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  1. That was my thinking too. Seems a bit much.
  2. In a 14 team Championship and SPL you would have Dundee United and Inverness getting promoted, who makes up the 14 Championship teams? 8 remaining and who else?
  3. I saw the Pollok keeper earlier in the season and didn't rate him. Think the Auchinleck Talbot keeper is better than Fox though. He's proved himself against decent opposition too.
  4. I think it will be a 352 tomorrow with O'Connor and Graham replacing Robson and Miller who started v Celtic. If it is a diamond in midfield your team could be right but I think Barjonas would maybe start ahead of Zanatta.
  5. I think the poster may be thinking it could be a diamond shape in midfield?
  6. Palmer a League One calibre player just now. I agree with you, Barjonas is a better player.
  7. I like Barjonas as a player, he's neat and tidy but I'm not sure how he'll fit in. Does Saturday's team mean 352 is going to be persevered with? MacKinnon, Cole, Bannigan, Slater and Barjonas as options in centre mid. Couldn't believed that Robson was asked to play right wing back but he did have a better 2nd half. Can they not get someone from the youths that is right footed to play as a wing back though?
  8. He did well with Falkirk. Not great in the air. At his best inside the box. When things were not going well at Falkirk he wouldn't be averse to arguing with more senior players, granted I only saw him a couple of times though. Hopefully the likes of MacKinnon will help set the right mentality.
  9. Kelly good over a dead ball too. Hope Forrest doesn't go to the Arabs.
  10. I rate this kid. Think he could become a better centre mid than right back. Think he is a better overall player than Kelly of Rangers on loan at Ayr.
  11. Barjonas is a good little player. Saw him play for Raith. He's better than Palmer that's for sure! Maybe Banzo would then play as sole CDM with Cole and Barjonas playing higher up the park? Then again if the Cammy Smith and Barjonas rumours are true I'm not sure about systems as Smith is a 10.
  12. Any word on scouting for this season? Did they mention the new chief scout?
  13. Thanks for this Fawlty Towers. I don't understand why there is 3 scouts in England but no set scouts in Scotland just "contacts". What benefits have the Club seen from these 3 scouts in England? Will this be more beneficial to the Club if/when we get back to the Premiership?
  14. Good shout re ex pro's fella. Yeah I knew McGinty was at Man U and Torquay sorry I should have quantified my point. I thought the scout from Cambridge was maybe a scout for league 2/conference potential signings?! Sandbank has said that big Conrad recommended McGinty which I didn't know. Hoping for a big season from McGinty.
  15. Seems by the sound of it that the scouting in general has fallen by the wayside, if there's no academy scouting or future opposition scouting? Have we not got a scout from the Cambridge area? Maybe he identified the likes of McGinty as a possible signing.