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  1. Against the east side erse cheek, sometime in the 60s, but I don't know the precise game. I like to think they were leaving, after somebody started a story that there was soap in the toilets.
  2. I wonder if the first game back at Firhill will look something like this.
  3. I wonder what'll happen with players whose contracts expire at the end of May. The manager no doubt wants some to stay on, so they might be offered an extension regardless. Those who were going to be released..... well unfortunately, I don't think the club has any obligations (legal or moral) to keep them on.... if they don't quickly find another club, they will be like any other people who don't have a contract, coronavirus or not, just as happens every year.
  4. I read somewhere that Raith Rovers fans had already raised more than 40 Grand. Well done to them!
  5. I couldn't find the most appropriate existing thread, but thought this was worth highlighting. In association with Partick Thistle Charitable Trust: https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18353767.partick-thistle-charitable-trust-providing-100-meals-day/
  6. Lean On Me, Ain't No Sunshine, A Lovely Day.... and others. I'll be strumming a couple of those this evening. RIP
  7. I thought Prudham was fantastic in the few games he played for us, and remember being dejected when we lost him. But.... Joe Craig was hitting good form, and then Dougie Somner slotted in. So in retrospect, I'm happy with the way it turned out!
  8. I remember in the 70-71 season East Fife were strong, and ran us close for promotion throughout much of the season. We could only draw with them in Methil in the league game there, and only draw there in the League Cup; they beat us at Firhill in that competition. They finished second in the league and got promoted along with us. We replaced St Mirren and Cowdenbeath in the top flight, and EF even managed to survive there for three seasons, actually finishing above us in 72-73. Just noticed a (yet another) unfortunate error in the Official History book, on page 242: the final league table shows only 17 teams; it omits Dunfermline, who finished 18th.
  9. That's a decent summary of Smith. I remember he took no sh*t from anybody, and definitely wasn't a snowflake; that game against Attila's 11 being a good example. My dream is that one day some footage of that match will appear! PS: Talking to Robert Reid some years ago when they were trying to get hold of Smith for the 40th Anniversary event, he was untraceable, and there was apparently credible information that he had passed away.
  10. Glavin was a tremendous player. We were lucky to have two guys that could really hammer in free kicks and long shots: Glavin and Alex Forsyth.
  11. Phew, thankfully back to normal. Did it also disappear yesterday for some other people? Note to self: Do not hit that Hide button!!
  12. Back to this one, from the Sunday Post, Oct 11th, 1914. Left to right: Joe Harris, Frank Branscombe, John Kay McTavish, Neil Harris, William Loney: Jags players during training for the Glasgow Cup final the day before. 1-1 vs. Clyde, at Ibrox (crowd 25,000). Actually, neither of the Harris pair (brothers?) played in the final. In typical Thistle fashion, we lost the replay 0-1. Not a bad season, as we finished 7th in a 20-team league. In that same season, we drew 1-1 vs. Celtic in the Glasgow Charity Cup, but lost........... on corners!!!
  13. Jaggernaut


    I was trying to post on the "Who are the Jags players..." thread. I mistakenly hit the "Hide" function, and now the thread has disappeared! I've no idea how to restore it...... Can anybody help? ETA: The "HIDE" option came up on the "Moderation Action" button....
  14. I wonder if those Brake Club banners still exist somewhere.....