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  1. Seeing each other 4 times a season. Transfer dealings. Although to be fair it’s not hard to work out our clubs a complete shambles and has been for a while. Lows involvement again is enough to give anyone the fear
  2. Low still involved and just generally agreed that the club seemed like a rudderless ship. Also that we have ideas way above our station as one of the big names in the league. We’re Partick Thistle, we’re a big team sort of stuff. Didn’t disagree when I thought we had 10th sewn up
  3. Met one of the board from another championship club at my work today. In a nutshell all the negative feelings many have on here towards the club and the way it’s run are spot on. From top to bottom our club really is rotten
  4. Archibald’s return sums up everything that it is wrong with the club. A guy who just stood there with his arms folded who watched us go down with a whimper is now back stood with hims arms folded as we are about to go down another level. The worst thing about it is how bad the standard is in this league. And we’re still the worst of the lot. A team bereft of ability but worse than that organisation, passion, desire and will to win. We have nothing. Fox will start next week. O ware will be marshalling the defence. Dunfermline will won by 2 or 3 next week and that will be that.
  5. What were McCall’s after match comments? I think deep down he knows we’re relegated. I’d almost rather go straight down than scramble into the play offs and go down with a whimper against a team who will be more up for it than our shower. The few minutes I watched on tv there were a couple of shots of Archibald stood there, arms folded watching on impassively as he did when we limped out the premier. It’s clear he wasn’t going to get another gig anywhere. Just feels like we felt sorry for him so give the guy an assistants job. Embarrassing.
  6. Juniors is our level. If I was building a team from scratch I wouldn’t have one of our squad
  7. Flicked into the last 5 minutes. Penrice looking gutted on the pitch at the end. Not half as gutted as the poor unfortunate souls who turned up to watch
  8. Is Austin on yet? We should just chuck it. O ware would be better off sat next to his pregnant wife. In fact she’d be a better option on the park
  9. I take my hat off to anyone who spends time and money turning up to watch that garbage. I’m sat on my couch and had to turn over after 15 minutes. I don’t know how the guys manage it
  10. At least o ware has the excuse of his wife being close. Fox has no excuse. He’s just shite. They all are
  11. Exactly. Why not give sneddon 90 mins? When you look at that bench the lack of options are scary. I’d like to see Austin come on just to see he actually exists
  12. Lol. Brilliant detective work. Don’t see much difference between that and your alleged “ misdemeanour “
  13. jacqui low would be better in goals than fox. Only in our game could someone as useless as him make money playing football
  14. Different level of football obviously but look at Liverpool now they have a top cat in goals. Their defence was a shambolic bag of nerves with that clown Karius in goal. It starts at the back. A commanding presence. Fox is the sort of spineless weakling who would be the last man you’d want in the trenches next to you. He’d just let the Germans walk right in. I’d drop him and then get rid of him in the summer. He’s utterly useless
  15. The rot started for me when Archie was kept at least 6 months if not a year too long. The spineless way we went down in the play offs offering not a hint of a fight meant at the very least he should have been punted then. When you go through a list of the “ players “ we’ve money on the last two years it’s beyond scary. Some of them it’s doubtful are even footballers. Remember antonio German. And now Mitch Austin. How do we manage to sign players who are injured or don’t even play. What does Gerry Britton do? He might be mastermind 2020 but I wouldn’t have him running the cake stall at my local village fete. And Archie coming back as assistant? It’s like getting divorced. The woman divorces Archie. She re marries and then Archie is brought back into the house as a sort of stunt ****/ general handyman. It just wouldn’t happen