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  1. At this rate probably just before our next away game .
  2. Behave ....the comic of choice must surely have been the Victor or Eagle for any self respecting Jags supporting luvvie.
  3. I remember a time when blokes used to read the Herald at halftime and discuss the latest John Byrne ....ah, halcyon days .
  4. Just seen new home strip...utterly bowfin ....looks like a bad paint job .
  5. My 2XL arrived today....smashing fit....even smoothes out the lockdown belly ! Will defo make another order .
  6. Welcome Ross...although for one horrible moment I thought he was posing in our new home kit !
  7. Order placed...keep up the great work .
  8. Loved the way he dealt with the press at start...looked like they were about to collectively “lay “ a brick !
  9. Classic Davie Robertson line on beating Chennai in the cup...” yoos guys never amaze to surprise me “ !...superb stuff .
  10. I guess basic maintenance could be deemed essential for helping any business needing a modicum of attention to remain viable until we turn the Covi 19 corner. Anytime I pass by the ground only one person seems to be working it at any given time so poses no risk IMHO .
  11. Come to think of it possibly yes...one of the tops was one of those narrow yellow and red stripe jobs.
  12. A nice wee footnote to this was just shortly after taking the photo three young lads passed by on their bikes all wearing different Jags tops ...a portent of a brighter dawn ?.
  13. I pass by the old ground most days on one my constitutionals and took this picture of a truly resplendent Firhill basking in the glorious sunshine...a big thanks to the ground staff for keeping it tip top .
  14. I’m sure I saw him raking about in the bins at the back of Hamden this am .
  15. I’m currently box setting Two Doors Down and noticed a Jags scarf in the lobby of the Baird household in the pilot but have not seen it since...does anyone know if it makes a reappearance ?....yup I’m getting to that stage now after three weeks of lockdown !