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  1. Arete

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    hhhahhhahahhaaha Elgin City
  2. Arete

    Annual Accounts....

    I like the way this guy sets out our accounts. Indeed, it shows we've been mostly wise over the years in our approach to keeping in the black. I'd like to see that continue whoever owns PTFC in the future. But is impossible to judge current bidders on what been put in the public domain so far. In the meantime the current Board need to follow the pattern of recent years if they wish to make us attractive to prospective buyers - if that's their game plan.
  3. Arete

    What now ?

    Not sure I would give it four 'very' unlikelies but otherwise this is spot on.
  4. Arete

    vs. Ayr United, Aug 31

    The irony here is that the song in question is a rejection of sectarianism and a stance on separating ourselves from all that is wrong in a divisive West of Scotland. One of the reasons I started bringing my kids to Firhill was to get away from such bile. I'd be interested in understanding what the reporter on matches was putting in his/her report on the offence being taken. If it is the use of the Q or P words then he/she must have been apoplectic when they saw the Polish banner at Ibrox. If it is the use of the F word then we're as well emptying stadiums. If they dealt with the crux of the sectarian problem in Scottish football then side issues like songs at Firhill would no longer have a reason to exist.
  5. Arete

    League cup - last 16

    Ticket prices (£18) are quite high for a League Cup game against Ross County. I'm in London this week and ticket prices for QPR v Bristol City (English League Cup) were at £15. They got around 5700 in which isn't a great crowd for QPR.
  6. Arete

    New Owner

    Last few lines are spot on - unnamed observers who probably have their own agendas and journalistic drivel to fill a space on a Saturday morning.
  7. Arete

    attendance v DU

    Was really small attendance given there's usually a decent away support. I remember being at a Friday night first game of season against DU a few years back and there was over 7000 there. And it was on TV too. Premier League then but, all the same, tonight was significantly less. New owners might need to revise their business case.
  8. Arete

    New Owner

    Haven't read all 90 pages but some thoughts on all this. Prospective owners must think they're going to make money. Otherwise, why buy (unless you're a passionate fan with loads of money)? So they must have a business model on how they'll make money. We (the support) are left to speculate and guess on what this is. The current Board must have an idea on this model but can't replicate it themselves (or they'd do it themselves and make money). Colin Weir has loads of cash and is willing to invest in Thistle. Prospective owners could have spoken to him as a potential investor but he didn't fancy it (possibly because of risk). If prospective owners didn't speak to Colin Weir then it's because their business model cannot accommodate another and is linked to something else outwith Thistle. Either way, this indicates higher risk. Current Board replaced the old Board to protect their asset and hold the fort until a deal can be struck. Possible outcomes are not looking good. If a deal is struck then new owners move in and we have a higher risk scenario that either Colin Weir didn't fancy or is so removed from Thistle that he couldn't engage. This could be based on a solid business model but worst case could lead us up an Administration path. If deal is not struck then current Board are left holding the baby with little prospect of making money and they'd lose interest and club will drift.
  9. Arete

    Championship 2019/20.

    I think this is close with maybe ICT and Dunfermline swopping as well as us and Morton and Alloa for Arbroath. As someone else has pointed out, I think the Pars could be dark horses this time round.
  10. Arete

    Is this new or did I just miss it

    You're lucky you missed that shite but poor you for finding it. I hate the way that when the BBC has got nothing to say it fills its pages with stuff that they think is newsworthy but in fact is of no significance at all
  11. Arete

    New Owner

    I don't think it matters what the old Board ousted members think. They may be unhappy with the way they're being portrayed but it's the current Board that'll make the decisions on the club and threats of a legal challenge for hurt feelings are just a distraction. The ET are giving old Board members a voice to fill otherwise empty space in their paper.
  12. Arete

    Alex Jones is a Jag

    Not always we see sense on this site but this is one of the better ones. I can't see how anyone blames GC for last season when his record with his players was actually quite good. If he has a first half of the coming season like the first half we had last year then he can be judged. If he has a first half of the season like his second half last season then I think he'll be OK.