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  1. Just watched it. Was a bit disappointed that it was mostly talking heads but great memories. I was on the ill fated bus and remember ( vaguely) the pub in Gillingham. I’m sure the landlord wore the blue tartan Morton top emblazoned with Buchanan Toffees. Still have the Daily Ranger from Monday 10/07/1995 which was bought in Gretna services on the way home where most of the punters from the bus appeared in the photo next to the match report. Happy days !
  2. Clubs have 28 days to respond and have been informed if their voting return backs the resolution they cannot later change their decision. Above is also a quote from the BBC website. Seems that if a club votes against the resolution they can change their mind so that the SPFL can get their way! You couldn’t make it up!
  3. Ordered Saturday, paid for Sunday and the mug arrived today. Great quality and a nice wee note saying the rest of the order to follow. Thanks Phil and well done!
  4. They’re chestnut funny anymore
  5. Can we leaf the puns aside and branch out into something else?
  6. Looks like one of the arse cheeks might be on our side. Sevco saying it would be “abhorrent “ to relegate a club by vote
  7. Option 2 for me but would happily buy both
  8. I think the T-shirt is a brilliant idea Also we would not only helping the club but possibly helping a business that may be struggling in these uncertain times
  9. See Kenny Miller signed for Raith. Could he come back to haunt us in the semi final? That would take the biscuit
  10. Agree with Alan Rough but possibly John Marr?