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  1. I thought the SPFL wanted Arbitration so the public knew nothing. Would they want this judgement to be released if they had lost? To be perfectly honest, there’s a new season coming up soon, and one already started, the SPFL would do well to move on. We all know the outcome anyway, we are in League 1, no compensation. I can live without knowing why the judgement was made, and also live without hearing about the parts the SPFL don’t want released, but Thistle/Hearts do. Release everything or nothing, or better still move on.
  2. Mansell looks big and strong but he doesn't really show it. Personally, I wouldn't be sad if we never seen him in a Jags shirt again. If Mansell goes, (maybe back down south), then there's an opportunity to potentially bring Doolan back, although I highly doubt either of those 2 things will happen. Doolan has his own academy now, so I think he would suit a part-time gig somewhere, and unless we would allow him to be part-time with us, as a backup striker, coming off the bench for the last 20 minutes, which isn't impossible, then I don't see him coming back at this time. At the end of last season we had 4 strikers (Graham, Rudden, Mansell and Jones), we may be looking to bring in someone else, regardless of whether Mansell moves on. That said, although predominately a wide-player, Lyons can play in a front 2.
  3. Someone may remember better than me, but I’m almost certain the goal he scored against us, was actually offside (although the linesman never called it). He looked sharp in that game against us, I thought, but he got next to no service from Ayr players, surprisingly.
  4. He made 1 appearance for Morton. He did join at a time when they were on a good run of form, to be fair to him.
  5. Lyons stats from 2019/20 Games - 33, Goals - 11, Assists - 7 That’s pretty decent for a guy who spent 90% of the season out wide. Gordon stats from 2019/20 Games - 23, Goals - 7, Assists - 1 I always think Gordon’s better as an impact player, as oppose to regular starter (best example being Morton at home last season) but we know he has goals in him. All in all, it’s promising that Gordon and Lyons have decent scoring records, and hopefully will contribute as well as our strikers.
  6. Absolutely, it was clear at the end of last season, that Graham was a leader. Particularly in that semi-final against Raith Rovers, he was the 1 player trying to get the whole team in order, and then encourage them. He’s got a really good mentality. Of course that doesn’t guarantee you goals, but we know if a couple chances fall to him, he’ll stick one of them away, he maybe doesn’t score the most prettiest of goals, but they all count.
  7. Graham’s last season in the Championship he was County’s 2nd or 3rd choice striker and scored 14 goals in all competitions. They went on to win a League and Cup double. At a level below that, he should be reaching 15+. Rudden scored 12 goals for one of the worst Falkirk teams in recent history. With a bit of confidence at League 1 he should be looking to 15, 20 goals. Brian Graham does a lot more than score goals, hence not being overly prolific, but he’s also always played at a level above this too.
  8. Worth remembering, could have a situation where Foster is playing regularly at LB and Williamson is at RB, with Penrice on the bench. I personally don’t feel we need anymore cover at full-back positions although I wouldn’t be against maybe a loan signing at LB to provide more competition.
  9. Scott Fox was an experienced goalkeeper last season, with more than probably 130 games in the top flight of Scottish Football with a major trophy to his name, and was hardly sensational. I think it’ll be Sneddon that’ll be No.1 at the start of this season. We’ll either make the other young goalkeeper his backup or bring in a No.2 from down the leagues, in my opinion.
  10. The last time we got promoted, so if we can do it this time, there’s a real chance to gain confidence and go and get promoted. Also, With it being a short season, it’s important to really get going from the off.
  11. Fair enough, I was perhaps being slightly extreme saying it was the only thing acceptable. But at the very least, we can’t lose any of the first 5 games, it’s a massive chance to lay down a marker for the season.
  12. Absolutely This. 15 points out of 15 in the first 5 matches, is the only thing really acceptable if we want to give this a real go. There is quite literally no time for slip ups. In our first 5 games we face all the teams I reckon could challenge for the title, (and Clyde). So 15 out of 15 would be massive.
  13. That’s a pretty decent group of players, in my opinion, if they perform like it then even better. We need I’d say, another Centre-Half (gives the option of a back 3 and for competition/cover) Foster can cover both full-back areas so we are probably done there. Another winger (obviously Cardle coming back is up in the air), a backup Goalkeeper, and possibly another striker that isn’t going to start every week, and knows that, but wouldn’t be concerned too much about him coming in if need be to do a job. I don’t know what the situation with Mansell is, but for some reason I still expect him to leave. The Midfield is pretty strong (if Banzo can remain consistent), Docherty will be a key and was a much needed player, Gordon has goals, and Murray is an attacking-mid type, that we also badly missed (also has a bit of flare about him). Worth remembering we still have Niang who can play both Centre-half and Defensive Midfield I think. Hopefully a big season in him.
  14. No one really knows I suppose, but yesterday’s news regarding supporters (in reduced numbers) being back in stadia in Premiership, mid-September was promising. I think the SFA are also set to allow some Scotland fans into Hampden for a match early September too.
  15. In the last 3 games we played prior to the shutdown, it was clear to me that the team had been starting to gel together, we should have won 2/3 of those games, However, I'll accept we didn't, and clearly there was not enough improvement, as although we dominated teams, we still couldn't score enough in those 3 matches to get maximum points. That said, we were improving from how we had been in the previous weeks with the new squad (notably games like Arbroath away, Dundee away and Raith at home). The problem with that is, McCall in January, had to get it right, there was no room for a great amount of Duds, although in the long-term I think signings such as Graham, Brownlie, Rudden and (let's not forget even though he was loaned back) Lyons, will be crucial and be successful for us, but they clearly didn't work in what was the very Short-Term. There was no point getting rid of so-called Duds, to bring in other Duds, for the short-term, just a quick example, I'd take Craig Slater (And I wasn't bothered he left) everyday over Jamie Barjonas or Darian McKinnon. McCall's January recruitment has turned out mixed, to say the least, but we'll see how the long-term players do this season, if we win promotion then I'm glad he signed him, and McCall was right. McCall deserved and got credit all the way up until January, for the performances and results he got out of Caldwell's team. From McCall's first league match (Inverness Away), it was clear he was going to get more out of some of those players than Caldwell ever would. That said, McCall even til January, was by no means a roaring success, but he did keep us in there with a pretty poor squad of players, who when he took over were clearly out of confidence to extreme levels. As I said, he got credit for that at the time. He's not going to get credit for his work January onwards, with his own transfer window. Unfortunately given time, we may have got out of it (I think we would have), but we didn't get that time, and ultimately McCall failed in the second part of the season. I think it was probably because the squad which he then started to build, hadn't yet got going fully. Whereas, although it was a dreadful squad he came into, they all knew each other, and had a full pre-season, and several matches with each other. You're right, it's a massive season for Thistle coming up, it's a massive season for McCall coming up, and I can only hope McCall is successful in his recruitment, tactics and is managing Thistle in the Championship 12 months from now, long way to go before that is possible though.