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  1. Depressingly familiar. Just wonder when we will find the bottom of the trough this time.
  2. Eh...we don,t want the wind to change.
  3. Anyone know how were doing? I see there is no commentary text anymore on Jags site
  4. My son had this to and many people like him. Not enough experience but need a job to get experience. Can,t get a job to get experience because not enough experience. Viscous circle That circle and glass ceiling needs to be broken for that women sometime. Can,t see that we would have anything to lose by giving her a try other than relegation which is just another part of football from which we can rise. How many so called safe pair of hands fail to and take you down. I am not saying she is my automatic first choice as I really can,t think of anyone new but I don,t see why she should have any less chance. Has she applied? Never heard
  5. Didn,t think I would be back up to Firhill again this quickly. I hope the Caldwell, Low era is well past us. We shouldn,t be something we are not and somehow I didn,t feel we were Thistle for a while there. The low point for me was the when Kris Doolan was let go. I just switched off to Jagalonia. Hopefully can get the fire back in me belly and just enjoy being a jag again. Win ,lose or draw. Mona Theestle
  6. Well the Statement from the club had about as much affect as a chocolate fireguard last night. Even over the Abroath roaring gale FTP and FTQ was given laldy. Good job nobody really watches BBC Scotland. Maybe no one else in officialdum noticed
  7. topcat

    New Owner

    90 pages of thread is a lot to trawl through but is there any definite answer yet as to why this consortium want to invest ,or be in control of PTFC? It clearly can,t have anything to do with being long lost lifelong supporters.
  8. Do they not do the text commentary on the ptfc website anymore? I guess not. Anyone got any updates on how we have started?
  9. Has anyone asked Big Usain yet?. And Rod Stewart might stick a few hundred on the gate.
  10. Auld Pals!......act Gary C - Jack Jarvis esq Kenny Miller - Victor McDade Jackie Low - Isa Drennen PTFC supporters - Boaby the Barman Two Pints Pr1xs
  11. topcat

    New Owner

    The future consequences for PTFC as a football club may not be immaterial and rumours have a habit of eventually becoming real stories.
  12. topcat

    New Owner

    Well I did say the "likes of" Keevins
  13. topcat

    New Owner

    Have been reading quite a bit of the thread and the one word that pops up a lot is "Negativity". It seems to be the buzz word to bash those over the head who have a genuine concern about the direction this "new owners"story is taking. There is no doubt at all that a reason for this possible buy out needs to be clarified to the supporters. If we were the old firm then an investigative news paper journalist may have already got to the bottom of this. We need someone to go on these radio shows and challenge the likes of Hugh Keevans to give us an answer as to why a billionaire business consortium would have any modicum of interest in buying a football club that barely breaks even. Its like a king pin drug dealer deciding he needs to muscle in on the guy selling the macaroon bars. So until someone or these new prospective owners can give that reason I have to think the clubs long term future is in danger to short term capitalistic opportunism. Sorry for the negativity!