majority of the forum
  9. That is impressive ..... I remember my last two years at secondary school, I refused to attend the school 'disco' as the music played was so kak ..... having a live rock band play was simply unthinkable!
  10. Agree 100%, as the saying goes 'what is for you, does not go by you', Nelms and Dundee FC deserve all they get from this situation, even when the controversy of the missing vote was at it's height and his own people were telling him to back off, he continued with his self gratification. They do say a little bit of power [and a little bit of knowledge] is a dangerous thing ..... this character Nelms is a good illustration of this.
  11. I saw Alex Harvey and Tear Gas [before they decided on the name SAHB] upstairs at the Apollo [it was called 'Clouds'] they were supporting Stone the Crows. I think the entrance price was £1.00. I have to say, Glasgow was excellent for live music in the seventies.
  12. I saw Frankie Miller + band play at the Kind Man ..... ahh memories!!!