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  1. Anyone know the seating arrangements for tonight. Is it sitting on the seat that the ticket says or can you just sit anywhere?
  2. Highly doubt it will be as much as 1000. Reckon 500 at the very most as you would have fought that we have sold over 1000 of the tickets available
  3. Great signing that. Was a standout in a struggling Falkirk side last season at the age of 18. Definitely has potential
  4. Police will be aware of this. Hopefully all will get booted out by stewards. Clearly giving them 80% of the stadium is not enough for them. Something has to be done about this
  5. I see that the Inverness v QoS game has already been called off and weather not looking good for tonight and tomorrow. Thoughts on the game going ahead?
  6. Ian McCall being the manager of us may play a part. Obviously a popular guy in the dressing room with Docherty already moving to us. Plus Alan Forrest has played his whole career under McCall. But as has already been said it may well just be a rumour.
  7. All the best to jags fans all around the world. Let’s hope it’s a successful year.
  8. Fox o’donnell Lindsay Balatoni ATS higginbotham Erskine Bannigan lawless Taylor Doolan
  9. Anyone know when Davis Keillor-Dunn is getting announced???
  10. When we played Falkirk at home last season the fans booed Osman and he was completely anonymous. Subbed after 50 minutes and he came out and did a news report saying how it “affected” him
  11. Great news! A guy who knows the club well and is respected. Hopefully now we can get the “new manager bounce” and skelp Celtic. Doolan back in January???
  12. FFS! Our goal has been continuously bombarded for the first 15 minutes. we are just completely shite at defending crosses.
  13. Absolute belter of a free kick. James penrice, he’s one of our own
  14. Brilliant result! The team showed amazing grit to keep going even when we went down and conceded. I thought Miller was excellent as well as Williamson and McGinty. You could see how much it meant to the players at the end of the game. Buzzing for the draw tomorrow!