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  1. Jaggernaut

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

  2. Jaggernaut

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

  3. Jaggernaut

    Thistle v Hearts Scottish Cup Replay- Miners Strike

    Was at the Saturday game and the replay. The inevitability of getting put out of the cup by the tarts was almost just as clear back then as it is now. I remember dogging school to go to see Thistle playing at Stranraer during the 70-71 season. Who should I encounter not far from the turnstile but my French teacher from school..... Robert Reid. He made it clear that for both of us it never happened.
  4. As usual, good threads, then somebody starts the puns and wrexham.
  5. Jaggernaut

    Scottish Cup Pop Up 2019/20

    Queens Park.
  6. Jaggernaut

    Tartan scarf

    I think PTFC have done nothing whatsoever to keep the tartan going: no scarves, no nothing. I've bought a couple of Brodie tartan scarves, which actually look perfectly Thistle-esque. Check it out on Google.
  7. Jaggernaut

    New Owner

    Whatever its capacity and even if a part of it is closed, Oakwell Stadium makes Firhill look even more like a dump.
  8. Jaggernaut

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Anybody know if there was a programme issued for that Queen's Park game, or for the Berwick Rangers game at Firhill on April 6th (Tuesday evening)?
  9. Jaggernaut

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Not sure if this one has already been posted.
  10. Jaggernaut

    New Owner

    Aren't these guys supposed to be billionaires? We are (currently) a Scottish Championship club, likely to receive no more than a couple of hundred grand for any young player we were likely to develop, and nineteen out of twenty players will always be of no saleable value at all. Why would such a trifling amount of money be of any interest to these guys?
  11. Jaggernaut

    Ginger Baker

    One heck of a drummer. RIP
  12. Jaggernaut

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    I once met Bobby Robson on a plane, and I recommended Quentin Jacobs to him. He wrote down the name and said he'd get him checked out!
  13. Jaggernaut

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    It depends on who you want to blame! Should the cross have been allowed in the first place? Should the pass that led to the cross not have been avoided? In any case, once the cross came in, O'Ware was the one who literally crumbled under pressure. A shame McGinty's almost identical bullet header later went over the bar.
  14. Jaggernaut

    Thistle vs QotS Thread

    From the highlights: in the first half we seemed to play entirely down the left flank... is that in fact what happened? A few decent chances or at least half-chances.... but every shot from outside of the box was off-target, though not always by much. Another goal lost by one of our central defenders crumbling under the challenge of a cross ball. Poor, poor, poor. It didn't look as bad as I feared from reading some of the comments. But the league position says it all: conceding too many goals, not scoring enough goals. For more than two years now.
  15. Jaggernaut

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Not so long ago,.... but it seems like another era !