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  1. Jags Disabled Supporters

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    For some reason my eyes became al watery when looking at this pic! Think that it’s probably Brian Whitaker it looks a bit on the slim side to be my hero-sorry big man!!
  2. The winner of this years Player of the Year Award is Scott MacDonald who beat his nearest challenger Blair Spittal by just 3 votes to win this highly coveted award. Fittingly the award will be made by Roberts father, Robert Senior at the Jags Trust Player of the Year Dance on Saturday evening. Tickets for this highly awaited event in the Maryhill social calendar are still available from Mark Rowantree price £10 who can be contacted on 07714 334329 or 0141 891 8517 until the Ayr United game at Firnill on Saturday.
  3. Jags Disabled Supporters

    Centenary Fund - April's Winners

    Every month I want a ball-still not got one yet!
  4. Jags Disabled Supporters

    Jags Disabled Supporters Club

    Absolutely no problem the DSC actually took the decision to do so last year, but due to a combination of circumstances we were unable to get it sorted out in time. I can assure both of you the pleasure is all mine and I hope it serves in some small measure as an indication for you both of the high esteem in which Robert was held by many of us.
  5. Jags Disabled Supporters

    Jags Disabled Supporters Club

    Yeah you’re right Sherlock the correct number should have been 07714 334329 mea culpae!
  6. Jags Disabled Supporters

    Jags Disabled Supporters Club

    To all members of the ‘Jags Disabled Supporters Club’ I’m looking for your vote for the Robert Watson Player of the Year Award. Seen as it’s due to be presented on the 27th I’d ask you to forward your votes by midnight on 22nd of April. You can cast your vote : 1) Via email to [email protected] 2) By text or old fashioned telephone call to 07714 33439. 3) By PM this account on the forum. 4). By leaving a message on the Jags DSC Facebook page. 5). By telling me if you happen to see me at Firhill on Saturday. The presentation will be made in the Aitken Suite (19:30-24:00) Tickets priced £10.00 can be purchased from yours truly via any of the ingenious means above. I could meet you outside the JHS to pass the tickets/money. If you can’t make the Jackie Husband this week or next : then I’m sure that the estimable Mr MacInnes could be prevailed upon to conduct the handover in his characteristically discreet fashion.