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  1. Alan Gilzean

    And I always liked the name....... Gilzean...... not very common.
  2. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Great photo. Frank Coulston, Donnie McKinnon, Davie McP, ????, Dan McLindon
  3. Training Ground Update

    From Gerry Britton's comments it appears that Davie McParland isn't in the best of health at the moment. Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery. An absolute legend.
  4. Anyone know who's going to win the World Cup?

    Wait 'till Banzo is fully fit.
  5. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Not sure about the No. 8, but the other Jag looks like Donnie McKinnon.
  6. Hearts friendly

    Me too. My other pet hate is the keeper taking no responsibility and simply pushing (or punching) away a ball that he could simply clutch safely to his body. It's a relatively recent development (in about the last 20 years or so), and I'd bet it has led to more goals being lost than prevented, as the push away so often falls right into the path of an opposition player. I don't know how many goals we lost from Kenny Arthur doing exactly that.
  7. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Back before we humans evolved colour vision, which happened sometime in the mid 1960s!
  8. Its a small world

    Victoria's secret?
  9. How will we play

    To be more accurate: in that season we had players getting into attacking positions fast from several parts of the pitch and scoring for fun, including full-backs. That just didn't happen last season, as the number of goals scored in the two seasons indicates.
  10. How will we play

    The football that was played by the promotion-winning team last time around was some of the best I've ever seen from a Jags team, probably the best since the 70-71 promotion-winning team! Attack and fail at least gives the punters more for their money than "miserly ultra-cautiousness with one man up front and then fail".
  11. Alan Gilzean

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in the "football" or "general" forum, but anyway: RIP Never saw him in the flesh, but always thought of him as a kind of legend.
  12. Hearts friendly

    Goalkeeper not looking too clever for any of those goals........
  13. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Interesting; now I wonder how the word "impediment" came about....
  14. Team rebuilding

    How can it be possible to know beforehand how a player's attitude is going to turn out in the future? None of us are fantastic futuristic mind-readers, including football managers.
  15. World Cup Musings

    Haha, luckily no. Got to hand it to England so far; they're getting the job done efficiently each time. Sweden relied too much on the outdated punt or cross to their big "strikers". I just wish Scotland could get as far as Sweden did, outdated style or not. Croatia is a lovely country....