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  1. I've long accepted now we are down no matter what hearts next move is to try and drag it out and cling on. It's not great and like the rest of us I'm pissed off we get shafted again. But for so long now it's been an effort dragging myself to firhill on a saturday. Hopefully we get this next season up and running soon and we can look forward. It's all been doom and gloom for so long I want to look ahead and with the team we have and the couple coming in I'm hopefull of a good season this time. We have a good forward line especially at this level if we keep as it sounds like we will Graham and rudden. The boy lyons knows the way to goal at this level sena looked decent at this level. That's just a few so I think we could end up winning a lot of games have a good season and end up with a winning mentality again. Even end up looking forward to the football on a Saturday again. It could end up being a good thing in the long run to just start over get a new mentality and that enjoyable feeling going to the football again. No had that for a while. I know theres still a lot of shit to get sorted before hand. I just wanted a positive post it's all been negative at firhill for so long now. So hopefully sooner rather than later get it back on and I'm looking forward to winning games in lge 1 and trying to win a title again.
  2. I hope we dont end up using a lot of the cash that comes in from the s.t. sales to get us through this time and end up with a smaller budget next season. I suppose needs must I just hoped we are better equipped than most to deal with this. Most other teams of our size I mean.
  3. I can see a win coming tonight. We are creating chances, I'm just hoping tonight we start taking a few. I'm not normally one for keeping players just because of their past, but surely dools would be handy to have as a last 20 min sub given the chances we missed against queens then up in dundee.
  4. That sounds about right 15 quid, that around what I'd be looking to be paid to watch thistle at minute. I'm hoping this is where we pick up this win we badly need to get a bit of momentum going again. At the moment it looks as though weve gotten worse with the new additions. I do believe it will get better In time as the players bed in. The problem is there really isn't too many games left to be played now for the players to gel. I just hope we haven't tried to cut too much too quick, as it was slowly picking up, well up until the window anyway. I do believe mcall will get us out of this but its gonna be major squeaky bum time.
  5. I accept that mate, but with the amount of rain over the last few days the pitch will/has dug up badly. If the weather continues as predicted by the weekend it could be a real mess.
  6. I'm at work and a few work mates are watching the rangers youth UEFA cup game currently being played at firhill. I know this will bring in needed cash but it is making a real mess of our park, I can't see what recompense we get being worth our park being dug up due to the weather. Also it wasnt so long ago they were tearing up the seats.
  7. If in the ever increasingly like event we go down, do you guys think there will be stipulations for the p.c.a. to tear up the deal. I mean the boy from ayr said he couldn't turn down the extra cash at thistle. Surely if we wer relegated there would be no extra cash.
  8. Any ideas who the other names mcall was referring to still hopefully to come in....anyone please
  9. I think it's a great move. Also I have to agree with algarvejag, the length of contract may well be what won us his signature. How often do we go in for players only to lose out to other clubs of a similar size to ourselves. Rudden is a great example of the excellent job mcall is doing I fully expected someone else to scupper that deal and beat us to it. I can't remember a window this positive for us.
  10. I'm not too sure about cammy Smith. I'm sure he hasn't scored many for United in the championship. To be honest I've not seen too much of him but in the last 3 seasons he has played 33 times scoring 3 league goals, not sure about cup games. However we can't deny mcalls ability to spot a player.
  11. Happyjag

    Vs Morton

    I think cardle is best suited nowadays to a last 20 min role. I like zanata as he at leaat tries to take on a player although hes often doubled up on. I like sometimes the flashes you see from kakay also. I cant honestly say why but i have a good feeling about today. At the arbroath game even before kick off i had a bad feeling so i hope my 6th sense of these things are correct today as this would be a big 3 points. Il still be there as i was at arbroath so CMON THE JAGS LETS DO IT....... PLEASE, i really dont know how much more i can take. It really is a chore dragging yourself to firhill now.