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  1. Get yir macaroon bars and your wriggle's spearment chewwwwwwwing gummmmmmmmmmm
  2. With current situation will the legacy that Colin Weir left be closed down due to financial impact of Corona Virus
  3. That Pars side possibly the poorest team we have faced this season and we struggled to get a point, definitely worrying times with 3 points on Saturday absolutely vital,
  4. Gerry Britton couldn’t run a bath
  5. I’m going to say it’s absolutely mince
  6. got to get shot of this first if that’s the case
  7. Bet you were sitting in the Hoose last night
  8. and I don’t give one ****, I was there tonight and every other week and have the scars to be able to post this , our club is going down faster than Kathy Beale