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  1. That's a brilliant picture of the north terracing.
  2. Fox would struggle to get a regular game in the juniors.
  3. Lots of permutations and ifs and buts on here. But the reality is that we are the worst team in the league, and there can be no doubt about that. To be charitable I'll say that the conditions at Arbroath might have played a big part in yet another defeat to a part-time team, but if we don't beat Ayr on Friday then I might even put money on us getting relegated. Oh, and people often talk about goalkeepers inspiring their defence. Scott Fox.... maybe he should considering further his international career with another team.... maybe in the juniors?
  4. With the calendar they should simply include a bunch of loose pictures and let the buyers stick those pictures on the pages as they choose!
  5. Folk getting optimistic with the new signings......
  6. "He's a very naught boy!" RIP. Clever and funny man. I watched The Life of Brian tonight for the umpteenth time.... still love it.
  7. Omoshiroi! (Interesting!) I always remember Gray with a more boyish face than that. And both McKinnon and McParland look too young for it to be 1969....... it looks like McLindon...... and I don't easily see who the "Rae" player might be from the team you list..... I like these puzzles.
  8. Good question. I remember those stats posts that showed us the number of matches played since..... (fill in the blank). I really "enjoyed"some of the stats about our best/worst runs since season xxxx. One of the was about the number of matches we'd gone without getting a penalty.... it was frightening!
  9. Off topic, but it's at least mildly interesting to see where ex-Jags are now playing...... Martin Grehan plays for BSC Glasgow. I wonder how such a team is financed, and do they have supporters who travel to Alloa for each "home" match?
  10. I think you've nailed it, afk. McLindon was also my first guess before I opted for Harvey.
  11. That was my first thought too, but I can't find a game in which Rae and the three others played together at Easter Road. I'd bet a lot of money on being right about McParland, but I'm less sure about McKinnon and Harvey....
  12. Was that really a penalty at the end?
  13. Great pic. The old Easter Road... Niven, then left to right: Donnie McKinnon, John Harvey, and Davie McParland? Further back, in the centre: Not sure, but could it be Neil Duffy?
  14. I can see my uncle's old house! ETA: Sure, the facilities were primitive compared to what we expect today, but what a cracking stadium Firhill used to be!
  15. I just hope it's not a return to "business as usual."
  16. So, did the match take place without any "incidents" amongst the spectators? Is Firhill still in one piece (or more accurately, three disjointed pieces)?
  17. Master Jackie Campbell, true class act, complete here with a short-lived Sundance kid-type 'tache.
  18. Love the black one. The hoops reminds me of one of our very recent kits.
  19. Lessons are never learned from these events. These kinds of issues have been coming up for many years when we play either erse cheek at Firhill; the situation is much worse because we've now been left with a 3-sided stadium in which one side is considered risky for erse-cheek supporters with pyromanic disorders. Remember a few years ago when we were promised that the north stand would for ever be r&Y only? I can clearly remember it.
  20. Agreed. It hasn't aged at all; would still look great among the modern visual catastrophes that pass for football strips.