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  1. You can always rely on the mankey mob to let you down...will take Sevco colts instead .
  2. Good day at the office ...a clean sheet would have been nice though .
  3. Cmon Jags screw the bobbin and finish this off .
  4. Would be a another nice wee dig at the mankey mob .
  5. Looks like United are running away with the league...playoffs it is then !
  6. 2-1 Scotland...nice double in the making .
  7. Only 1 -0 but well on top by the sounds of it .
  8. The sun is particularly bright over the Firhill basin today....long may it continue as the Jags slug it out game after game and up the league !. If we continue with the spirit displayed yesterday I am not giving up on playoffs yet .I am also sure Banzo will continue to disappoint and delight in equal measure...that’s just the way he seems to be .
  9. Totally smashtastic but nervy as pluck .
  10. Cmon Jags...grind this out !