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  1. Yes indeed folks ..stay safe and remember 2 verses of Mary fae Maryhill when you wash your mitts...keep it clean though as it’s a family show as alway
  2. I blame it my formative years in Linthouse ....surprised I escaped with enough teeth tae chomp the Wurly....but there you go..Lady Luck and all that .
  3. Working on it ...maybe Haggis supper ...but certainly not Curly Wurlies
  4. By our poor standards we seem to be playing better... so , IMHO we will either scud Alloa 4-0 or bumble through 90 mins to another frustrating draw .
  5. You must be from Milngavie originally wi confectionary preferences like that
  6. I’d even go for rice cakes to get to the playoffs but draw a line a gien up the curlywurlies
  7. A point but could have been so much more with a wee bit of guile up front ...not over yet but must learn to win ugly before Saturday.....hope Banzo’ s missed penalty does not come back to haunt us !
  8. I’ll give up crisps for a year for a draw right now .
  9. And to cap it all Storey scores for Inversnecky .
  10. Yep , had to happen...all huff and puff and hit with the sucker punch....when will we learn ?
  11. Should be 2 nil up at least and coasting ...nervy 45 mins coming up again .
  12. 7 corners , 6 shots ,3 on target and still floundering .