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  1. Especially if it's by you-know-who. And in case anybody doesn't know who I mean by you-know-who, a wee hint: we haven't beaten their big team in the last 30 or so attempts, regardless of how many "colts" or reserves they've put out against us.
  2. To clarify: for me the Challenge Cup is a diddy cup because it's for teams that aren't good enough for the top tier; hence it'd not a "national" competition. And for me the interest has been further diminished because of the inclusion of colts teams. Would I like us to win it? Sure! Do I care if we don't? Nope!
  3. Plenty of good stories here, with mentions of Jags and ex-Jags.... also his car getting vandalized outside Firhill.
  4. Another one that's almost certainly featured at some point in the past.
  5. At least every senior team in the land takes part in the later stages, so it certainly has more credibility than the Tunnocks products (edible or sports-related).
  6. When I see clips of the Championship-winning team waves of nostalgia are inevitable. Doolan, Erskine, Lawless,... but for me both O'Donnell and Taylor-Sinclair were the two with most flair.
  7. This one has probably been posted already. I'd love to think that this attempted clearance bounced off McNeill's knee and into the 'Tic net.
  8. I love these puns. Not my fault; they serve a purpose.
  9. What should be done with it? I know, let's demolish it and replace it with.... another bing!
  10. From the highlights, the crowd looked bigger than the 1,244 reported by the BBC. Mostly Jags fans?
  11. I have a feeling that one day QP will overtake us in status.
  12. How are we supposed to come up with a song that mentions spiders...... Oh wait a minute......
  13. At least they can survive, and perhaps even flourish by making this move. Hope so.
  14. Why was there a minute's silence before the match vs. Morton?
  15. Looks like a very big crowd. Is that the north terracing at Firhill?
  16. George Smith walking towards the camera. Maybe John Harvey or Dave Mathers bending over the casualty. Killie?
  17. Thanks afk. Sure about the Archibald figure? Using your numbers I calculated the percentage of games they played in which each player got sent off: Bobby Law: 2.12% Alan Archibald: 1.30% Stuart Bannigan: 2.02% Chic Charnley: 1.9% Yellow cards would be another kettle of fish, I imagine!
  18. Coulston and Bone: my all-time favourite Jags striking partnership.