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  1. Another I remember was when James Grady returned to Firhill after his big money move to Grenta. After going down easily just outside the box, a guy nearby shouted; ’What happened, Grady, tripped over your wallet?’
  2. With the current lack of action on the pitch, I wanted to celebrate the action off the pitch with your funniest Red and Yellow army shout outs at a game. This is why I love this club so much. Mine is as follows... A through ball is played for striker Quinton Jacobs (may have been from Albert Craig) but hit too hard and the ball goes out for a goal kick. The guy behind me jumps up and shouts out ‘He’s from Namibia, not f*****g Kenya!’ Brilliant .
  3. They were speaking about this on Off The Ball recently. Apparently Leighton hid the fact he wore contacts from the management team. He had to confess and told them at half time he lost one and was subbed for Roughie at half time. That Cooper penalty will always stay with me as I was glued to the TV for that match as a young kid. I remember every time he got the ball I got excited that something great would happen for Scotland.
  4. My particular nom de plume is Ross Alexander. So there’s - Ross Forbes Alexander Ross Alexander Burns Ross Alexander Jones I’m sure you guys will know plenty more!
  5. I had been waiting for months and kept thinking there was a problem. I posted on the Pie and Bovril thread and was approved soon after that. Glad to have the opportunity to take part now.