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  1. Hoping Lennon will extend the break to some of their regular first team and present games to the fringe players - however, even then they will have something to prove. Was it 3-1 last year at home? Same would be fine.
  2. Agree with this summation.
  3. Home form has to be sorted. When you lose consistently at your own place it is a mental barrier and a huge incentive to the away opposition.
  4. Good article - thanks for providing the link Wishing him - and us a long happy tenure!
  5. Apart from Dundee United the Championship is too difficult to predict. Last week was a field day for the away sides. If we keep 11 men on the entire game hopefully 3 points.
  6. From an abroad fan - here's hoping Jag's fans in Scotland have a much more positive year with stability and optimism
  7. Is this official? I was hoping this would be through the end of the season.
  8. This is encouraging. Think we went through this kind of spell last season - after the New Year. Looking forward to seeing the highlights.