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  1. Why would somebody donating money ever want Celtic, Rangers etc. to take an equal share? Rangers have just spent 3m on Hagi but there you go have an extra 50,000 of another millionaires money..utterly ridiculous. Why would this person even want to make their donation now! Its like somebody giving money to local businesses to survive and McDonalds saying- not happening unless i get my share! Its a drop in the ocean for them but could be the difference between survival or not for a lower league club.Their greed is shameless. This money should have been split between the lower league clubs as an emergency fund for those clubs in desperate need- on a means tested basis. Initially the money was meant for the lower leagues so why this change. No need for the SPFL to even be involved- money could be donated to clubs directly that needed it through a seperate fund. Why would you even want to donate this money if its just going to top up the funds of clubs that dont need it. Think this again raises questions, along with the SPFLs sudden push for a 14 team league. Was this money actually no strings attached as Anne Budge insisted? Or did the SPFL possibly 'suggest' split it with the top flight too and we can maybe help you out with a 14 team league...
  2. This is exactly the sort of thing we need to be thinking about. With maybe a 'entry fee' for games that is similar to the price of a normal admission (sustainability of clubs is what this needs to be about). Of course it wouldnt be the same but im sure lots of fans would be happy to pay there 20 quid every fortnight or two( or buy a virtual season ticket) for a season to watch their team online and help the game survive. And it wont be like that forever. Of course this is planning for worse case scenario without fans until next year and hope it doesnt come to that but we should be coming up with contingency plans as there are options and not just be saying leagues cant be played
  3. The only way scottish football is going to survive just like most industries is to adapt. Clubs live streaming games with quality productions as a subsitute for actually going to games seems to be a good option. I'd pay my £20 to watch a Thistle behind closed doors home game on TV streamed for a season if it waa going to help the club survive and scottish football. Its time to adapt for now because the options are limited. Might not be ideal but survival of the club and the game is the most important thing
  4. Apparently Doncaster says that it will be the clubs that suffer if legal action is taken against the SPFL. Does that make the SPFL untouchable..?! Seems pretty threatening language. Reckon this is close to reaching a tipping point
  5. Thats exactly what he said. Hes was told no play offs could take place because the season hadn't been completed but as you say relegation could. Seems they can just pick and choose what rules to stick with depending on what suits them.
  6. Seems totally obvious now that the reconstruction was just a smokescreen for Dundee to change their vote. Seems utterly bizzare the SPFL determination to force this through at all costs. The ship may have sailed on this debate but does raise the question who and how do they benefit from it.Bonus payments for excecutive members when the new deal kicks in....?
  7. Chairmen appoint the wrong managers all the time and it doesn't get this response- stand by my point its disproportainate. Always thought there must be more to it and i'd missed something but if thats what it is then thats all i need to know
  8. If thats it seems a bit disproportionate..get the bit about not engaging enough with fans. But Caldwell seemed a reasonable appointment at the time ( though not a fan of him) and they did back him with funds. It did turn out to be the wrong appointment but that can happen and the fact that Colin Weir showed faith in her must at least must indicate that she has the best interest of the club at heart. Think the dislike of JLow on this forum seems a bit over the top. From a Thistle fan of 30 years
  9. Out of interest whats the big problem with JLow? Can someone please explain this to me cause feel i have missed something.
  10. Interesting listening on sportsound..apparently as Dundee had the deciding vote- if it had been recieved( no) then it would have been called(as the threshold had been reached) and that would of been it final. Basically they would of been unable to retract it and change their mind. Therefore the argument that Dundee could of retracted their vote and change it,whether it had been recieved or not,within 28 days kind of falls apart.
  11. Just a thought..and pretty much contradicting my earlier point about lack of a legal case. But why not just wait til the money is paid out then take legal action? Surely paying out the money doesnt suddenly exempt the SPFL from any legal comeback
  12. Not really sure what the legal case here is anyway. Once a NO vote was submitted it could be retaracted and changed within the 28 days. So whether the SPFL recieved it or not probably in legal terms is irrelevant. No doubt the whole process was dodgy and there were most likely dodgy dealings going on in the background- but this would have to proven as 'illegal' rather than just a form of lobbying. No doubt the process was heavily weighted in favour of a Yes vote- but the majority of clubs agreed to this- so again not sure where the legal point would be. No doubt its incredibly unfair but would a long legal case get the desired outcome- seems unlikely
  13. Don't disagree with you there. Would imagine the chances of winning a legal battle, its cost, and financial impact of relegation have all been weighed up too. Dont get me wrong im not happy about this but we have totally been put in an impossible position. Seems like all the other clubs that were up for fighting this too have disappeared off the radar
  14. Totally agree with the Thistle statement. We have totally been backed into a corner and because we are a good decent club we have decided that we dont want to put anybodys livelihoods at risk ( this includes non-playing staff) - which is what would have happened due to the situation the SPFL have created if we took legal action. We have EVERY RIGHT to do so. Its not about having 'baws'- we were put in an impossible position and the fact we are a good decent club means we couldn't go down the legal route. Proud to be a Thistle fan and lets hope we start getting the credit we deserve for this- cause as it stands we have come out of this worse thsn anyone else.
  15. Anyone remember that time when Rangers said they had a whistleblower etc etc. Well that turned out to be nothing