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  1. It's a forced pause, but I hope for the best. My favorite bars are closed and I use CBD oil instead of porter to calm myself down - https://premiumjane.com/cbd-oils/ Sometimes I catch myself thinking that this is what real old age looks like ((What are you doing now? Are you planning to prepare for the second wave?
  2. "Attempts to portray the members of Queen could have been disastrous, especially onstage, but the director and actors pulled it off as well as anybody could, I reckon". Everything is just like that. But I regretfully notice that in the last three years there have been very few high-quality films. it seems that the time has come for the general depression for the writers and the director (although there are wonderful popular books). Against this background, I'd rather prefer to play real pokies with friends and ensure yourself a pleasant evening. I don’t even want to try to find meaning in worthless jokes from Marvel and covers from Disney .. It’s better to take a book.
  3. BenLinn

    Book Thread

    Apparently, it's not so much the difficulty of buying an old book, as in the gradual habit to the electronic version. As it would be if you wanted to get together with friends at the card table, as you always did, but in the end, you saw free chip codes and started a poker game on the site. We ourselves don't notice how we change.
  4. BenLinn

    The Jokes Thread

    I don't know about ignorance)) But with apathy, modern youth should not have problems. The law allows college students to carry the best cure for apathy in their pockets - https://provacan.co.uk/cbd-edibles/cbd-lozenges-5-mg-honey-lemon/ In our time we have been deprived of it, I sometimes even regret it. A couple of times I would need it to cure depression.