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  1. I hate that Ayr have this horribly sexist body painting of topless models to advertise their kit. We blaze a trail by having pro LGBTQ strips but we flounder and they succeed. It's the triumph of the right wing writ small.
  2. The last time we played Ayr we had two players sent off and we still got beat. I think what we lack in defence is skill, pace and the quickness of thought to spot trouble. We dont need more brawn and grit in defence in my opinion , we need skill. No Ayr players were booked today eitherbut they totally outplayed us in every area.
  3. It was even worse than the 5-1 mauling by Morton last year. Ayr could easily have scored 7 against us. Perhaps the worst Jags performance I've seen (though I'm a relative newbie, I only go back to 1979) Watching Thistle is akin to self-harming these days.
  4. This is the worst we've played all season. Ayr are so much better. It's becoming clear that the major challenge this season will be staying up.