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  1. Why not a Glasgow firm to help a local business keep their staff employed during this time?
  2. And gives Low plenty of time to settle into the Chairperson's ... chair.
  3. The Firhill basin was used as a timber pond, which I imagine was turned into railway sleepers.
  4. Can you not get a seat in Ibrox or something pal? Because the pish you spout certainly sounds like you should be a card carrying member of the Subway Loyal. Jacqui Low's competency as to running a football club has nothing to do with her gender. And if you or anyone else thinks so ... well, you're the ******** - so don't come back to Firhill, thanks.
  5. Thank god you just sat at your computer lashing away at your keyboard complaining, eh?
  6. Depends entirely upon whether or not TBC decide to hand over control over to the fans. Perhaps JLow will decide the clubs' future is better off in her hands.
  7. The obvious contradiction between the two statements reportedly coming from Mr X of Football Club Board Y as described by the inimitable Kingleo, has seemingly passed over a few people's heads. Nevertheless, someone is still talking shite.
  8. So this mysterious board member of another club thinks: " ... we have ideas way above our station as one of the big names in the league." But he also thinks: "... we should be with our decent name and stature in the Scottish game we should be a comfortable premiership club." Does he, aye? Sounds like someone's talking out of their arse. I wonder who?
  9. Bobbyhouston, the man whose opinions deserve their own thread.