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  1. topcat

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Mona Theestle! Can,t be there today but willing the jags on.
  2. topcat

    Happy 2019

    Happy New Year to all on WAT
  3. topcat

    Diverting a little New Academy money?

    lets go down then. I stated at the start of my thought process that the Weirs don,t have to make any other committment. Just thought that as things are looking bleak maybe funds already in place could be diverted. Its not about the manager and saving him, Its about the Jags.
  4. I don,t wish to ask the Weirs to contribute more but is there a small case for a little of the new Academy money to be diverted to the players fund for this Transfer window and get some fresh blood in to save our season. If we were to be relegated to the first then the Academy would struggle to be as attractive for signing youngsters. Just a thought.
  5. topcat

    Ross County 22/12/18

    Alloa just put the final nail in the coffin for today. There up 2-0
  6. topcat

    Ross County 22/12/18

    oh dear 2-0
  7. topcat

    Ross County 22/12/18

    Alloa one up
  8. topcat

    Scottish cup draw.

    bring Robbie back
  9. topcat

    Scottish cup draw.

    Will take that.
  10. topcat

    Ayr at home

    Ahm dreamin 5-0
  11. topcat

    Ayr at home

    I,ll start dreamin if they hit 5
  12. topcat

    Ayr at home

    Will half time bring both chairman together in the board room for a wee Sherry. Japan V Poland?
  13. topcat

    Ayr at home

    if 3 goals ties it up on GD what make the difference for ICT to go thru?
  14. topcat

    Hearts friendly

    Is there a particular reason this friendly is being played at the race track in Cowdenbeath? Don,t see another topic for it. Is it because of ground laying at both home grounds maybe!
  15. topcat

    Paws 2017-18

    Fan Dabi dozy John