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  1. Y'all look on that stand with very, very thick rose-tinted glasses. Just because it's less of a dump than some other stands in the league doesn't stop it being an awful state of a thing that should be condemned.
  2. It's always fun to see how others see us. And their patter's hardly any worse than the John Lambie stand. I'd rather hear songs than moans.
  3. As in there might be more away fans than home?
  4. Naming a stand that required no name for the previous 90 years of its existence after said Daddy was and remains an embarrassment.
  5. I bought a season ticket.
  6. We'll get nothing in the league, probably get through the cup games to the next rounds. Maybe.
  7. A laughing stock, and deservedly so.
  8. What's Stephen McConalogue doing these days?
  9. Going on past experience the bottom of the curve is the club about to go bust.
  10. Time to start planning for League One and the glory days of four Clyde "derbies".
  11. Considering that nothing is Happening on this Subject and This thread is devolving Into arguments about the Ethics of capitalism, why don't We all make the thread a place of quiet Contemplation for a While?
  12. Special shout out to the league leaders at home who helped themselves to a damn good deal of time-wasting in the second half.