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  1. Ian01

    A League

    Thought he was at Brisbane Roar ?
  2. Same to you and yer family bud OTIG
  3. Behind closed doors televised lol ,we cant play on tv Now summer football ,sounds good
  4. Ach well ,should just give them the 3 points as its live
  5. https://m.facebook.com/partickthistlefc/photos/a.211727172225349/2839056866159020/?type=3
  6. Oh we wont ,best hope is putting on a decent show and holding them to 3 or 4 ,but never know ,stranger things have happened ,otig
  7. Ian01

    New year

    Aw ra best when it comes ppl OTIG FYOF
  8. Aw ra best when it comes bud ,otig ,fyof
  9. Happy christmas peeps ,mon the jags
  10. https://images.app.goo.gl/aaTW6artyev7VBk56
  11. Would love a wee trip down to wales ,but knowong our luck ,clyde at home