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  1. Glasgow charity cup I think it was called, but I was a wee boy when it stopped. Was defo decided on corners if a draw at full time. Pretty sure they decided scottish cup replays the same way as well. Apart from that same format as the Glasgow cup.
  2. Our away form is much better than our home form, so although I fear the worst I am strangely optimistic about this game. 2-1 jags
  3. Valentine's day is cool with me as long as it is not a massacre
  4. Emdy know when the draw is for the semi's?
  5. I know we're bottom of the table and I know our squad is pretty crap, but I do believe that the tag of the great unpredictables is warrented again. I don't know what is going to happen every time I go see them. Happy days. I will always support them whether it's top of the table or bottom.
  6. Well personally I would like to win this cup, so Elgin city or stenhousemuir at home would be ideal. Preferably because a stenhousemuir fan drinks in my local and I could rub it in if we stuff them. I would also like fake thistle and Wrexham drawn together as I see them as the strongest teams left apart from ourselves. This cup is winnable and I for one will get right behind the team in the upcoming matches.
  7. Got to bring the game forward. Play it day before. If it's bad weather and we play after the under 21s, even a day after the pitch will be a mess
  8. Reasons to be positive... hmm. We're not playing today.
  9. Thing that gets me is Caldwell seems to have got the wingers and forwards playing and moving well. The one thing I thought he would have is our defence sorted. Ex international defender. Does he even talk to the players? Show them how to defend under pressure. Doesn't look like it
  10. We always get beat when we are better first half. Tonight, Arabs, Ross county last season.
  11. Dunno why but I have a funny feeling we will be going over the Clyde to castle greyskull.
  12. I seem to remember de vita scoring a few goals the season livi got promoted.
  13. when did we employ a fan to be a sprinkler? (Top left) I know we made cutbacks but come on. And where was Kingsley the day? He is a sprinkler or that is a Guinness book of records whitey!!
  14. Just heard the news. Definitely a true club legend. Football moves on true legends are eternal. I now have to go and tell my 10 year old autistic son who absolutely idolises the man. All he has ever known is dools at firhill. I am not looking forward to this.
  15. Either way he is taking a massive chance, win or draw he is a genius. Lose and it will look like a terrible decision.