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  1. The Bunnet’s mob 2 nil up against QOS....might help us in the long run .
  2. Can’t really understand McCall’s mentality in sticking with Fox regardless of the obvious fact we are incapable of retaining a clean sheet.IMHO he should have used last nights game as a write off with Championship survival as the prize and experimented with Sneddon in goals, dropped and obviously under par Cole and given Graham more assist options earlier on .
  3. Missed opportunity to experiment a bit tonight with Sneddon in goals leading to the inevitable Fox ,O’ware and Saunders blunderfest .
  4. Mansell on...can’t see him scoring but may mix it up enough for Graham to get a sniff.
  5. Three points adrift now...on the face of it not insurmountable,however,this is probably the most dysfunctional Thistle team in many years meaning we will almost certainly face the drop .
  6. Get Sneddon on in second half...we've got heehaw to lose at this rate.
  7. Spot on...Fox has lost his mojo and is at least a one goal start for the opposition before a ball is kicked......our precarious position needs radical solutions ....first off start getting clean sheets then slugging out ugly, no frill wins .
  8. Looks like Dundee have parked the bus....in our half .
  9. Is it true we have scored more away goals in the Championship than any other team this season ...or did I pick up Jeff Steling on Soccer Saturday wrong ?
  10. Looks like we have a collective bout the wind .
  11. Good night Vienna...and most likely the Championship at this rate .
  12. With Rudden out our striking capability remains limited,allied to that our leaky defence the best we can expect is 1-1 and hope others do us favours .