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  1. Yep, and she walked. None of those I quoted did.
  2. Don't forget that the british Prime Minister is not to be trusted; he's a serial liar, and he, his father, his chief scientific advisor, and his royal highness are all amongst those of that ilk who believed that lockdown rules apply not to them but only to the "ordinary" folk (whom they early on decided would be sacrificed in their tens of thousands). As you say, culturally very distant.
  3. Thanks BB. That of course provides the perfect cover story for dodgy agents.
  4. We'll be up against several teams of fiddler crabs.
  5. But wouldn't you agree that getting even a "token solidarity payment" (and there's no guarantee that Hearts and Thistle would accept a mere token, because they stand to lose millions) would be better than getting zero, which is what we would have received without the legal action?
  6. The Japanese customs agency must be thoroughly checking and testing the shipment that arrived here. As R&Y are also the colours are those of Nagoya Grampus Eight, I worry that the items might get "confiscated."
  7. Sorry, but this just popped into my head: We're all standing on a Covid terracing No more worries for an hour or two Fun and laughter on a Covid terracing Jags make our dreams come true Then we'll all get flu.... Coat and face mask on......
  8. "Of course, the safety of players and staff at all of the clubs involved will remain paramount, with these dates still contingent on the continued reduction in the virus' spread." So does this condition only apply to Leagues 1 and 2, but not the the top two divisions? Wouldn't surprise me if "paramount" had a different meaning depending on what division was being talked about by the SPFL.
  9. One of those oh so many "big" occasions when our team pretty much totally failed to rise to the occasion. But the nearly 1,000 Thistle supporters before, during and after the match more than made it into what will always be a great memory.
  10. Expect sponsors' dabbities on the players' foreheads before too long. It will be a football first.
  11. The whole of Japan eagerly awaits delivery of its first order (two t-shirts, addressed to me for security and customs clearance reasons).