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  1. I appreciate the perspective of the analysis in this post - also the concluding note of optimism! Thank you
  2. While I am not confident we can stay up - I am hopeful. I was saying 8th three weeks back - now I'd gladly take 9th and escape in the play-offs. It's a tough division - but we have better resources than most. The manager did not become a bad manager overnight so I have confidence he can turn us around - I just hope it is this season. We need stability in the team - I thought we might have that after the January transfer window - but once again it seems that despondency has set in.
  3. The only real benefit of this game would be to build confidence. Instead the usual despondency ensues. To compound Alloa pick up a point. In the end if we cannot beat the part timers we simply belong down with the others. I still have hope. After all Hamilton always find a way to avoid the drop against all odds
  4. I agree with “if we are in it, let’s win it” if anything a good performance will build confidence. A loss at home will just compound a terrible home record. Hope it’s a good night out for all those of you attending
  5. Just in from work (I'm 6 hours behind Glasgow) to find a draw. I guess it says a lot that I'm not too disappointed. A draw at home seems good these days - that sums it up. Still think we can get 8th - but it will take a clean sheet and a win at home sometime soon!
  6. On a bit of vacation and just tuned in to find this result I was not over optimistic but certainly had hope. it seems to me like a repeat of last season. Anytime you have a home record as poor as we do, a struggle is going to be on the cards i have faith in the management and that the resources are there for success. However, we have less margin for error than any other team.
  7. I was hoping we would hang on to Kenny 'til the end of the season - but I would imagine he still wants to play and still get on the team sheet. We need the salary space. I wish him well - I've always liked him and admire the dedication at his age.
  8. love the enthusiasm - however I would take a guaranteed 5- 8 and run with it right now. Got to beat the part-timers!
  9. Fantastic data from afk - any idea about the conversion %?
  10. Not to my eyes - but spared Zanatta's blushes.
  11. Thanks for all these stories - a little kindness goes a long way.....
  12. Overall happy. Much more positive than the opposite. Goalkeeping was solid. Optimistic for the remaining games. Agree Celtic were stuck in second gear, but sport s like that.
  13. A real treat to be watching this live in the States I do not like the Celtic flags (& flares ) in the main stand. But great to see a full house!
  14. Hoping Lennon will extend the break to some of their regular first team and present games to the fringe players - however, even then they will have something to prove. Was it 3-1 last year at home? Same would be fine.
  15. Agree with this summation.
  16. Home form has to be sorted. When you lose consistently at your own place it is a mental barrier and a huge incentive to the away opposition.
  17. Good article - thanks for providing the link Wishing him - and us a long happy tenure!
  18. Apart from Dundee United the Championship is too difficult to predict. Last week was a field day for the away sides. If we keep 11 men on the entire game hopefully 3 points.
  19. From an abroad fan - here's hoping Jag's fans in Scotland have a much more positive year with stability and optimism
  20. Is this official? I was hoping this would be through the end of the season.
  21. This is encouraging. Think we went through this kind of spell last season - after the New Year. Looking forward to seeing the highlights.