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  1. This time last year Caldwell signed Scott McDonald who pretty much saved us single-handedly. Do we have a saviour this year?
  2. Maybe they'll put in a performance like the one against Dundee United.
  3. I'm sure the team missed his pissing and moaning.
  4. I can imagine Campbell relaxing with a cigar and a whiskey tonight, having thoroughly rumped us yet again.
  5. Absolute howler. I hope I don't read any more pish on this forum about making the promotion play-offs. This season will be a roaring success if we finish 8th.
  6. The tale will be handed down from parent to child, generation to generation, the legend of That One Time We Beat Celtic
  7. Just think of this ... people who weren't even born the last time Thistle beat Celtic are now GREAT-GRANDPARENTS!
  8. For the past forty years Thistle have been a lower leagues team with the occasional burst of overachievement. A more apt question is what do we have that Morton, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Airdrie, etc., don't?
  9. If, and that's an if we manage to stay up this season, and McCall looks to build a team to contend for promotion next year, just how many of the players in red and yellow today will be there? This squad needs razed to the ground. Also, did a Partick Thistle fan shag Shankland's maw? Is that why he prefers sticking it to us when he scores rather than with the United fans?
  10. I love vague pish like this, "in the know" snide comments with no elaboration whatsoever. It's what makes this forum so great. Pull whatever "knowledge" you have out of your arse or keep it there.
  11. I take it by long term capital requirements you mean the things you mentioned in your last post - the bing and the refurbishment of the decrepit Main Stand (and I'd add in the Jackie Husband stand which has had practically f**k all done to improve it since it was built). No one asked questions regarding those last night. If the club is owned by the fans then any improvements to the ground will have to be paid for by money raised by the fans. I would assume that means no refurbishment of the stadium will be happening any time soon unless significant amounts of money are raised. Development of the stadium was not happening under the previous board. Land had been sold off and plans were submitted for a tower block of offices and apartments along with a tiny stand four rows deep. That didn't come to fruition. The stadium has been sitting decaying ever since. If there's any other long term requirements you're meaning, then it's the same thing. The club cannot spend money it does not have. I don't appreciate your "deafening silence" quote as though this is some sort of "us versus them" argument. There's only Partick Thistle fans. Sorry, I might be wrong. There might be "fantasy" and "reality" camps. I encourage you to attend the next working group meeting whenever it is, if you are able, and ask your questions in person. And if you have any suggestions, contribute.
  12. So copying and pasting comments from pieandbovril counts as constructive debate on this website these days? Maybe Partick Thistle is f**ked is this is the level we're at.
  13. Circles, circles, running around in circles, circles
  14. The model hasn't been decided yet. That's what the working group is for.