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  1. Bit of a cheek to include a snider against Dick Campbell considering how his Arbroath gave us some doings in the season ...
  2. Who's paying everyone on this site to moan and complain and moan, and then moan some more, about every player we do employ, used to employ, or might might be considering to employ? 'Cause I'd like a piece of that action.
  3. But you're fine with the "Alex Salmond for Hearts" gag? Okay then.
  4. Nah, Tommy Sheridan's our man.
  5. The arbitration panel. Do keep up!
  6. If anyone thinks the threat to throw Hearts, one of largest-supported clubs in Scotland and one half of the second-largest derby in the country, out of the system is anything other than hot air, they're soft in the head. Thistle on the other hand, I'm sure they couldn't give a toss about, so it's lucky we're riding on the Jambo's coat-tails and cash.
  7. Discretionary payments to Partick Thistle and Hearts, the exact amounts of which will be kept private.
  8. That joint statement is picking peanuts out of poo.
  9. What exactly did Thistle & Hearts go to court for? Did we get it?
  10. I love how intimately familiar you all are with Ian Maxwell's abilities and character.
  11. Call it a hunch but I think Rangers fans will be the last ones to cover up.
  12. I'm sure that there are people like myself who read threads but don't feel compelled to reply to absolutely every post like certain blithering idiots do; so whilst this thread (like so many) has been dominated by a few mouthy individuals who must heartily enjoy the sound of their own voices, there is a usually silent contingent who read what WJ has written and finds his contribution illuminating.
  13. So what's the alternative? What happens if the clubs DON'T vote for October?