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  1. topcat

    Scottish cup draw.

    bring Robbie back
  2. topcat

    Scottish cup draw.

    Will take that.
  3. topcat

    Ayr at home

    Ahm dreamin 5-0
  4. topcat

    Ayr at home

    I,ll start dreamin if they hit 5
  5. topcat

    Ayr at home

    Will half time bring both chairman together in the board room for a wee Sherry. Japan V Poland?
  6. topcat

    Ayr at home

    if 3 goals ties it up on GD what make the difference for ICT to go thru?
  7. topcat

    Hearts friendly

    Is there a particular reason this friendly is being played at the race track in Cowdenbeath? Don,t see another topic for it. Is it because of ground laying at both home grounds maybe!
  8. topcat

    Paws 2017-18

    Fan Dabi dozy John
  9. topcat

    Away days

    Might have to break a rule I have been following for Palmerston. That is not going to matches that have astro turf pitches. I hate watching football on these surfaces. It just never feels right. And the last visit to Palmerston for a cup game did they not prevent entry to there big terraced stand. Hope they retract that for our league visits as that was part of what I liked. Standing on the terracing.
  10. topcat

    Use it or lose it. NOMADS

    Been a while since I have seen a post on the NOMADS forum. Where are we all now and what are you up to? I am in Karabatan ,Gas processing plant in Kazakstan working. Zero tolerance on alcohol and the same bland camp food everyday. So loosing the pounds
  11. topcat

    Away days

    I used to travel to most away games when I had the chance but in the last few years I just tailed off. I am actually feeling the nostalgia a bit for following again this season coming. Although its a real dump I always found the atmosphere under that corrugated shed amazing at Somerset Park. I also enjoyed away days to Dumfries as well. And I have still to pick up a game at Alloa so something new to look forward too. Oh the glory of getting soaked at Cappielow Anyone else looking forward to revisiting some old haunts. Topcat
  12. topcat

    Paws 2017-18

    Payment made. Las Vegas eh. Please don,t put it all on Red....or Black Please stick it on Red, Yellow and Black! Mona Theestle
  13. topcat

    Is this a bad time?

    To start my summer football debate
  14. topcat

    New Management

    As I said without us having someone willing to loose there shirt and inject tons of money there is no point in going for another manager if it's just the same old names. Both jealous and sympathetic for saints and Livvy fans. Jealous of the europhoria there end of season brought but sympathy for the league they are about to enter and toll it takes. It was this league and the attrition to stay in it that eventually drove our measured passing game out of the window resorting to more punt it up the park fitba.
  15. topcat

    New Management

    I would want to buck the trend of Continually sacking managers just to get the same old list of the merry go round of suggestions. No one brought in is going to do any better than Archibald without dollops of cash. We dont do that anymore. It never bears reminding how close we came to not having a club and how easily that gets forgotten (Save the Jags) Let's be patient, wait till our academy starts producing. We were kept in the league for five years and did get top six. The Championship is a good league and we can look forward to actually winning some games and competing. Unless we can find that other level of money or sponsorship any new manager will have the same issues stuck in the misery of an SPFL relegation dogfight. Is that what we all aspire to. We should only desire the premier league if we really have the resources of to stay there and that ain't the case.