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  1. It was due to finish this year yes, and given that companies other sponsorship announcement I'm not surprised it hasn't been renewed.
  2. I had to snicker at that
  3. Alb

    New Sponsor

    All the players have been furloughed have they not, so can't be used for promotional work like this. Where as Ross joined after the furlough scheme had closed so couldn't be put on it, and is also going to be available for stuff like this. I'd guess that's why he's getting used for it.
  4. I wonder if the sfa have investigated the legal options in terms of stripping the spfl of it's rights to oversee league football in Scotland due to bringing the game into disrepute.....I would assume they have some mechanism where they could do this, although whether they then run it, or set up another organisation to do it, it would still be debatable as to whether it would turn out to be any better
  5. Pies needing to be eaten before going too far out of date......
  6. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/statement-from-murray-beith-murray/. Clarifies it all
  7. Not 100% convinced by the move, the tops I've seen from them and indeed my boy has a gaa one are fully printed, and a strip needs an embroidered badge for me, but time will tell. Greaves could be good, but they're down to 1 shop in town so I can't see them having a large thistle area like they had in the sauchiehall street store. The previous kits from joma and puma were fine for me and great quality and never any issues with ordering, even if the store was a pain to get to on non match days.
  8. Heard last night that ex thistle goalie from the late 50s early 60s John Freebairn passed away, I knew John from his athletics days where he was a top level and community coach for many many a year, as well as still competing himself. Many a long chat with him about football once we realised the thistle connection, good interview with him from a few years back in the Scotsman, https://m.startfitness.co.uk/puma-manilla-gtx-mens-trainers-green-353598-03.html Condolences and thoughts to his wife and daughters.
  9. And who's to say he doesn't produce another one with the same date with his tuck on the other box....it was dtyrsdale after all that appeared to be communicating with the other clubs
  10. Shall we be seeing Dundee drop Drysdale in it and claim he was not acting in the way the club wished, fire him/pay him off under a nda and then vote Yes.......
  11. Despite Namibia having had faster sprinters than Kenya, sonit must have been a very very long ball if a Kenyan would have got their quicker.
  12. I registered back in November I think it was, and only approved this weekend....