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  1. Decision expected today according to Daily Record. Hope it’s a positive one for the Jags. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-court-battle-live-hearts-22294797.amp
  2. If we start in League 1, whenever that may be, we should demand that fixtures set out are fulfilled. We (and I expect Falkirk) are/will be ready to play. So if the no voting clubs can’t afford to fulfil their fixtures, we will accept a 3-0 victory and battle out with the Bairns.
  3. Because just as it’s unjustifiable to relegate a team 2 points behind with a game in hand, the same should apply to sacking a manager in that position. I would be astounded if Aston Villa suffer the same fate as us (in a similar position) should they be unable to finish the season. I appreciate results haven’t been as they should, but he’s had half a season to turn round the worst Jags team for a long time. Just my option as others are free to disagree, don’t want us wandering off topic.
  4. I enjoy Andrew’s vlogs and wish more Jag fans would do them, so hats off to him for that. I also completely disagree with McCall comments as I believe he is the one to turn us around, it will just need a little patience. Those who say he should go because we have been relegated are bonkers. No guarantee we would have survived, but I thought we were starting to see the signs. Time to stick together and vent our frustrations on SPFL et al not our own.
  5. I like this idea Norge, but surely no relegation and two up via pyramid keeping status quo in Championship. Leagues 1 & 2 is best for everyone.
  6. How about this for a plot? Dundee hold out their vote/non-vote as long as possible. Rangers go bust again, but given past performance are allowed to join League Two again. Hearts still relegated due to annoying the SPFL and Dundee prompted for getting Doncaster out of a hole. SPFL forget to relegate Thistle and Stranraer and everyone lives happily ever after.
  7. After 2004, I always held a bit of negativity towards ICT. Changing the rules halfway the season to shaft us (and other teams who forked out to meet requirements) was just unacceptable. Listening to their chairman today has completely changed my attitude towards them. Sticking to their guns, despite the possible financial implications, for the sake to a fellow team is outstanding. Also calling us ‘Thistle’ was class. BBC have also published photos of the 3 no votes on their website.
  8. Another I remember was when James Grady returned to Firhill after his big money move to Grenta. After going down easily just outside the box, a guy nearby shouted; ’What happened, Grady, tripped over your wallet?’
  9. With the current lack of action on the pitch, I wanted to celebrate the action off the pitch with your funniest Red and Yellow army shout outs at a game. This is why I love this club so much. Mine is as follows... A through ball is played for striker Quinton Jacobs (may have been from Albert Craig) but hit too hard and the ball goes out for a goal kick. The guy behind me jumps up and shouts out ‘He’s from Namibia, not f*****g Kenya!’ Brilliant .
  10. They were speaking about this on Off The Ball recently. Apparently Leighton hid the fact he wore contacts from the management team. He had to confess and told them at half time he lost one and was subbed for Roughie at half time. That Cooper penalty will always stay with me as I was glued to the TV for that match as a young kid. I remember every time he got the ball I got excited that something great would happen for Scotland.
  11. My particular nom de plume is Ross Alexander. So there’s - Ross Forbes Alexander Ross Alexander Burns Ross Alexander Jones I’m sure you guys will know plenty more!
  12. I had been waiting for months and kept thinking there was a problem. I posted on the Pie and Bovril thread and was approved soon after that. Glad to have the opportunity to take part now.