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  1. Some of the Queen’s Park challenges were disgraceful. As bad as I’ve seen. Created quite a seething atmosphere at the end as both sets of fans were going at each other through the mesh. It’s not hard to see why it’s so difficult to develop decent young players when you see the sort of antics yesterday. Blatant shirt pulling by queens at every opportunity and their sending off was beyond comedy. Boy took a swipe at the ball and missed. Then took a swipe at Cowden player and took him clean out. Mayhem
  2. As bad as we are we are a long way off their level. Took in their game at Cowdenbeath yesterday with a Cowden mate and I have to say I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of thugs and hatchet men on a football pitch. 2 blatant shirt pulls along with numerous horrific tackles and fouling. Boys hitting simple 20 yard passes out the park. Looked like a bunch of hammer throwers pulled out of some Glasgow boozers. A truly terrible outfit
  3. Why would we expect a response the next game? When have these failures and losers shown they can respond to anything? They’re utter garbage. Shite footballers with no heart or desire. Wasters every one of them
  4. As alluded to in the previous post it’s the lack of heart and desire that’s most worrying. These players are utter shite and they themselves will know that. This team has been devoid of heart, spirit and desire for 2 years now. Fox is like a boy you see playing student Sunday league. Just dives about and gets nothing on it. Mansell is out his depth. And that’s our abysmal level of football. De vita useless. Bannigan totally done. Saunders and Williamson are honking. Powderpuff. There can be few walks of life where people so useless can actually earn some sort of living. Imagine these guys working air traffic control. All the planes would be flying into each other above the airport as they were taking off and landing
  5. Just watched the highlights and can scarcely believe how bad it looked. Bannigan misplacing a 5 yard pass for the 4th and a defender falling into the net as the ball heads in. Totally and utterly clueless. I took in Cowdenbeath v cove rangers yesterday and we’d struggle to beat either of them. Fox is useless. The whole defence is a bombscare. I honestly wouldn’t keep any of them. McCall must be wondering what he’s done. It must feel like he’s walked out the head chefs position at the savoy to take a gig frying chips at McDonald’s. Everything about the club is an utter shambles. Fair play to anyone who can turn up to watch that. I know I couldn’t
  6. Why would McCall leave ayr for this dross? We are a basket case
  7. We really are awful. Still Caldwell thinks he’s left us one of the best squads in the division and promotion is still the aim
  8. For those who think it’s sexist not to think Kerr would be able to manage thistle it’s the experience thing. To have managed Stirling uni and a team that is potentially able to be one of the top 12 in the country are two totally different things. If I was a footballer the first thing I’d want to know is what level has the manager played at. I know mourinho has had great success without a playing career but it’s rare. If I’m sat there and the previous boss of a university team is telling me what to do I’d be sat there laughing. Doesn’t matter if it was a man or a woman. My previous manager at my job had never done what I do. He was just a manager. We did nothing he told us to. My new boss has done the job I do so instantly I’ve afforded him more respect. He knows what I’m thinking and vice versa. It’s human nature
  9. Snowflakes everywhere pinhead. There’s no escape
  10. The fact sandy thinks Shelly Kerr would be a great appointment says it all. A slaverer who spouts nothing but drivel on here. I’d be as well coming on here saying my 3 year old Yorkshire terrier would be a great appointment. He’s got as much experience managing a men’s football team as Kerr has. Namely, none. She could get a chance managing the under 13s but to suggest she might be the one to guide us out of the shit we’re in is as ridiculous as it gets
  11. Appointing Shelly Kerr would just cement our status as a joke club making politically correct gestures and virtue signalling instead of actually trying to get a manager who might be able to get a team playing in a way that might get us up. As for Archibald. Yes he achieved much but the last 18 months of his reign were horrific. Horrific signings, awful football and even worse a total lack of fight. We went down to livi without even putting up a fight. Just remember some of the signings and shudder. Quitongo, max melbourne, cammy Bell, tam scobie, Danny Devine, Brice ntawmbe, Bailey cargill, Miles storey, the Czech lad at the back, mutumbo, Martin Woods to name but a few. There’s not a player among them
  12. How would Shelly Kerr be a great appointment? Please explain
  13. Shelly Kerr and bring j low back as chairperson. That would be special
  14. Out of likes JAF. She is responsible for this. Sat there with her scarf on sat next to coco the clown giving their spiel as to what he and thistle could achieve. You could smell the bullshit a mile off. A pair of complete morons well matched. Useless woman couldn’t run a bath, let alone a football club