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  1. I was in the queue for at least 20 minutes, absolute snails pace!
  2. Same town, separate companies. Bundaberg ginger beer is what I grew up with, I'm not a fan of the ginger beers over here. Perfect in a dark'n'stormy.
  3. At the Station based upon your recommendation and I love it as they have Bundaberg rum. I'm one happy Australian right now!
  4. Solihull's ground is pretty middle of nowhere though - in between the airport and a car manufacturing plant.
  5. I was a bit perplexed as well, looked easy peasy from a JL stand viewpoint.
  6. Fox was poor for both of those goals.
  7. We've just switched off since that goal.
  8. Just checked the Scottish FA website and supposedly the U19 game against Andorra is now in Dumbarton.
  9. We never looked too troubled this arvo. Fingers crossed for Wrexham away next round!
  10. Lovely day for the football, here's hoping for a decent result and an international away draw next round! Rushed to get the earlier train up from Queen Street so I can have a few pints in Montrose before the game - does anyone have recommendations for pubs that allow away colours?
  11. A decent game today. It's just worrying how we switch off immediately after scoring - had we not we could have taken the 3 points.
  12. Yet again at Hamilton it's a shitshow to actually get in to the ground.