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  1. Thanks afk. Sure about the Archibald figure? Using your numbers I calculated the percentage of games they played in which each player got sent off: Bobby Law: 2.12% Alan Archibald: 1.30% Stuart Bannigan: 2.02% Chic Charnley: 1.9% Yellow cards would be another kettle of fish, I imagine!
  2. Coulston and Bone: my all-time favourite Jags striking partnership.
  3. Jaggernaut

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    Didn't our board at the time of Britton/Whyte then Collins have a tendency to brag about how we were the best-run club in the Scottish top division at the time?
  4. I think Roughie auctioned off all those jerseys a few years back, as he did with his collection of programmes from his games with Thistle. I bought them (the programmes).
  5. How would it look as a ratio of S/Os to number of games played for each of those three players? And Chico?
  6. I doubt anybody would argue with that. I'd put Campbell up there with Roughie and McParland as my all-time three favourite legends.
  7. Probably a well-known troublemaker. That is STILL the best Thistle strip ever.
  8. Yep, that book is a fine read. I don't have it at hand for reference, but I think the criterion for "legend" was to have played more than 200 times for the club, OR to have been significantly involved in major triumph..... all two of them!
  9. Not a prediction..... but Thistle 1 Morton 2 wouldn't surprise me. Thistle 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 Morton 0 would surprise me.
  10. Ian Reid on the left, Charlie Smith putting in the tackle. I remember Robert Reid saying that they had lost all contact with Charlie Smith and his family, but there was a rumour that he had passed away some years ago. I think he went to Australia and maybe even played there for a while, but I'm not sure. Smith was a very important team player in 1970-71 as we won promotion back to the top flight, then his appearances dropped off the following season. But he played in some of the earlier League Cup games. Long sleeves, no grass, one punter in the old enclosure... I'm going for 2-0 (Lawrie) on Jan 1st 1971. I was there!
  11. Brilliant stuff, afk. I looked up the attendance: 18,000. 20000 at Firhill vs. Airdrie that season too (we lost!).